Minutes of April 3, 2003 Meeting

Ellen Calhoun, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Debriefing from SIRSI Superconference 2003 - the debriefing began at 12:00 p.m. as a Systems Lunch. The conference attendees, Judy Gardner, Janet Howard, Gracemary Smulewitz, and Christopher Sterback, presented topics they found notable or relevant to RUL's installation of Unicorn.

a. Judy Gardner reported on three areas. They were 1) improvements to lost item processing to be released in Unicorn 2003, 2) an update on SIRSI's development and involvement with standards setting organizations (i.e. NISO, NCIP, Unicode, Z39.50, etc) and 3)a review of the presentations on the USA Patriot Act.

b. Janet Howard reported on the latest developments in Acquisitions. They were 1) a review of the updates to the Acquisitions module for Unicorn 2003 such as the new Receive Order wizards, 9XX ordering, and the new Acq Selection Lists and 2) where SIRSI stands in development of X12 with vendors. They are fully functional with Ingram, still testing with YBP, Baker and Taylor, and Brodart, and are only beginning testing with Blackwell.

c. Gracemary Smulewitz reported on four areas. First she relayed a very positive impression of the conference overall. There seemed to be more access to the developers of the products/modules and it seemed that the input being given to these individuals would being fed back into the development cycle. She continued with a report on 1) the new Bindery software LINCPlus, 2) the new SIRSI Rooms product, and 3) presentations on OpenURL.

d. Chris ended the Systems lunch with a review of the addresses by key SIRSI employees and summarized information on the new Workflows client:

  1. Address by Pat Somers, CEO of SIRSI Corporation - Pat reviewed the accomplishments and new products released in the past year. Developments were:
    1. Development of the next evolutionary version of the Workflows client - fully Windows and Mac compatible
    2. Adding more content to iLink and iBistro
    3. Technology Partnership program to foster relationships with complementary technology suppliers such as Envisionware, Cisco, Virtual Reference Toolkit
    4. Strengthened customer support - 1:8 ratio of installed systems to support staff
    5. Expanded training options such as the new e-learning courses

Major new product offerings were:

  1. SIRSI Rooms - Context Management Solution
  2. SIRSI SingleSearch -a multiprotocol search technology that allows users to search multiple network-accessible information resources simultaneously from a single interface
  3. SIRSI Resolver - OpenURL solution.
  4. LINCPlus - a partnership with SF-Systems that provides an integrated system to streamline and automate bindery processes

SIRSI has completed the merger with DRA. They now have an installed base of 1,739 systems serving over 10,000 libraries. SIRSI's customer base is 29% academic, 22% public, 12% consortium, 32% special, and 5% school. Of the 207 new Unicorn contracts they sold in 2002, 72 are with new customers and 135 are with former users of the DRA Classic, Taos, MultiLIS, and Inlex systems.

  1. Address by Berit Nelson, Vice President of Product Management - Berit reviewed development on the Circulation and Acquisitions modules for the release coming out this year called Unicorn 2003. The highlights were:
    1. Focus on standards such as NCIP and SIP2
    2. Overhaul of Lost item processing
    3. Interfaces to PC Reservation and LPT:One
    4. Sirsi Voice Automation Telephone Notification System
    5. 9XX ordering
    6. New Workflows Receiving wizards
    7. Acquisitions selection lists
  1. Address by Greg Hathorn, Vice President of Library Products - Greg reviewed developments on their web interfaces iLink, iBistro, and Web2. The highlights were:
    1. Support for cascading style sheets
    2. Better support for consortia
    3. Better 508 compliance
    4. Release of a URL checker
    5. Integrated web booking - button appears in Webcat/iLink when an item displayed is bookable
    6. Partnership with LSSI for virtual reference
    7. Implementation of a "Kept" List - marked citations are saved for entire session until print/email/download
  1. More Information was released about Workflows 2004. Highlights were:
    1. Fully Windows and Mac compliant
    2. Fully functional with copy and paste (but may not be in SmartPort in the initial release)
    3. Can print from glossaries
    4. Support for Unicode (need Oracle) - will be able to search and retrieve in vernacular
    5. Will include wizards for Reports/Admin, Cat, Circ, Acq, Serials - later in 2004 wizards will include Booking, Request, Accountability and Outreach
    6. Support for USB printing
    7. Full control over circulation receipts
    8. Major update to book/spine labels
    9. No plans to discontinue support for C-ISAM/Informix db structure
    10. Minimum workstation requirements are:
      - need Windows 2000, NT, XP, or Mac OS X
      - 700 MHz or faster processor
      - 256 MB ram
      - will compile 2003 version of Workflows to work with Unicorn 2004 server for minimum of 24 months

e. Information about the conference and the documents used by presenters have been posted to the conference website. If anyone is interested in reviewing the programs you will need to contact Systems for a user name and password. Once you have the user name and password you can access the site as follows:

