Minutes of April 15, 2002 Meeting

Nancy Hendrickson, Judy Gardner, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. UUGI 2002

LIS team members reviewed the UUGI program agenda and made recommendations to Chris as to which sessions he should attend that appear to have the most relevance to RUL; LIS team members were encouraged to review the slate of candidates for the UUGI Executive board and to send Chris their recommendations for the election; LIS team members also provided feedback to Chris regarding next year's UUGI conference in St. Louis

2. Host SIRSI academic meeting to discuss Link?

At last month's one-day conference Chuck Leachman, LINK director, asked Ann whether he could come back to Rutgers to discuss LINK and whether Rutgers might be interested in hosting an invitation-only LINK meeting of academic SIRSI libraries in the surrounding area. Stanford recently hosted a similar meeting for west coast customers. Chris will contact Stanford to find out the context of the meeting (i.e. was it Stanford's meeting or SIRSI's meeting) LIS members believed this would be a good idea and recommended we hold two separate sessions, one for Rutgers (open discussion of what LINK is and what it can do for Rutgers) and one for academic sites in the area

3. Unicorn 2002

U2002 is slated for release in the second quarter of 2002; there do not appear to be many major changes in the release; Key enhancements include:

EDI Invoicing and Ordering

Acquisitions Order Wizards

Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) and Government Document (SuDoc) Class Schemes

New Wizards for Requests, Transfer Item, and Bound-withs

Interlibrary Loan Toolbar

Use of Oracle SQL in Reports on Oracle Systems

4. Jane Sloan inquired about SIRSI's ProCite interface.

(SIRSI's ProCite interface is a product that formats marked search results in ProCite's 20 standard bibliographic workforms for emailing or downloading from Webcat)

LIS members discussed this back in November and determined the cost was too high; however, Jane wanted to revisit the issue and possibly secure funding for purchase of the product. Chris will send Jane an email with the cost of the software for her review.

5. Information Sharing; Announcements:

a. Jane Sloan - using SIRSI to book cablecast operations with Kilmer as the phantom pickup library; Alexander is now a booking pickup location

b. Gracemary Smulewitz - working with Bob to format the Douglass withdrawn report into a format that can be imported into Excel for Camden and Dana

c. Judy Gardner - web document delivery in test phase; working in Systems Wednesdays through June 30 to facilitate working on 1) patron initiated holds and 2) long-overdue/billing process

d. Nancy Hendrickson - Rias going live 7/8; training sessions for key players to be announced shortly

e. Bob Warwick - working on 1) finishing Marcadia pilot project; 2) loading the missing Special Collections recon records; 3) patron initiated holds and billing process with Judy Gardner and Chris Sterback

f. Rhonda Marker - 1) Marcive - sent PO, signed agreement and profile for SLS (shipping list) and enhanced GPO records, will start to see this new source of records in the database; 2) Marcadia - still in test phase; 3) Ruth Bogan hosting brown-bag lunch on 4/24 at 12 noon to discuss Dublin-Core; 4) investigating creative use of the sublocation TECHSER

g. Chris Sterback - continuing to work on RIAS project with Nancy Hendrickson; working with Judy Gardner, Bob Warwick, and Tracey Meyer on patron initiated holds and long overdue/billing process

6. Next meeting

Thursday, May 9 in the TSB conference room.

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