Minutes of February 5, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Status report on outstanding bugs in Unicorn 2003

This is the list of bugs in U2003 reported to SIRSI Technical Support so far:

a. When you shadow a temporary item created for reserve you cannot view the item under Reserve Desk in IRIS. When you attempt to view the item, IRIS responds "Item unavailable for display". Systems wrote a script to unshadow all of these items while we wait for fix from SIRSI.

b. If the following conditions exist when clicking on the title glossary of a bib record:

the display is garbled and the in-transit copy displays on top of the next entry. SIRSI tech support said this is fixed in the next subrelease of U2003. When available we will ask for a software patch.

c. The default sort in finished reports no longer sorts by completion date but now sorts by an internal file name.

d. When an item is scanned in the discharge wizard that is not in our database, unlike other wizards, the field is cleared out. In past versions, the incorrect barcode would still display in the discharge field and allow a manual correction.

e. We've lost the ability to both search for text and limit by the limit fields in SmartPORT. When you do, SmartPORT crashes.

f. Both in delivered Unicorn reports and with system administration tools you cannot print the newly modified item comment fields. When you select the option to print item comments, the option is ignored.

g. When a fund is overencumbered/spent and you try to receive/pay an order attached to this fund, the previous error message was "Fund over encumbered/spent". Now the error message is "Fund over encumbered/spentError in stack operationError in stack operation".

h. In Unicorn 2002 the new request wizards were released but were not used by RUL since the old style noun/verb request commands still existed. In Unicorn 2003, the old request commands were removed and we're now required to use the new wizards. As we've begun to use these wizards we've found that the full item barcode and call number do not always display and you cannot update the reply date on a request to anything other than TODAY

2. Update on SIRSI Superconference - the conference will be held in St. Louis from April 18 to the 21. Conference early registration has been extended to February 13.

3. Rebuilt keyword indexes - We loaded a large number of microform set records and these records were funneling to the top of search results. In order to address this, Chris reported that the keyword indexes were rebuilt in background during the Christmas break and records were reordered to display in reverse pubyear order.

4. Request to modify configuration of item comments - There were three item comment issues discussed at the meeting.

a. As part of the item comment conversion, the item comment entries were defined in Workflows to show in the following order: CIRCNOTE, PUBLIC, STAFF. Chris recommended and LIS agreed to display them as STAFF, PUBLIC, and CIRCNOTE. Chris will modify the display configuration to implement this change.

b. We need a policy to determine what kind of data and when to display PUBLIC item comment notes since these notes will display in IRIS. In addition, our custom web pages are preventing public item comment notes from displaying in IRIS. Bob will edit the configuration of IRIS in the test system to allow PUBLIC item comments to display and will take the issue of display of public notes to IPAC

c. When the item comment fields were converted, they moved to the new item extended information fields in the order they were created. For Annex items this meant that the "original owning library" entry migrated to the first STAFF note while the Annex shelf location migrated to the second STAFF note. Chris reported that he received a request from the Annex to move the Annex shelf location from the second STAFF note to the first STAFF note. Moving the Annex shelf location to the first STAFF note will allow it to display in the title glossary in Workflows. (The title glossary can only display the first STAFF and PUBLIC note only.) Right now to see the Annex shelf location you must select the Vol/Copy tab on each copy, then browse down to the end of the screen display. It would be much easier for Systems to simply remove the STAFF note containing the original owning library and allow the second note to move up in the display. Chris asked Annex staff and LIS whether this information has value anymore. The consensus was no and it can be removed. Systems will now add this task to the project chart.

5. There are a number of records in Unicorn with an incorrect pubyear field. The pubyear field displays in hitlists and is used to sort search results. The pubyear field is not an editable field but derived from the bib record following this hierarchy:

a. Date1 field of the 008
b. Date2 field of the 008
c. 260 subfield c
d. other entries from the format policies with entry type "Pub Date"

Some of our records have a space following the subfield "a" in the 008. This space interferes with the SIRSI pubyear algorithm and causes the generation of an incorrect value. The pubyear field can only be corrected by overlaying an update record or with system administration tools. As part of our analysis, Bob extracted the number of records with a bad pubyear and found there are approximately 3000 bib records. Chris asked LIS whether this item should go on the Systems project chart. LIS agreed but assigned the priority a B.

6. Gracemary reported that, on a monthly basis, Collection Services fixes serial control records missing a vendor based on a report from Systems. Collection Services believes some of the same records are appearing month after month on the report even though they have been fixed. Chris asked Gracemary to supply examples so he could investigate

7. Information sharing, announcements:






8. The next LIS meeting will be held on April 1, 2004 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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