Minutes of November 1, 2001 Meeting

Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Upgrade to 2001

a. Chris reported that the upgrade to 2001 ran smoothly on the test system and that no errors reported in the upgrade scripts. The next step is to make the test U2001 client available to the testers. Bob reported that a test client was made available via the "O" drive two versions ago and that maybe this could be utilized again for this upgrade. Chris is working with Nick Gonzaga to test and configure this access.

b. All testing should be done no later than December 14. Testers should report problems to Systems as soon as they are found. Systems will make a final decision as to whether the upgrade will proceed on 1/1.

2. SIRSI training the week of 2/4/2002

LIS agreed to compile a list of questions/issues by module that will be sent to the SIRSI trainer the first week of January.

3. Procite interface

After reviewing the U2001 release notes, Jane Sloan inquired about whether Rutgers purchased the Procite interface. Rutgers had not but Chris asked SIRSI for a quote for the software and annual maintenance. LIS believed the quote to be too high and Bob agreed to work with Jane to provide the input data she needs.

4. Implementation of MARC Holdings for Serials

It was reported that PSC approved going ahead with MARC Holdings for serials. Gracemary reported that the she is contacting members of the serials working group to discuss the implementation. Soon after she will meet with Systems to identify final configuration and preparation tasks.

5. Announcements

  1. Chris Sterback -
    1. working on email notification Phase 2. In Phase 2 Systems will generate email messages to patrons whenever an interlibrary loan or Rutgers article is shipped to their pickup location, and whenever any type of interlibrary loan or Rutgers request is canceled.
    2. scheduling the SIRSI reports that delete summer reserve records
    3. patron purge
    4. reviewing specification requirements for Electronic transmission of invoices from SIRSI Acquisitions to RIAS Oracle system
  2. Rhonda Marker -
    1. worked with Bob Warwick and serials cataloging staff to routinize procedures for the monthly EBSCO load
    2. sent in the profile to MARCADIA which will provide records for gifts and direct receipts
    3. working with Bob to create local tags in authorities records for local series classification treatment
    4. will need to change GMD designation computer file to electronic resource after December 1 based on changes in AACR2
  3. Gracemary reported that Mary Page is chairing a group that is evaluating workflow and fund code issues related to invoice processing
  4. Nancy Hendrickson -
    1. the Budget Office is almost finished allocating dollar amounts into fund records on SIRSI. This is being completed much sooner than last year.
    2. except for recurring orders, staff are that are creating orders need to make sure they are entering dollar amounts in the unit price field otherwise the fund is not encumbered
    3. as part of the FY rollover process last summer, Bob ran a script to modify all serials orders with a vendor of Faxon to EBSCO. Not all orders were moving to EBSCO, some were moved to Everett's, Harrassowitz, and Swets. As the invoices arrive in the BO, Nancy's staff updates the order record to correct the vendor
  5. Bob Warwick -
    1. finished working on Systems procedures for weekly LTI loads and monthly EBSCO loads
    2. specifying the programs to send patron and bib information to Ingenta
    3. IPAC is meeting on 11/3 to discuss whether browse or keyword should be the default in Webcat, single v. multiple records for electronic resources, and language limiters
  6. Janet Howard -
      (1) Janet asked Gracemary whether serials claim notices have enough information for the vendor to identify the subscription. Janet asked based on complaints she received from Blackwell. Gracemary responded that serial claims contain the subscription ID which should be enough for the vendor.
    1. Janet also asked Nancy for a status report on the implementation of the format type field in the orderline record. This field will store a one-letter code denoting the format of the material and allow Systems to collect this information for Nancy's ARL statistics.

6. Mext LIS meeting

December 6, 2001 in the TSB conference room.

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