Minutes of August 6, 1998 Meeting

J. Gardner, N. Hendrickson, T. Meyer, M. Page, A. Scholz-Crane, M. Witteman, H. Hemmasi (recorder)

1. M. Witteman will circulate copies of the SIRSI journal, "Unicorner," at future LIS-IMP meetings.

2. A. Scholz-Crane was introduced as the new chair of PAC.

3. M. Witteman reported on the 1998 to 1999 fiscal year roll-over process on SIRSI. This process involves three main areas: funds, orders, and vendors. In spite of multiple problems, the process has been successfully completed.

4. The system will be brought down late in the day on 8/12/98 to install the software upgrade, Unicorn 98.2. It is hoped that this installation will be completed sometime on 8/13.

RRS and ILL forms will be transferred from the test catalog on 8/24.

5. Committee chairs brought user functionality checklists to be referred to in the current and future software upgrades. A checklist from the Serials Committee will be turned in on 8/10/98. M. Witteman asked that a file for each checklists be put on the unit's T drive so that Mark can compile a master list.

6. Systems will continue to explore the functionality of Unicorn 98.2 thru lynx.

7. Due by next meeting (8/20), brief instructions for public service librarians' use of Unicorn:

Mary Beth Weber:
searching call numbers across all libraries
searching shadowed records

Mary Page:
searching and displaying order records
searching and displaying serial check-in information

9. M. Witteman and Armen Varjabedian continue to review how to load "Workflows" from the library novell servers; this configuration would replace the need to run separate copies of Unicorn from each individual PC.

10. The first of three Circulation Essentials Training workshops has been held. These workshops will be the foundation for more formal documentation for circ procedures.

11. Question; has any action taken place re the LIS-IMP request for a part-time trainer. Answer: M. Witteman will contact Marianne Gaunt

Next meeting:
1:30 pm
TSB Conference room

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