Minutes of March 6, 2003 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Superconference 2003

Chris asked LIS team members not attending the annual SIRSI conference to review the programs and let attending members know if there were any sessions that should not be missed. Ann asked those attending to find out whether any large academic sites are buying Rooms, the Resolver and the Single Search software.

2. Outstanding issues from upgrade to U2002.0.15.0

Chris reported that the following are still outstanding issues from the upgrade:

  1. The Address 3 link to glossary info in the patron record is displaying even though we've set it not to display
  2. When modifying a user record "allow routing" appears
  3. The Group ID field and Alt ID are now displaying more prominently in a user display
  4. When printing all tabs from a bib record with the new Print All Tabs helper some fields do not print consistently
  5. Transfer Item will sometimes transfer copies/volumes from the destination record to the origination record. (This one was reported to SIRSI a few weeks ago and we are awaiting the bug fix)

3. Holds on items in circulating locations individually marked as non-circulating

Chris reported that he edited the circulate flag of items already in non-circulating locations to circulate since this setting is redundant. The revised count by location of items in circulating locations that are marked to not circulate is:

   1 A-VKIT
  64 C-DISC
  13 CAREER|
  55 DISC
  49 DOCLUS|
 320 DOCNJ|
4737 DOCUS
 675 DOC
   1 ED-LAB
 109 FOLIO
   3 ILL
32536 STACKS
  33 VIDEO
---- -------
38938 TOTAL

Rhonda and Gracemary asked Chris to provide counts by call number and library for the location STACKS. In addition, for non-STACKS locations, they would like a total count of items in each location to begin reviewing the percentage of items marked non-circ compared to the total number in that location.

4. IPAC Update

Jeanne reported that IPAC is making progress in planning how to modify the IRIS web presentation. IPAC likes the Vanderbilt model and Jeanne encouraged LIS members to connect to Vanderbilt to see how they've integrated Webcat functionality into their library home page.

IPAC is also making progress on implementing the IRIS Z39.50 broadcast search feature for CRL. Bob Warwick has been modifying the test version of IRIS to make this feature more functional than delivered by SIRSI.

5. Update on goals for 1st quarter 2003

Chris reported the following were completed:

  1. Installing Unicorn 2002 in the production system
  2. Configuring Unicorn for implementation of the Palci pilot project
  3. Modifying the patron loader
  4. Configuring Unicorn to allow Rutgers patrons to request items from the Hungarian Foundation

The following are in-progress:

  1. The OCLC reclamation project - records have been sent to OCLC; Bob is awaiting contact from OCLC that record analysis is complete and that record loads will begin
  2. Creating scripts to load Marcive records - we're receiving 9 different files from Marcive and each contains a different process to match and load records. Bob has completed five of the nine loaders; the remaining four are in- progress
  3. Configuring Unicorn to link order records to pdf documents - test records were created to show how this would work, ftp accounts have been created, next step is to meet with Mary, Cathy, and Janet to plot the workflow
  4. Testbeds for the Inventory and Stacks Automation group - Systems and Camden are working on an automated process to withdraw "not last copy" items from bibliographic records; first test of 19 records worked well; Camden provided feedback for improvements and additional conditions that should be accommodated. These suggestions are being incorporated into the process for the next round of tests.

The following was added to the goals for the first quarter:

Create report of Acq expenditures by state fund code in broad subject categories - Chris has been working with Bob Sewell on creation of Acq fund reports that could be run in Workflows for the following broad subject areas:

Arts and Humanities
Science, Technology, Medicine
Social Sciences

The reports will output a result showing allocations, encumbrances, and paid amounts by fund with subtotaling by fund level 1 (subject category), fund level 2 (type of material), and fund level 3 (campus) that can be imported into Excel. Once in Excel, Chris is creating a macro to format the report. Project is 80% complete.

The following is on-hold until second quarter:

Loading our replacement EEBO records - this was originally planned for the week of Spring Break but, because of conflicts in the Systems calendar, has been pushed back to begin after final exams. This project will entail removing the approx. 60,000 existing EEBO records and loading in the replacements. Due to constraints in our nightly indexing program Systems will need about one week to delete then add these records.

6. Communications with Kate Duval and Laurie Chase

Chris reported that communications with our new SIRSI account team, introduced to LIS at ALA, has been very positive. For example, the problem with inappropriate recalls was taken very seriously by our account team and they were able to facilitate a resolution to the problem. Hopefully this attention to Rutgers will continue.

7. Information sharing, announcements

Mary - Acq staff love the new order wizards. First couple of weeks using them were rough but now they are very used to them and Mary believes has improved productivity. For example, in the month of February over 3000 firm orders were created.

Rhonda - considering Art library recon project

Jan - getting calls about Mediavision cablecast schedule, plan to use SCC's room scheduler software to allow patrons to search by professor or class name and display schedule of what's being broadcast on the web

Ann - planning to schedule a sales visit by our SIRSI account manager for April or May; some LIS members received a SIRSI marketing/advertisement CD-ROM that caused their computers to crash

Bob - with Sam MacDonald's help, new, clearer navigational buttons were created and installed in IRIS

Judy - working on day-to-day issues arising from Palci implementation, plans to attend Palci users meeting in Philadelphia in April

Chris - Systems room renovation began on March 3. Tentative completion date mid-April.

8. Next LIS Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, April 3, 2003 from 1:30 - 3:30 in the TSB Conference Room.

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