Minutes of June 18, 1998 Meeting

Judy Gardner; Harriette Hemmasi; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mark Witteman, conducting

1. Unicorn 98.2

Mark reviewed the Release Notes for Unicorn 98.2 and distributed copies of appropriate pages to chairs. The important changes in each module were reviewed. One matter of general concern is that the new WorkFlows client does not prompt users for confirmation that records should indeed be removed upon issuing one of the REMOVE commands (for example, REMOVE USER, REMOVE ITEM, REMOVE ORDER, REMOVE CHECKIN). A future version of WorkFlows, not yet announced by SIRSI, will correct this.

U98.2 will be loaded in the test system the week of June 22. The Workflows client has not yet been received but Mark will request copies for testing. This release will change the way custom reports works but the implication is not clear.

2. Generic public service login

Mark has established a generic login for public service users. The User ID and PIN is RULSTAFF, and the Password is STAFFRUL. The account can have up to 100 users. RULSTAFF screens must be downloaded to use the login. When the announcement is made about the logins, individuals will prepare instructions will follow soon after about how to search:

  1. across all call numbers using DISPLAY1 ITEM (Harriette)
  2. the shadow catalog (Harriette)
  3. serial records (Mary Page, if available)
  4. order records (Janet Howard, if available)

The login can display all records except users for patron confidentiality reasons and funds because fund information is not accurate at this time and selectors should not be mislead into thinking they have funds to spend they don't actually have. In addition, DISPLAY2 ITEM does not include current charges (checkouts).

3. Access to both test and production for LIS-Imp members.

Mark will mail instructions on how to configure multiple icons so that testers can have InfoVIEW for both the production and test systems on their individual computers.

4. LIS Implementation Committee.

Peter Graham has spoken to Marianne Guant and for the time being, the committee will retain the same membership and continue to meet every two weeks. Cabinet will eventually determine the future of the committee.

5. LIS Training Proposal

The Cabinet supported the LIS Training Proposal and Marianne Gaunt and Samson Soong will try find a way to implement the proposal that a half-time Unicorn trainer be designated every year.

6. Circulation Training

Detailed documentation is being prepared and training will be scheduled soon. These will be demonstrations rather than hands-on.

7. ILL

Fifteen faculty and graduate students are testing the online ILL form. The RRS journal form may be merged with the monograph form rather than having two separate forms.

8. Patron File

5,000 records will be loaded from RUCS into the test system to review the patron data loading. There have been meetings with UMDNJ and it may be possible to also get their student records for loading, though not UMDNJ faculty and staff at present. Addresses for all patrons will likely be an ongoing problem.

9. Acquisitions

Mark has worked out the Ship To and Bill To addresses on the Purchase Orders by using custom reports and the SHIP field visible near the bottom of the DISPLAY1 ORDER screen.

Blackwell's approval records are now being loaded into the production UNICORN system. The loading is extremely fast; the first two loads were approximately 190 and 286 records, respectively, and each load took approximately 1 minute! Ann will check with BNA to make sure full MARC records are being sent.

The next meetings will be held on July 9 and July 23 at TSB at 1:30.

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