Minutes of April 1, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (for Rhonda Marker)

1. Update on reported bugs from 2003.0.11

a. Shadowing temporary title created for Reserve yields "Item unavailable for display" - SIRSI delivered a patch in February that improved on existing functionality. Now when shadowed reserve items are displayed in IRIS, the holdings appear.

b. garbled title glossary display - fixed in a subrelease of Unicorn 2003

c. default sort in finished reports no longer sorts by completion date - SIRSI delivered and Systems installed a patch that defaults the sorting of finished reports in reverse chronological order; there are some minor inconsistencies with sorting but we can live with these for now

d. When an item is scanned in the discharge wizard that is not in our database, the field is cleared out instead of allowing for editing of the barcode - SIRSI tech support reported that software development is making this change in other circulation wizards

e. Can't search for text and limit by the limit fields in SmartPORT - fixed in a subrelease of Unicorn 2003

f. cannot print new item comment fields in Unicorn reports and with system administration tools - no update on this bug

g. problems modifying request records - SIRSI delivered a patch so that we can once again modify a request reply date to a date other than TODAY; other edits appear to be working better but we're still receiving miscellaneous reports of editing problems and we're not sure if its our procedures or the new wizards; we subsequently identified the cause of another editing problem and opened a problem report with the SIRSI Helpdesk

2. Unicorn 2003.1 - worth upgrading?

Chris reported that there is a subrelease of Unicorn 2003 that not only contains bug fixes but some additional functionality. Chris asked LIS team members whether they considered the new features worthy of a summer upgrade and to report back at next month's meeting. The new features are:

3. Update on SIRSI Superconference

Attendees to the Superconference will be Chris, Bob Warwick, Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Janet Howard, Rhonda Marker, and Linda Turzynski. Chris is co-presenting on the use of Keyboard Express and Rhonda is presenting on the challenges of loading bibliographic records from multiple sources into Unicorn.

4. Feedback on request to modify configuration of item comments

Chris reported that DBM finds value in the Annex item notes that indicate the original owning library. Based on this feedback, Chris will maintain this note when modifying the display of the item comment fields instead of simply removing them.

5. Bucknell's survey to form a Northeast users group

Chris reported that Bucknell is querying Northeast sites for interest in forming a Northeast User's Group. Bucknell was a DRA site and " misses the communication and interactions those conferences provided among staff members." The suggested conference dates were June 13 to 16. Since we've participated in a New Jersey SIRSI Users Group and that this group seemed to be soliciting old DRA sites it was unclear what the focus of this meeting will be. Chris will contact colleagues from Bucknell at the Superconference to find out what is planned for the meeting.

6. Catkeys

Based on the fact that approx. 80% of our records now contain an OCLC id, Bob queried LIS members as to whether it was time to switch our title control number from the SIRSI "a" catkey to the OCLC ID. LIS members were unanimous and recommended that Systems makes this switch with a due date of July 1. Bob reminded the group that it does require more than just an edit of the title control number. All existing bibliographic record loading routines will need to be adjusted as well as other miscellaneous changes like modification to SmartPORT settings in Workflows on all staff workstations. To start the process, Bob and Chris will check the database for duplicate OCLC numbers and report back to LIS as these will need to be addressed before making the change.

7. IPAC Update

Mary Beth reported that IPAC is currently working on 1) the Acorn model to Webcat, 2) context sensitive help and 3) posting new book lists based on a review of same at University of Newfoundland

8. 9XX webinar

Chris reminded LIS members that Rutgers signed up for SIRSI's 9XX order loading webinar for Tuesday, April 6 at 4pm in the TSB conference and interested parties are welcome to attend

9. Information sharing, announcements

Mary - working with Yankee Book Peddler on approval plan implementation

Judy - the Billing Working Group is making progress on defining the workflow for creating bills in Unicorn; also finalizing plans to implement RDS web article delivery

Gracemary - the Holdings working group created an "Item Standardization Focus Group" to review topics such as item creation for multi-part items and standardization of volume designations

Jan - RUL has signed with Naxos online to provide our patrons with one of the largest collections of online classical music. To access the collection point your browser at:

Chris - working on 1) testing EDI/X12 to Harrassowitz, 2) writing scripts to facilitate record changes for the LSM weeding project, 3) preparing for new equipment installations in the machine room, 4) finishing scripts that will allow a library with a fully converted collection to perform an inventory with little intervention from Systems, 5) finalizing the load parameters for the Evans Digital collection

10. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on May 6, 2004 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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