Minutes of June 3, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Upgrade to 2003.1

Chris reported that a new subrelease of Unicorn 2003.1, called 2003.1.3, will be released on June 7. Chris will load this version on the test system on June 7 or 8. As in the past everyone will need to test this release following their units testing instructions. LIS members will get back to Chris by June 30 as to whether the upgrade of the production system can proceed during the July 4th holiday weekend. If all goes as planned, Systems will upgrade the production system on 7/4. Once done, beta testing of the new Workflows 2004 client can begin.

2. Beta-test Workflows 2004

LIS is currently organizing the beta-test team. So far, Linda Turzynski and Steve Perrotta will be the primary points of contact to beta-test Cataloging. Steve and Linda will have access to read and post messages on SIRSI's Workflows 2004 beta-test web forum.

Judy Gardner is working on identifying beta-testers for Circulation and will identify two lead contacts that will coordinate testing and have access to read and post messages on the beta-test web forum similar to Linda and Steve.

Beta testers can begin to review the changes in the new client using the test system; however, the expectation is that Rutgers will beta-test the new client against the production system.

3. Items attached to Subscription orders

When items are created for subscription orders, one "dummy" item is created that is solely used to link the order to the bibliographic record. These items are not shadowed and are confusing to patrons because they are for record-keeping only and do not represent any specific holding for the title. Occasionally, these items are deleted which causes the order record to become unlinked to the bib record. When these orders are processed for payment, one can no longer identify the title it belongs to and it takes a fair amount of investigation to relink the order to the correct title. Gracemary suggested that we should shadow the item linked to the order record and attach an item comment stating something like "Item linked to order record for payment purposes only, do not edit or remove!" Collection Services staff and Acquisitions believe they could add this procedure for new subscriptions, and Chris will check whether he can write a script to batch edit existing records already created.

4. Non-circulating items in circulating collections

LIS originally raised this issue last year as it related to our implementation of Demand Management for RDS. Specifically, items in circulating locations individually edited with the non-circ flag cause problems for RDS. Unicorn allows patrons to place holds on these items through IRIS but the non-circ status prevents the item from appearing on the daily pull lists. LIS believes part of the problem lies with inconsistent policies that relate to placing items that do not circulate in circulating collections and that RUL would be better served if these policies were revisited. Judy and Gracemary volunteered to create a white paper outlining the issues for review by LIS. Once reviewed and signed off by LIS, the issues will be brought to CDC, TSC, and PSC.

5. Information sharing, announcements

Gracemary - testing the use of the Palm Pilot to create and organize weeding files; Marc Holdings records have been created for all active serial titles in Chemistry, Art, Music, Douglass, and Kilmer

Nancy - working on year end bills

Judy - will implement creation of bills for long overdue items beginning July 1; began web document delivery of RDS articles

Mary - making switch from ABI to EBSCO's Business Source Premier, all ABI records will need to be removed; Acq working on fiscal year end reports; last BNA approval shipment will be June 23

Chris - finished loading Evans Digital Collection records; working on fiscal year rollover reports; finished install of new UPS and electrical work in Systems Office machine room; still expect to replace machine room air conditioner by June 30

6. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, August 5, 2004 from 1:30 - 3:30 in the TSB Conference Room.

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