  1. Connect your browser to
  2. Click on the underlined word Users found in the sentence "Check out all the session presentations"
  3. The first time you access a presentation during your browser's session you will be prompted for a user name and password. Enter the user name and password provided by Systems

2. Update on outstanding issues from upgrade to U2002.0.15.0 - Chris reported that SIRSI delivered a fix for the Transfer Item problem. (This is the one where Transfer Item will sometimes transfer copies/volumes from the destination record to the origination record). The fix was installed but reports from Cataloging are that it's still a problem.

3. Holds on items in circulating locations individually marked as non-circulating - Rhonda and Gracemary reviewed their analysis of the reports provided by Systems. The reports were:

a. Percentage of items in each location marked non-circ excluding STACKS:

Location		Percentage

A-VKIT		0.3%
C-DISC		0.8%
CAREER		0.9%
CASSET		1.0%
DISC			0.3%
DOCLUS		1.6%
DOCNJ			1.2%
DOCUS			27.0%
DOC			1.8%
ED-LAB		0.1%
FOLIO			0.4%
ILL			0.1%
SPADER		45.7%
TECHSR		0.3%
VIDEO			0.3%

b. Count of items in STACKS marked non-circ by library:

22981 ANNEX
   6 CHANG
 100 DANA
   4 JAZZ
 850 LSM
  11 MATH
7241 MUSIC
   3 SMLR

c. Count of STACKS items marked non-circ by call number and library - (spreadsheet too long to include here)

Rhonda and Gracemary will request lists from Systems in specific areas to determine if small pockets of items that should circulate were inadvertently marked non-circ and if so, mark it to circulate. In addition, they proposed the following options 1) create a new location in Unicorn, like STACKS-N, that prevents holds on these items in IRIS or 2) create a new location that prevents holds but still displays STACKS in IRIS since these items will not be shelved in a new location. This issue was passed on to IPAC for review and advice. (See the minutes from the IPAC meeting of April 16 for more details on IPAC's discussion.)

4. Question about loading Hungarian records into OCLC - LIS agreed that we will not load Hungarian records into OCLC

5. Update on goals for 1st quarter 2003/Projects for 2nd quarter 2003

Of the items that were still outstanding from the last meeting the following progress has been made:

a. OCLC reclamation project - at the time the meeting was held OCLC had not started to remove then reload our records; subsequent to this meeting Bob has announced that the removal of our symbol (NJR) was completed and that the first phase of the record load was finished.

b. Creating scripts to load Marcive records - of the nine files we're receiving we're routinely loading 1) Shipping List records, 2) monthly authority loads, 3) new serials, and 4) new serials ONLINE. In-progress are 5) changed serials, 6) changed serials ONLINE and 7) loading new monographs

c. Create report of Acq expenditures by state fund code in broad subject categories - the reports are complete; Chris is working on creating a macro to format the data after it is imported into Excel

d. Testbeds for the Inventory and Stacks Automation group - Camden prepared next set of items to test. ISAWG is determining the workflow to integrate the procedures for this withdrawal project along with those used in the Douglass Rationalization and other weeding projects, together with Systems created, automated scripts

e. Goals/projects for second quarter:

  1. Loading our replacement EEBO records - this project was moved from first quarter to second quarter
  2. Preparing for/running fiscal year rollover

f. Chris asked team members for projects they would like to add to Systems calendar:

  1. loading record sets from OCLC
  2. configuring for use of Promptcat
  3. electronic data feed from booking module to create SCC mediavision web schedule
  4. move ILL request forms out of IRIS/ create form that feeds data directly into ILL manager

6. There will be no LIS meeting in May. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, June 5, 2003 in the TSB conference room.

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