Minutes of January 3, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Kayla Reichardt, Jane Sloan, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Upgrade to U2001

Chris reported that the upgrade ran successfully. Some minor problems have been reported.

a. Problems searching by an item's barcode - Some users reported that they were not able to search by an item barcode. This was due to the renaming of search index Item ID to Item barcode. Users that set the preferred search index on any wizard property to Item ID will need to reset it to Item barcode.

b. Workflows update two times - Some users reported that, after following System's instructions to update the Workflows client, Workflows prompted them a second time to update the client. It's not clear why this occurred but running the update a second time resolves this problem

c. Mary reported that an asterisk now no longer displays in on-order item records viewed via a binocular search

d. Bob reported that, on some Webcat pages, the full suite of appropriate buttons are not displaying at the bottom of the page. They do display at the top of the page and he is working on a solution.

2. Preparation for SIRSI training/consulting the week of 2/4/2002

a. Since the SIRSI training falls on the same week as the monthly LIS meeting, there will be no monthly LIS meeting on 2/7/2002.

b. The TSB conference room is needed for the entire week of of 2/4/2002 and Chris will ask Donna if the TSC meeting, scheduled for the morning of 2/7, can be relocated.

c. LIS members divided up the week of training as follows:

2/4/2002 a.m. - Acquisitions/Fiscal Control/Serials
2/4/2002 p.m. - Acquisitions/Fiscal Control/Serials
2/5/2002 a.m. - Circulation
2/5/2002 p.m. - Circulation
2/6/2002 a.m. - Cataloging/Authorities
2/6/2002 p.m. - Circulation
2/7/2002 a.m. - Cataloging/Authorities
2/7/2002 p.m. - Cataloging/Authorities
2/8/2002 a.m. - Materials Booking
2/8/2002 p.m. - Cataloging/Authorities

d. LIS members will send Chris a list of topics or issues they would like the consultant to cover by 1/18/2002. Chris will then send the list to the consultant upon receipt so they have time to prepare and/or ask follow-up questions.

e. LIS members will invite the appropriate parties from their areas for each module.

3. Next meeting

March 7, 2002 in the TSB conference room.

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