Minutes of July 11, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. SIRSI report from ALA

Ann Montanaro reported that 1) SIRSI is now calling their e-library/rooms product a "Context Management System" and should be ready for release in the Spring of 2003, 2) SIRSI's unicode implementation will be a chargeable enhancement 3) the U2002 release includes the new acq order wizards and beta testing sites find the new wizards work very well

2. SIRSI report from NASIG

Mary Page reported that 1) SIRSI is working hard on vendor interfaces, 2) X12 ordering, invoicing and claiming is just about ready, 3) with the DRA merger SIRSI now has more resources to devote to EDI development, 4) the new redesigned version of WorkFlows will be ADA compliant

3. August Index Rebuild

Chris distributed the draft schedule for the August rebuild. The schedule is:

August 1410:15 p.m.Run full backup (1.5 hours)
August 1512:00 a.m.Run full backup verification (2 hours)
August 152:00 a.m.Restore full backup onto read-only server (7 hours)
August 159:00 a.m.Configure to use read-only server (3 hours)
August 1512:00 p.m.Bring up Unicorn on read-only server
August 151:00 p.m.Run rebuildheading (48 hours)
August 171:00 p.m.Run rebuildauth (est. 12 hours)
August 181:00 a.m.Run auth_maint (est. 12 hours)
August 181:00 p.m.Run rebuildtext (24 hours)
August 191:00 p.m.Run rebldthesauri (3.5 hours)
August 195:00 p.m.Run reorgthesauri (1 hour)
August 196:00 p.m.Inspect results (2 hours)
August 198:00 p.m.Run full backup (1.5 hours)
August 199:30 p.m.Run full backup verification (2 hours)
August 209:00 a.m.Configure to use production server (3 hours)
August 2012:00 p.m.Bring up Unicorn on production server

We've never run rebuildauth and auth_maint so estimates were based on times reported by other institutions with a bit of slippage thrown in. A number of table changes will be made prior to the rebuild to 1) provide enhanced updating of authority records and 2) enhance searching of series by omitting the volume numbering portion of a series |v in the 400, 410, 411, 440, 490, 800, 810, 811, 830, and 840 tags from the BROWSE requested by Rhonda. In an email message to IPAC, Rhonda stated, "If we didn't include the subfield v, all the records for a given series would fall together in one line in IRIS. This would eliminate screen-after-screen of each volume of a monographic series on a Browse results list."

Also, since we are still testing and configuring the Unicorn for patron initiated holds, Judy asked whether we could keep the test system available during the rebuild. Systems typically has kept the test system down during the summer rebuild because RUL only has two Unicorn licenses and Unicorn would already be running on the production and read-only servers. Chris will ask SIRSI whether they will allow a third copy of the Unicorn software to run during this one week so that we can continue to test and prepare for patron initiated holds.

4. Change Library Names in IRIS

Chris and Bob reported on Systems plans to change the Library names in IRIS based on a recommendation from Public Services Council. Chris and Bob have created a "Unicorn Library Name Change" checklist and have already begun in the test system by changing ALCHL to ALCOHOL. Systems anticipates the project will take between 3-4 days to complete in the production system. LIS team members recommended that Chris put the PSC created Library Name Change spreadsheet up on the Systems web pages so that Library Faculty and Staff can review which names will change.

5. Fiscal Year Rollover

Chris reported that Nancy has given Systems the go-ahead to begin the rollover process. Systems will begin with rolling over funds tomorrow, July 12. Nancy will add the fund allocations, then email Chris that it is OK to proceed with the remaining rollover reports.

6. UUGI 2003

Messages announcing a call for participation for UUGI 2003 were recently sent to all SIRSI lists. Gracemary reported that she volunteered to cohost a session with Robert Allen from Penn State and Sharon Wiles-Young from Lehigh on serials management and implementation of marc holdings.

7. Update on movement of training documents

Chris reported that Sam McDonald was in the process of moving relevant IRIS training docs to the new Staff Resources web pages. Chris will send out an email to LIS team members when Sam has finished moving the documents.

8. Status of IPAC

Jeanne Boyle will be reconstituting the membership of IPAC and will draw up a new charge

9. University of Scranton visit

Chris wanted to confirm the attendance of LIS members for the visit. The University of Scranton Library is currently a DRA site in the process of selecting their next integrated library system. At the time of the LIS meeting, they thought they would bring 6-8 librarians from cataloging, acquisitions, serials and reference to visit Rutgers for two hours to talk about our migration to SIRSI. (After the LIS meeting, U of S staff changed their mind and requested that we hold a virtual meeting using the speakerphone in the TSB conference room.)

10. Information sharing; announcements:

Rhonda - working on the TAS workflow analysis and the RLIN/OCLC evaluation; looking at PromptCat and loading records for microform sets; increasing use of Marcadia

Mary - evaluating the use of vendor interfaces like PromptCat

Judy - the ASC is drawing up a list of projects for FY2003; in preparation for patron initiated holds, Judy is reviewing long overdue and lost items migrated from Geac and will ask Systems to change these to shadowed location GEACLOST. Once shadowed patrons will not be able to place self-service holds. A longer term goal of the ASC is to develop a process to remove these items from the system, involving ASC for searching/billing, selectors, database management, and Systems.

Bob - Marcive records will begin to appear in IRIS in the fall semester

11. Next meeting

September 5, from 1:30 to 3:30 in the TSB conference room

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