Beta Test Kickoff Meeting - Core Group
Minutes of September 28, 2004 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Steve Perrotta, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Linda Turzynski

1. Status of beta testing

Cataloging/Authority Control - Steve and Linda reported that they have finished beta testing cataloging and authorities for now and are waiting a new build of the client so they can test the, as yet undelivered, SmartPORT as well as retest other showstopping software bugs, like the problem with non-unique call numbers. Essentially, Cataloging testers do not like the new client. Their observations are that it 1) is clunkier, 2) requires more mouse clicks, and 3) requires a combination of screen resolution and font settings that are hard to read for some individuals. In addition it is much more difficult to customize the toolbar, reset the assignment of function keys, and use it with our version of keyboard express. All of these observations have been passed to SIRSI either via the web forums or via a direct letter to their management.

Circulation/Academic Reserves - Circulation beta testers have also tested as much as they can until the existing bugs are fixed. While the feedback may not have been as negative, the essential functions (with a few exceptions) work acceptably well. Just like the Cataloging testers, the complaints had more to do with the new look/feel than whether the wizards work. They did identify that the new look/feel will require a major retraining.

Serials Control (test system only) - Rebecca reported that serials control functionality in beta WF works as expected. So far they have not encountered any problems or errors that needed to be reported on the beta web forum. Staff members don't like the beta client's look and feel; however, the new client does work. They still have workflows and features to test such as the interaction with LincPLUS.

2. Problem switching toolbars (Katie)

Katie reported the following problem:

I start out with Circulation toolbar, then I choose Preference---Desktop--Current Toolbar--Select. I get the list of available toolbars and select the cataloging toolbar. Then I use the Call Number and Item Maintenance wizard. I then go back to Preference--Desktop--Current Toolbar--Select in order to choose the circ toolbar and I do not get the list of toolbars to choose from. The only way I am able to change toolbars is to close out of WF2004 and restart. This only happens after I have used a wizard. I can easily go back and forth between toolbars without using a wizard.

Chris reported that he could not duplicate this problem and asked other beta testers to try it and report back to the group

3. Change in Current Record concept

Chris asked for the final feedback regarding the change in the concept of what is defined in Workflows as the "Current" record so he can post a message on on behalf of RUL to the beta web forum. To recap:

In the current version, if Workflows is set to open a new window on each wizard startup (the default setting), you can simultaneously open two or more of the same or different wizards, work on records concurrently, and have a different current record displayed in each of these windows.

In beta Workflows there is only one patron and item "current record". This current record is the last record you touched and becomes the current record for all of the open wizard windows.

Cataloging beta-testers like the "current record" functionality the way it exists in the current (not beta) Worklows client. Access Services staff like the current record functionality as it currently exists on their personal workstations; however, some like it the new way on shared circulation desk stations because it is believed this will help any patron/item barcode carryover issues.

4. Access to Marc Holdings records now fixed

Chris reported that selecting a marc holdings record for view or edit in beta WF caused the client to hang. SIRSI investigated and determined that the configuration of the leader values for Marc Holdings records was incorrect and caused this problem. Once we fixed the configuration file, access to marc holdings records began to work as expected.

5. Length of beta-test

Beta testers wanted to know how much longer they would be expected to beta test. Chris responded that RU's involvement with beta-testing will continue most probably through early next year, until all of the modules are released. Since we're still waiting for Acquisitions, Requests, and Booking, as well as waiting for major functionality to be released, like SmartPORT, expect that current beta-testing should continue through the end of the year. In addition, as new builds are released, Chris recommends that beta testers check the items they reported were broken, to insure they have been fixed.

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