Minutes of August 5, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Linda Turzynski (guest), Bob Warwick

1. Update on 2003.1 bugs

A. The SmartPORT limit icon has disappeared. (Subsequent to this meeting SIRSI's technical support reported that it was removed because it was interfering with new pre-configured Z39.50 search profiles released in U2003.1. Systems is investigating whether this new functionality can replace the limit function.)

B. The extended information data no longer appears under the extended info tab in the Adjust Fund Budget wizard. SIRSI's tech support replied that it will be fixed in the next subrelease of Unicorn 2003.1

C. Systems received reports of charge database errors when displaying patron records for patrons that just returned bookings. Further investigation revealed this was caused by discharging bookings that were charged before the upgrade. Bookings charged, then discharged after the upgrade appear OK. SIRSI's tech support fixed the database errors and, so far, no more were reported.

D. When we upgraded in January to 2003.0, we could not output the newly converted item extended information fields in Unicorn delivered and custom reports. In the July upgrade to 2003.1, the extended information fields did come out on delivered and custom reports but with the incorrect field labels. SIRSI's tech support delivered a fix (subsequent to this meeting) and now the item extended information fields output correctly with the correct field labels.

E. ASC staff reported that you could no longer see recall due date information when viewing overdue recall bills attached to patron records. The recall due date does display when viewing the same bills attached to item records. (Subsequent to this meeting SIRSI delivered a fix that is now being tested.)

F. There is a garbled display viewing individual records from a binocular search when the following conditions exist: 1) a call number has multiple copies 2) there is additional text that follows the location column (such as nocirc). SIRSI tech support is still looking into this.

G. Although the 2003 release notes state that this is fixed, the "position in the hold queue" always shows the number 1 (i.e. your next in line to get the item) both in Self Services and with the "Display User holds" wizard regardless of what the actual number should be. The "Display Item Holds" wizard shows the correct hold queue position. This was just reported to SIRSI's tech support and we have no word on a resolution.

H. The Acq cancelation notice report does not set the "date mailed" on the first canceled order extracted in the report and causes the same PO to be listed every day. There is no resolution to this one yet.

I. Report functionality has changed in two ways:

(1) Saved report templates may disappear if the following steps are followed:

A. Go to template tab; highlight template; click modify.
B. Make changes to the template; click run now button.
C. Go to template tab and template is gone.

(2) A new report may run with system defaults or with no selection criteria if the following steps are followed:

A. Click the "Setup and Schedule new Reports" wizard
B. Choose a report and click on Setup and schedule
C. Make report selections, choose sorting options and output options
D. Click Schedule
E. Click Cancel on the schedule screen; workflows takes you back to your selection criteria (I've done this to check my answers one last time). Your chosen selection criteria appears in each tab
F. Now click schedule again and select a scheduling option
G. The report runs BUT with only the default selection criteria for the report. Depending on the report there could be no selection criteria.

In previous versions of Workflows, clicking cancel and going back to the selection criteria did not dispose of your answers. Now it does even though you can see them and believe they were all saved. SIRSI Tech support says this will be fixed in Unicorn 2004

2. 2005 Annual SIRSI Conference

Chris reported that the program chairs for next year's annual SIRSI Conference have already begun to ask for commitments since the conference is almost two months earlier than it was this past year. Also, the conference discount for presenters is limited to three discounts per session. Proposals are due by September 8 and handouts/powerpoint presentations are due January 14. LIS members are reviewing which sessions they may wish to participate in. Some suggestions were to present on our implementation of LINCPlus and also our use of the new assumed lost reports to create bills for long overdue items.

3. Summer downtime

Chris and Bob reported that there was no longer a need to schedule an extended downtime for reindexing because the new server we migrated to last year can run the entire suite of reindexing reports in 24 hours. Although there are no indexing changes pending from IPAC, Systems will schedule a rebuild of the keyword index (in background) during the weekend of 8/21 so that IRIS search results display in reverse publication year order. (Subsequent to this meeting, the keyword index was rebuilt in background, then copied into production on 8/22/2004)

4. Update on beta test of Workflows 2004

A. Chris reported that there have been three versions of beta workflows since we began our testing in June. For now, Chris will deliver the updated beta client to PC support staff and PC support staff will update the clients on the testers' workstations within two days of receipt.

B. Chris asked whether the beta-test kickoff meeting minutes should be posted to the LIS website along with the LIS minutes. LIS members agreed and Chris will ask Sam to post the minutes

C. Linda Turzynski reported on the following beta-test activities for the Cataloging module- Beta testing for Cataloging is moving along and as issues/problems arise they are being described and posted to a Word Document on the TSB T drive. Some of the functionality seems "clunkier" than it used to, like the Transfer Item wizard, or core functionality is missing and still to be delivered, like SmartPORT, and requires the tester to switch back and forth between the old and new clients to perform a task.

Linda described the problems they encountered as falling into three categories. They are 1) outright bugs - some features/functions simply do not work such as the ability to edit some marc tags or fixed fields, 2) annoying changes - such as the need to double click on a field to edit the bib record, and 3) annoying changes that borderline on being bugs - such as the need to keep resizing frames of information or lack of ability to effectively map function keys.

The core beta-test team has access to read and post messages on SIRSI's beta web forum and Rutgers has already posted about 5-6 bugs. Responses so far have been more boilerplate than very specific to the problem. The standard answer is something like "thanks for reporting, we'll pass this on to the developers and may ask you to retest this function when it has been fixed and released into a new build of the beta client."

D. It was suggested that it might be useful to hold system-wide demonstrations so that those using Workflows can get a preview of the new client. Beta-testers believe this is a good idea but would prefer that we wait until more of the existing functions have been added to the beta client.

5. Information sharing, announcements

Nancy - Donna started this week; allocations have been entered for minimal amount of ordering but total allocations not in yet as budget has not been finalized

Judy - The Billing Working Group (BWG) agreed that Systems could create and mail retrospective bills for items due 7/1/2002 to 6/30/2003; Chris created a script to remove the old holds attached to items that have turned into overdue recalls - BWG is evaluating sample records in the test system and will provide feedback to Chris; Judy, Barry, and Chris met with ILS and DDS to plan for implementation of bills in Unicorn for ILL and Palci items

Bob - turned on the display of public notes in test IRIS

Linda - the Item Standardization Focus group drafted a proposal to manage items with accompanying material (such as CD's accompanying books); this proposal will be disseminated to various committees (Gracemary stated that she'd like LIS to review this proposal first)

Janet - breaking ties with Blackwell; beginning to implement PromptCat with Yankee

Chris - the second A/C unit in the Systems Office machine room is scheduled for replacement during the week of 8/23; working with Rhonda to load the Black Drama records; received word from ProQuest that more EEBO records are available for load into IRIS

6. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on October 7, 2004 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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