Minutes of May 6, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Linda Langschied, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Upgrade to 2003.1/Beta test Workflows 2004

Chris reported the SIRSI Product Manager for Circulation approached him to inquire whether Rutgers was interested in beta testing the new, redesigned Workflows 2004 client for the Circulation and Cataloging modules this summer. In order to beta test the new Workflows client Rutgers would need to upgrade the Unicorn software from the current version 2003.0 to version 2003.1 and would also need to make sure the workstations running the new client met the higher minimum requirements than exist with the current version of Workflows.

Most LIS members were very interested in participating but some expressed concerns about the work involved and the ultimate benefits of the process. Ann will raise this issue with Grace and ask her to bring this issue to Cabinet for review and approval. If approved, Systems would upgrade our test system to 2003.1 around the Memorial Day holiday, then the production system most likely the weekend of July 4th.

2. Switch title control number to OCLC ID

With other summer projects in mind, Bob and Chris recommended that the best day to switch the title control number (record matching key) in our bib records from the "a" catkey to the OCLC number was May 23. No LIS members had any objections so the database will be updated with the new title control number on May 23 and beginning May 24, TSC staff will begin to use the new number.

3. SIRSI Northeast Users Group Meeting at Bucknell

Chris reported that he spoke to Jen Clarke of Bucknell to determine the focus of the user group meeting from 6/13 to 6/16. Jen confirmed that this meeting was for sites that attended the annual conference to share the information they learned with the sites that could not attend. Due to other commitments this year, Rutgers will not be represented.

4. SIRSI visit on May 28

SIRSI representatives will visit Rutgers on May 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to demo some of their products, talk about their vision, listen to our plans for the future, and to respond to our questions/concerns. Ann asked LIS members for help in drafting an agenda. LIS members provided some ideas and Ann will draft an agenda and distribute to LIS in the next week or two.

5. Use of the item comments field

Chris reported that two libraries contacted Systems to inquire why some public notes they entered do not display in Webcat. Chris responded that our custom pages are preventing public notes from displaying but that before anyone begins to populate these fields, we need to set some standards and guidelines. Judy will poll ASC staff for suggestions for use of this field and Gracemary will poll Collection Services staff. LIS believed the Holdings Working Group should draft the standard and guidelines for entry and that IPAC should consider the display issues. Representatives from these groups will report back at the next LIS meeting.

6. Debriefing from the Superconference

a. All Conference powerpoints or other presentation aids can be found at:

When accessing a powerpoint you will be prompted for a login and password. Please contact Systems for this information.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to review the presentations and to contact an LIS team member if you have questions about the content.

b. Next year's conference will be a bit earlier than this year and will be held from February 27 to March 2 in Nashville,TN

c. Seven individuals attended the conference from Rutgers but it would be difficult to capture summaries from all of the presentations attended. Some of the highlights were:

7. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on June 3, 2004 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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