Minutes of December 9, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Sign off on upgrade to Unicorn 2002

LIS team members agreed there were no showstoppers and that the upgrade to Unicorn 2002.0.15.0 can proceed during the Winter Recess. Systems plans to begin the upgrade right after the full backup finishes on Saturday evening, January 4 at 9:00 p.m. IRIS will be down until approximately 1:00 p.m. on January 5. Units open on the 5th will need to update Workflows to the new version.

Chris also reported that the fix for placing holds in IRIS on multi-volume sets when one volume is checked out has not been released in 2002.0.15.0 as originally promised. SIRSI planned to release it by now but has since communicated that it will not be available until the next subrelease is made available in mid-January. Chris asked SIRSI whether we'd need to run another upgrade to receive this fix. They responded that we should be able to receive the fixed files without having to plan for another upgrade.

2. Unicorn 2002 and Z39.50 Broadcast Searching

So far only the CRL catalog will be configured for the new Z39.50 broadcast searching feature in IRIS. IPAC initially recommended configuring connections to the Newark and Camden Law Library catalogs; however, they have subsequently found out that the Law Libraries did not purchase Innovative's Z39.50 server.

3. Holds

Holds on items in circulating sub-locations individually marked as non-circulating - LIS team members reviewed a report (included below) that showed the number of items marked non-circulating by sub-location. The report is laid out as follows: Column 1 displays the number of items that were edited to non-circ; Column 2 displays the sub-location; Column 3 denotes the sub-locations in Unicorn that were already configured as non-circulating.

Number   Sub-location   Already
Non-circ (X)
1    A-VKIT   
36    ARCHIV    X
1    BIND-PREP   
23    BINDERY   
64    C-DISC   
13    CAREER   
24    CASSET   
1    CHESTR    X
2    COLLX    X
1    COOK    X
55    DISC   
49    DOCLUS   
299    DOCNJ   
1    DOCPER    X
122    DOCREF    X
7    DOCUS-COM    X
65    DOCUSM    X
7    DOCUSR    X
4561    DOCUS   
577    DOC   
2    EAL-REF   
2    EAL-STACKS   
1    ED-LAB   
54    ENG    X
188    FCHPER    X
70    FLMPER    X
102    FOLIO   
3    ILL   
174    IN-PROCESS   
267    M-FICH    X
422    M-FILM    X
28    MAP    X
60    MCDONNELL    X
1    MEDIA    X
5    MISSING   
130    MSS   
15    NEWSP    X
59717   ONLINE    X
11    OPAQUE    X
14    PER-COM    X
2545    PER    X
185    R-PUBS    X
80    REF-COM    X
8    REF-FO    X
4    REFDESK    X
34    REFPER    X
1435    REF    X
11    RESERVE   
5    RESV-DANA   
6    RESV-KLMR   
1    RESV-MATH1   
46    RESV-MEDIA   
18    SCC    X
2    SENSIA    X
275    SNCLNJ    X
6    SNCLX    X
27    SNCLY2    X
4    SNCLY3    X
59    SNCLY    X
3    SNCNJF    X
45    SOC    X
21    SPADER   
6    SPECOL    X
39    STACKS-COM   
28596   STACKS   
13    TECHSR   
1    UNKNOWN   
32    VIDEO   
3    WIGGIN   
9    X-GRIF    X
1    X-IMPR    X
1    X-REF    X
16    XFOLIO    X
11    XRICH    X
398    X    X
101121 TOTAL

LIS team members noted that the items already in non-circulating sub-locations do not need to be marked non-circ and can be changed back by Systems as time permits. LIS also believes that some items were marked non-circ in error while others were marked non-circ based on past practices. More data than just a count by sub-location is needed to determine the best approach to addressing this problem. Gracemary and Rhonda will request additional demographic information from Systems and will bring this data to the next LIS meeting.

4. New SIRSI Account Manager

Ann Montanaro reported that Rutgers has a new SIRSI account manager, Kate Duval, and that Kate would like to meet with LIS either before or after ALA. LIS recommended that Kate should come out for a visit after ALA possibly coinciding with the February LIS meeting.

5. Information sharing; announcements

Rhonda - will soon load Marcive authority records. Bob Warwick is working on a hierarchy for overlay so that Marcive authority records will not overlay LTI authority records but that LTI authority records can overlay Marcive authority records.

Jan - now that the TEC has moved out, the Media Center is reorganizing their utilization of space

Gracemary - there is a segment of patrons that do not believe the display labels for Marc Holdings data in the bibliographic record are logical and IPAC may be asked to revisit this issue

Judy - The PALCI implementation questionnaire was mailed out prior to Thanksgiving and the pilot project will begin in the Spring

Nancy - Budget Office staff still using InfoVIEW will convert to Workflows during the Spring semester

Mary - planning training session for Acq staff on new Unicorn 2002 order wizards

Chris - working on 1) the upgrade to Unicorn 2002, 2) configuring test and productions systems for PALCI pilot project, 3) aged holds report for patron initiated holds and 4) Systems Office enlargement with Ann Montanaro. Systems Office machine room electrical work has been completed in preparation for installation of new Sun servers.

6. Next LIS meeting

January 9, 2003 from 1:30 to 3:30 in the TSB conference room.

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