Minutes of February 3, 2000 Meeting

J. Gardner, H. Hemmasi, J. Howard, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, K. Oster, G. Smulewitz (for M. Page), L. Turzynski, B. Warwick
  1. Update on Unicorn problems
    see <>
    • vendor title keys not appearing in serial control records; affects
    • ability to do serial claims; agreed that if fix from SIRSI is not available, a locally developed work-around will be in place by end of 2/00
    • user load takes 7 hours (previously took 2.5 hrs) additional running time seems excessive and affects sheduling of user load done every Monday
    • error message when charging books in workflows - seems to affect only Physics Library and online 1 in 10 transactions
    • macros for replying to requests don't work - not a general macro problem; affects some macros for requests and cataloging
    • users getting text allocation errors - move to priority 1
    • change in SmartPort functionality - Systems and cataloging need to review and select options re flex keys; (discussed w/TASC on 2/7; small working group now reviewing problems/options)
    • asis vs auto call numbers interfiling in reserves - work-around available; remove from problem list; if additional calls are rec'd re this item, refer caller to Judy Gardner
  2. Suggestion that staff work thru problems with others who are also using the same module to determine if there is a problem and to more clearly define the problem before calling Systems
  3. sending out of overdue notices, recalls, and work of A Team all back to normal
  4. send email to Karen Oster when requesting new Unicorn logins
  5. Systems will report to LIS re change in "home location" by 4/6
  6. discussion on training; suggestions:
    • specialized, on-site training vs group training
    • use of designated trainers
    • training needs to include how to deal with changes
    • training may not result in being "spoon-fed" all aspects of change
    • training needs to include follow up that is task-related and customized to local work/procedures
    • use team approach to work out problems
  7. discussion on reports training
    • appoint a special reports master who would provide training to individuals or focus groups
    • Systems will make webpage of sample non-routine reports
    • requests for non-routine reports should come to Ann Montanaro

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