Minutes of October 3, 2002 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Upgrade to 2002 on test system

Chris reported that he will update the Test System to Unicorn 2002 tomorrow, October 4 and let LIS team members know when it is complete. LIS team members should send out their testing assignments soon after. At the 12/5 meeting, LIS team members will decide whether the upgrade on the production system can proceed during the Winter Break.

2. New features in Unicorn 2002 (U2002)

The ability to provide a broadcast search to a maximum of three Z39.50 search sites after a catalog search in Webcat. This link appears in the hit list display and selecting it "causes the current search terms to be sent to up to three predetermined Z39.50 search sites". Chris asked LIS team members to suggest a few sites to test this new feature. LIS members responded with PALCI, Eureka, Worldcat, the Princeton Library catalog and CRL.

3. LIS minutes

Chris reported that he will ask Sam MacDonald to add all past LIS minutes to the TSC committee web pages. (The last LIS minutes posted there were from June 1, 2000.) Jeanne Boyle requested that Chris begin to also send LIS minutes to the RUL_EVERYONE mailing list.

4. Update to SIRSI Documents on Systems web pages

Chris reported that all of the SIRSI documents on the Systems web pages have been updated to the latest version. He also asked LIS team members whether there was still a need to retain any of the InfoVIEW documents since only the Budget Office still uses InfoVIEW. All team members agreed that the old InfoVIEW documents could be removed.

5. Update on Patron file on test server and History Logs on production server

Chris reported that he ran a patron purge on the test system. 92,914 patron records were removed leaving 429 with transactions attached. He will now work on modifying the name, address, and SSN information of any remaining patrons so the records do not contain live data. Also, Chris reported that all history logs prior to July 2001 have been removed from the Unicorn production server.

6. IPAC Update (Jeanne Boyle)

Jeanne reported that IPAC is now part of Public Services and that its charge has been revised. The group is looking for additional members and a Chair but has already begun to update the IRIS Guide, help screens and context sensitive help, and handouts on the basics of searching. Natalie Borisovets has rewritten the guide for Marc Holdings. IPAC will also be looking at the design and appearance of IRIS and will review other SIRSI installations.

7. Need for SIRSI consultant

Chris asked team members whether there was a need for the SIRSI consultant this year. So far the only projects identified that could benefit from their help were the configuration of EDI and training on the new acq order wizards. LIS team members will continue to think of other uses of the consultant and report back at the next meeting.

8. UUGI/DRUG SuperConference registration

Chris reported that tentative UUGI/DRUG SuperConference registration information has been posted. Here's an excerpt from the email announcement. "The registration fee for this year's conference will be around $400 per attendee. This figure is a target and is not final but we expect that the final figures will be close to it. The hotel costs will range from $99-$119 per night at the conference hotels. Several of the hotels including the Hyatt offer government rate rooms. The UUGI board realizes that this is a significant increase in the registration cost but we believe that much of this increase will be offset by savings in other areas such as airfare and the need for a rental car."

9. Systems Project chart

Chris reported that Ann Montanaro wanted to remind everyone to send her new projects so she can make sure they are added to the Systems Project chart

10. Information sharing, announcements

Jane - started up cablecast operations and are using the booking module to book and email the telecast confirmations; has been doing some cold-calling to promote the new service; Media staff is now using Unicorn shipping schedules and stopped using prep and cleanup times

Gracemary - working with Newark Tech Services staff since the departure of the Coordinator; also working on establishing the Marcive workflow and details on processing the remaining files of records

Jeanne - reviewing the new AAL management software; PSC is interested in OpenURL and services that will extend the utility of our electronic resources

Mary - Dave Hoover figured out how to make the BYU spine label program work -- only downside is that one person can only use it at a time

Rhonda - Gracemary and Elizabeth Leister are working on the logistics and workflow of handling merged record formats; as a result of the RLIN/OCLC evaluation, cataloging will be bringing in more records directly from OCLC via different mechanisms; Cataloging plans to train more staff on the use of bibload

Judy - continuing to work on and refine hold processing procedures; some additional hold cancelation notices have been configured (for example holds canceled because the item is missing); still need to work on reports for selectors and aged hold reports; compiling the list of tasks needed for the addition of Hungarian as a circulating collection in Unicorn

Nancy - Bob Sewell has finished making allocations for non-fixed costs; Budget Office staff is keeping up with invoices; Rias programmers adding supplier number to the supplier inquiry screen so that Nancy does not need a printout of new/updated vendors on a weekly basis

Chris - working with Rhonda on testing and loading the revised EEBO records; working on updates to NetLibrary records; finishing the ARL E-journal survey; upgrading to Unicorn 2002 on the test system

11. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on November 7, 2002 from 1:30 to 3:30 in the TSB conference room.

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