Minutes of October 4, 2001 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Primary Contact for SIRSI modules

Chris reported that he, Ann Montanaro, and Bob W. met to determine how the SIRSI modules would be split between Chris and Bob. This was done to both allocate the workload and to provide a primary contact point for problems and issues. The primary contact list was handed out to LIS members and is included below:

Module  Primary Contact
Academic Reserves  Chris
Acquisitions  Chris
Authority Control  Bob
Booking  Bob
Cataloging  Bob
Circulation  Chris
Requests  Bob
Serials Control  Chris
Webcat   Bob
System Administration  Chris - Please note that, while this is not a module, Chris is responsible and accountable for all SIRSI operations

2. November meeting

Now that SIRSI training is postponed, the November meeting on 11/1/2001 has been reinstated

3. SIRSI Training Postponed

SIRSI training has been postponed until the new year. LIS proposes that the best time for a week's training is either 2/4/2002 - 2/8/2002 or 2/11/2002 - 2/15/2002. Chris will notify Ann to contact SIRSI with the new dates preferences.

4. Review of subscriptions to SIRSI webforums and email lists

Chris handed out each LIS member's subscription information to access SIRSI's web forums and email lists and asked each member to check that the information is accurate. Occasionally SIRSI will remove subscribers to the email lists if SIRSI encounters undeliverable email. Chris asked each member to return the lists so that list subscriptions can be periodically verified.

5. Upgrade to Unicorn 2001

Chris reported that he plans to upgrade the SIRSI production system to v. 2001 during the Winter Break and asked LIS members to propose dates for the test system upgrade. LIS recommended that the test system should be upgraded no later than November 2 so that there is enough time to verify both existing functionality and analyze and recommend configuration of any new or changed features.

6. Convert database from D-ISAM to C-ISAM

With the upgrade to U2000 Sun/Solaris sites reported to SIRSI an inordinate increase in the number of "Item database errors" when editing records. These errors do not prevent the edits from being applied to the database but the frequency is both frustrating and inefficient. In order to fix this, SIRSI recommends that the database files be converted from D-ISAM to C-ISAM. Chris reported that he beta tested the conversion while at USC and asked LIS members to suggest possible dates for the conversion. The conversion will require some downtime, although SIRSI believes it will not be longer than twelve hours. LIS recommends that the conversion be run on the weekend of January 12.

7. Report on conference call with SIRSI about LINK

Chris reported that he, Bob W., Ann M., Dave Hoover, and Tracey Meyer had a conference call with SIRSI sales representatives to get an update on the LINK division and product upgrade paths. LINK is SIRSI's new division created to market products to Academic and Research Libraries. SIRSI believes LINK is the next evolutionary step in development of their suite of software products. The LINK software suite includes many features existing in our current installation of Unicorn.

New features include:

  1. iLINK - redesigned web interface for Academic sites
  2. Hyperion - Digital Media Archive
  3. Level 1 Bath Profile Compliant Z+ Z39.50 Version 3 Server
  4. Ability to search non Z39.50 compliant catalogs
  5. OCLC ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System Export Interface
  6. Universal System Interface wit Intersystem Data and Information Exchange
  7. EDD - Electronic Document Delivery
  8. Dynamic Total Keyword indexing of entire MARC record

8. Next meeting

November 1, 2001 1:30 p.m. in the TSB Conference Room

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