Minutes of June 5, 2003 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Preparation for Fiscal Year Rollover and Summer Index Build

Chris reported that a team of individuals from Acquisitions, the Budget Office, Collection Services and Systems met on May 21 to review this year's fiscal rollover tasks and procedures. The team identified no changes or special projects and that the pre-rollover reports can begin. So far Systems has run 10 of the reports, that capture and identify records that need to be acted upon before the end of the fiscal year.

Systems is also planning this year's tasks for the IRIS Downtime/Index Rebuild. Three tasks have been identified so far.

They are:

Chris will create a schedule and distribute to LIS for review at the next meeting.

2. Contact from SIRSI regarding fund block functionality - Chris reported that one of the developers of the Unicorn Acquisitions module contacted Rutgers to seek our input regarding how SIRSI should modify the functionality of the fund blocks. The fund blocks can impede the workflow especially towards the end of the fiscal year. In consultation with the Budget office and Acquisitions, Systems drafted a reply and posted it to the Acq enhancements web forum.

3. University of Virginia visit to discuss Demand Management - Chris reported that he was contacted by a colleague at the University of Virginia regarding our implementation of Demand Management. They are investigating whether Demand Management will work in their environment and will visit Rutgers on June 10 for a demonstration and discussion of the tasks and transitional issues.

4. Proposal to Change use of Item Types in Unicorn - Bob Warwick proposed that we could more effectively utilize the features of Unicorn if we identified our items with item types instead of duplicating the contents of the sublocation in this field. Potential benefits of this change include but are not limited to: 1) more effective management of holds on items that do not circulate, 2) better information to our patrons by adding an additional characteristic to our item records, 3) better control of Unicorn by allowing us to grow with the system the way it was designed, 4) the ability to gather more accurate statistics on our collection, and 5) the ability to consolidate locations. LIS team members agreed this issue was worth exploring and recommended that Bob create a document outlining the issues and to bring it to a future LIS meeting for review.

5. SIRSI Rooms Demo Feedback - LIS team members that saw SIRSI's demo of their Rooms product were mixed in their reactions. It appeared to some that managing a "room" was complex and could be a lot of work for the intended maintainers. Others believed there was a structural disconnect between the Rooms product and our organization. In contrast, some LIS members believed there were some very good features in Rooms and that a better demonstration of the product might have yielded more positive overall responses.

6. IPAC Update - Jeanne Boyle reported on the following activities of IPAC:

a. Continued the discussion of the problem with holds on items with a non-circulating status in circulating sub- locations. Bob proposed that one solution could be changing the way we have implemented item types (see #4 above)

b. The broadcast search feature now appears in test IRIS when a search yields zero hits. Before this change the broadcast search feature would only appear when a search yielded a list of hits

c. Recommended that the text "Access from campus or login via Rutgers account." that precedes 856 links in IRIS should be removed from GPO purls

d. Dates are not included in a hypertext search of names; IPAC recommended that Systems should modify our configuration during annual reindexing so that date subfields are included. Mary Beth asked whether this should apply to dates in subject headings; Bob will look into it

e. Ruth Bogan reported on a problem with controlled and uncontrolled subject headings that may lead patrons to inappropriate results (see IPAC meeting minutes from 5/21/2003 for the full discussion)

f. Testing change to IRIS search default of browse instead of keyword in the SIRSI test system and to add an IRIS search box to RUL library home page similar to Vanderbilt model

g. Plans to review displays for non-book formats

7. Update on projects a. OCLC Reclamation - Bob reported that OCLC is making very good progress in loading our records. Of the 1.3 million records we delivered, 1.1 million were loaded in the first pass by matching on numeric keys and another 57,000 loaded based on textual matching points. There are about 125,000 records left to load. Of these, 22,000 were CJK records that could not be loaded because they were missing a 066 tag (defined as "Information that indicates that the character set present in a record is other than ISO 10646 or Unicode.") Bob added the 066 to these records then resent the records to OCLC. For the records they loaded, OCLC delivered a flat file containing both our unique record number and the matching OCLC id. The OCLC id will be added into our bib records and stored in a 035 tag.

b. Marcive Record Loads - Bob is getting caught up on record loads; currently testing loader for "new monographs ONLINE"

c. Revise patron loader - Systems met with Admin computing to request changes to the data file we receive weekly. The changes were 1) to begin receiving records for Type 4 (casual, hourly) and Type 7 (part-time lecturer) employees, 2) to flag records for students becoming ALUMNI so we can update their profile in Unicorn, 3) reduce expiration date from two years out to one year and 4) fix email discrepancies for patrons with a dual status (e.g. student and staff member). Bob is revising the loader script procedures to incorporate these changes.

d. Link Order Records to pdf documents - Chris has written the procedures and will now schedule a training session with designated Acq staff

e. Load replacement EEBO records - Chris will load the replacement EEBO records during Systems annual reindexing

f. Configure Unicorn to streamline ILL checkouts, recalls, renewals - Chris and ILL staff are testing changes to Unicorn in the SIRSI test system for eventual rollout 7/1

g. Automatically Bar 40 day overdue and 40 day overdue recall - Systems implemented a script to batch change a patron's status to BARRED if they have items that are 40 days overdue or recalled items that are 40 days overdue

8. Announcements

Gracemary- Marc Holdings records have been created for all active controls; testing summer project to move summary holdings from 930 to 866 with a voucher employee

Judy - coordinating implementation of change in ILL service; planning reports training for Access Services

Jan - Judy Gardner convening meeting to work on expanding audio reserves

Jane - working on Mediavision scheduler with Sam McDonald and Shaun Ellis; created database of approx. 9000 IRIS records with Procite

Nancy - working on end of fiscal year tasks; preparing for Unicorn fiscal year rollover

Rhonda - held metadata workshop on DUBLINCORE format for RUL faculty and staff

Mary - Acq staff working on pre-fiscal year rollover reports; would like to implement regular updating of vendor performance statistics in Unicorn beginning FY2004

Chris - Robert White of BCCLS is organizing a New Jersey Unicorn Users Group. An organizational meeting is tentatively planned for July 16 at Monmouth County Library in Manalapan

9. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, August 7, 2003 in the TSB conference room.

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