Minutes of November 5, 1998 Meeting

Mark Witteman (chair & minutes), Judy Gardner, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard (for Jane Sloan), Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Gracemary Smulewitz (for Mary Page), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber



RUL needs to plan for moving all staff functions from InfoVIEW to WorkFlows in the near future. All staff functions presently doable in InfoVIEW are doable today in WorkFlows. WorkFlows will be much the same as InfoVIEW until wizards are developed for each module of the software. At present wizards exist for circulation only. In time wizards will be added -- one module at a time -- for cataloging, acquisitions / budget office, serials control, and reserves.

Systems has worked out a way to install WorkFlows on staff computers and some RUL staff and factulty are being trained in displaying records in WorkFlows in the Understanding Financial Data in UNICORN classes going on now.

The next challenge is training in WorkFlows. Mark Witteman has been talking with TAS Department Heads and is planning to offer sessions that introduce Acquisitions and Cataloging to WorkFlows in the coming weeks. After that, formal training of the Acquisitions staff will proceed, followed by cataloging. The hope is that Acquisitions training can be done prior to the December holidays.

The LIS-Serials group and Circ Subcommittee will be asked to formulate WorkFlows training needs for their respective groups. TAS Cataloging will ask their department heads to do the same. Mark Witteman is available for presentations to these groups in order to introduce them to WorkFlows. No firm plans were arrived at but the hope is to begin much of the training for Circulation and unit Tech Services in or near March.

The group also expressed concern that the proposed half-time LIS Trainer position needs to be filled to co-ordinate this training after Bob Warwick and Tracey Meyer's tenure as training coordinators ends. Harriette Hemmasi will ask Cabinet for progress and information on this mattter.


RUL will most likely be sending the following persons to the Unicorn Users Group International meeting in June of 1999.



Member SIRSI/UUGI Partnership Team:

In addition, RUL will probably be sending one or more persons to co-present a session on the handling of electronic resources.

The committee thought it best to get as many work areas as possible represented at the annual conference. This includes at least Acquisitions, Cataloging, Circulation, and Serials Control. The people who attend as presenters can likely represent these work groups in addition to their work as presenters.

The possibility of RUL hosting a UUGI conference, perhaps in 2000, was discussed, and the group thought it a good idea. Ann Montanaro will contact Berna Heyman, current UUGI President and Assistant Dean of University Libraries for Automation and Bibliographic Control at William and Mary.


Mark Witteman assembled the various Unicorn enhancement requests sent to him and has submitted them to the appropriate UUGI members. 10 were sent to UUGI for inclusion in the enhancement ballot (the maximum allowed per library) and 3 were sent directly to SIRSI, as per instructions for this years' ballot.

The enhancements sent can be viewed at: http://xxx

The actual ballot will come out on January 9 and must be submitted with votes by February 6.


Recently, Tracey Meyer, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber and Mark Witteman gathered to discuss an online form available in IRIS that would allow RUL staff / faculty and public users to submit database errors that they find. Systems hopes to have a version available in the test system in 3 weeks.


Harriette Hemmasi is exploring the creation of bibliographic or quasi-bibliographic records in IRIS/UNICORN that would be used to track the progress of Selectors' requests for networked resources such as e-journals and online databases. The records would be searchable and displayable in InfoVIEW / WorkFlows. The online records would replace the tracking method currently in use, namely the charts available at: http://xxx

Mark Witteman and Harriette Hemmasi will work together in exploring the various types of formats (biliographic and non-bibliographic) to determine the best way to proceed.


Mark Witteman pointed out that the rul_lis listserv has fallen into disuse and that other email lists now exist that readily replace it, including circ_sub, rul_serials, rul_staff, rul_faculty, the tas building list. The group agreed that the list no longer seems necessary. Mark will explore how to dissolve the rul_lis list.


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