Beta Test Kickoff Meeting - Core Group
Minutes of June 24, 2004 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Tracey Meyer, Steve Perrotta, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Linda Turzynski
Dean Meister

1. Supply copy of client

a. PC Staff will install the beta client on beta-tester workstations in New Brunswick/Piscataway; Chris will talk John Gibson or Katie Anderson through an install at Camden, and Chris Singh or Linda through an install at Dana. Workstations selected must meet the minimum requirements for the new client. They are:

b. The beta client will be loaded on the workstation and not served through the "O" drive as the test Workflows client is now. Unicorn logins of the testers will need to have the simultaneous logins increased from 1 to 2 to accommodate that both the beta client and the old client will need to be running side-by-side.

c. Installers will need to make sure that the barcode reader configuration is entered if the workstation contains a barcode scanner. Configuration area is found under Preference/Peripherals/Barcode Reader.

d. The beta client by default will inherit the Windows color scheme. This can only be changed in the beta client by changing the color scheme in Windows.

2. Current state of beta client

a. the current client is version number 2004.0.0.63. Note the last number. SIRSI refers to this in the web forums as "build number 63". If a new beta client is released it will contain a new higher number. This is the way we'll identify the version of the beta client.

b. The client only has access to the wizards for Cataloging/Authority Control, Circulation, Reserves, Reports, and System Configuration. There is no access to Acquisitions, Serials, Requests or Booking wizards. If these commands are needed to perform a function, the tester will need to run the 2003.1 WF client.

c. Help is currently not working. In the beta version, help is served via the web and is not part of the beta WF client as it is in the old client. Help is served off of port 7400 from the server. Port 7400 appears to be open but help is still not working. Chris posted a message on the beta forum asking for help. In the interim, Chris will copy the help files to a Beta Help folder on the "O" drive.

d. SmartPORT is not available yet but should be sometime in July

e. Function keys are not working consistently; this was already reported on the beta web forum

f. Toolbar customization has changed and is not fully functional

g. SIRSI reported that the beta-testing period tentatively ends mid September

h. Do not run the Update client function; it is not functional at this time

i. There is a new Report Session Settings wizard found on the Reports toolbar. This wizard contains the settings for application to view reports, page length, margins, etc. These settings were formerly found under the Scheduled and Finished reports Properties. This wizard's icon is currently the first icon on the reports toolbar and is a blank white space.

3. Access to the beta-test web forum - review forum messages

Each coordinator needs to make sure they can access the forums as soon as possible.

4. Review Version 2004 Unicorn Workflows Client Release Notes

Each coordinator and tester needs to make sure they read the beta client release notes. Chris demonstrated to the CORE team how to search for messages within a forum

5. Role of the Core Team

The core team will work together in coordinating and managing the aspects of the beta test at RUL

The role of the beta-test coordinators is to:

a. communicate with beta-testers out in the field

b. triage any problem reports when using the new wizards before referring to either Unicorn report staff or to the beta forum

c. assist testers using the new beta clients, helping them with configuration

d. write a weekly report of beta client evaluation and test activities

e. conduct initial introduction training

f. hold additional meetings determined to be needed to orient the testers to use the new client

6. Review how we'll proceed with the beta test and how we'll communicate with beta-testers out in the field

a. there will be two types of tests: 1) test functionality via test assignments and 2) test in production with live transactions. The Coordinators will create Beta checklists and distribute testing assignments.

b. Each coordinator is encouraged to create their own mail distribution list to communicate with their beta-test team

7. Review SIRSI's beta-test checklist; create our own

The CORE team reviewed SIRSI's beta checklist. SIRSI's checklist is a good starting point, appears to cover the major functions and features, and should assist the coordinators in creating module specific checklists

8. Weekly reports to SIRSI

Chris will ask the beta-test manager whether weekly reports should be posted to the forum or to the manager directly

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