Minutes of November 14, 2003 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Janet Howard, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Kayla Reichardt, Jan Reinhart, Jane Sloan, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Update on Unicorn 2003 testing

a. Chris reported that he changed the test system's Worflows background color from gray to white and added the text "Test Workflows" in the lower left hand corner of the Workflows screen so that everyone can more easily determine that they are using Test Workflows instead of production Workflows. So far, these changes were made to the version that runs on the TSB "O" drive. Chris will distribute this change to other library servers during the week of 11/16.

b. We reported to the SIRSI Helpdesk that we were not able to see the new functionality that allows one to mark search results during a Webcat session but to print or email all of the marked results at the end. The Helpdesk responded that the Release Notes were incorrect and marking search results during an entire session was not supported in Webcat but only iLINK.

c. Other problems we reported were 1) when clicking on the title glossary, the display is garbled if more than one copy displays 2) the new Blanket Holds wizard did not work and 3)the "alltools" toolbar was missing icons. The Helpdesk delivered a fixed alltools toolbar and showed us where to configure our test system to use Blanket Holds. To fix the garbled display, we need to upgrade our test system to the next subrelease 2003.0.11.

d. Each team member reported their findings:

Rhonda - when creating a title, the date created is now automatically entered in the "Date Entered" fixed field of the 008; the customization Systems made to not allow the create and modify operators to be edited in the bib and authority Control tabs need to be reapplied; it appears we're indexing the subfield v of series entries, this was turned off in production so Systems needs to make sure test is consistent

Jan - still cannot see the booking form in Webcat when viewing an item that has a Media Desk policy defined - Bob needs to make some changes to the web pages to implement this; it appears you can no longer renew a booking past the booking end time even with an override; before booking an item in Webcat becomes functional, changes will be required in pull lists, shipping, prep, and cleanup schedules, and accrual of overdue fines

Janet - evaluating new Receive Order wizard

Bob - due to a restructuring of the Webcat pages, Bob will likely need to reenter many of our customizations to make it easier to see new features in future releases

Kayla - testing serials functions and creation of Marc Holdings; so far no changes

Judy - ASC members reported bugs/questions with Unicorn testing at last week's meeting; there were no showstoppers just a few items for Chris to check on

e. Systems plans to load the next subrelease, 2003.0.11, during the week of 11/23. This subrelease fixes bugs in the current subrelease 2003.0.10.

2. Conversion of item comments

In Unicorn 2003, item comment fields will be converted to item level extended information fields. SIRSI has configured three types of item level fields. They are staff notes, public notes, and circulation notes. Staff notes only display in Workflows while public notes display both in Workflows and Webcat. (Systems is still investigating where and when circulation notes display.) In Webcat the public note displays directly following the item the note is attached to up to a 9,999 character limit; however, it appears that only the first public note displays.

LIS recommends that all item comments should be converted to staff notes during the upgrade. Once converted LIS will initiate a review of the item level staff notes and determine whether any could be converted in batch to public notes. Chris distributed statistics on the item comments in our production system. Approximately 156,538 item records contain item comment fields. The number of item comments broken down by library is:

  83    ALCOHOL
  15    ALCOHOL/NJ
129696  ANNEX
 529    ART
3063    CAMDEN
 148    CHANG
   7    CRIMJ
4624    DANA
 690    DOUGLASS
  48    JAZZ
1402    KILMER
3535    LSM
2637    MATH
  89    MEDIA
1549    MUSIC
 282    PHYSICS
   1    SERC
 200    SMLR
 417    SPCOL/UA
   2    TSB

The top ten most used comments are:

2119    Home Loc: MATH
2220    Original Lib: CHANG
2266    Original Lib: MCRBL
2486    Home Loc: ALEX
3210    Original Lib: PHYS
3858    Original copy located in SPEC. COL. ARCHIVES.
5179    Original Lib: CHEM
11072   Original Lib: DGLSS
37149   Original Lib: ALEX
48615   Original Lib: LSM

3. Information sharing, announcements

Jan - new equipment was installed to remotely control both DVD players and VCRs; this new equipment now allows patrons to access and choose items from a DVD's menu

Rhonda - Five microform sets from OCLC were loaded - one set (Major Studies) needs to be reloaded as boundwiths; sent out 5500 records from the monographs cataloging backlog to be matched with Library of Congress records by Backstage Library Works (formerly known as MARC Link)

Janet - working with Bob on batching OCLC record loads

Jane - this is Jane's last meeting as she'll be leaving on a one-year sabbatical; Jeris Cassel will be in charge of Media in Jane's absence

Bob - working on IRIS changes for IPAC; ready to load DOCNJ and F class recon records for Alex

Judy - reviewed custom missing reports for Selectors at CDC and will send Bob Warwick their suggestions for revision; NJULS (NJ Union List of Serials) is up on Jerseycat - asked Systems to create file of bib records to add RU's holdings to NJULS; attended Palci meeting - focus of PALCI is still resource sharing, planning for upgrade to E-ZBorrow software called Horizon ILL, planning for implementation of article sharing

Kayla - LincPLUS testing wrapping up; current serials are being inventoried at each unit with Systems created custom reports

Chris - finished loading record sets from OCLC; working with Mary and Rhonda to load the Evans Digital collection of Early American Imprints; working with DBM on automating the post-recon inventory process and batching bibliographic record withdrawal from IRIS, RLIN, and OCLC

Ann - TAS hosting third annual "pie day" on Tuesday, 11/25

4. Next LIS Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, December 4 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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