Minutes of October 7, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Linda Turzynski (guest), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Outstanding bugs/issues in the upgrade to 2003.1.3

A. The SmartPORT limit icon has disappeared - SIRSI tech support reported that the limit functionality was taken away and would not return until the new Workflows 2004 client is released. Beta testers will test this feature in a new build of the beta 2004 Workflows client once it is released

B. Garbled display of results from binocular search - SIRSI tech support said this would not be fixed unless we upgrade to the 2003.1.4 release (we're currently at 2003.1.3) Subsequent to this reply, SIRSI did supply a fix for the version we're running and it appears to have solved the problem.

C. Self-services display of the "position in the hold queue" always shows the number 1 - at the time of the meeting we were still waiting for SIRSI to respond to the outstanding problem. Subsequent to the meeting SIRSI responded that this option should be turned off from Webcat displays for sites like us that use "Demand Management". This feature is only designed to display the correct value for sites that still use "Traditional Holds".

D. Acquisitions order cancelation notices - ever since we upgraded to 2003.1, anytime the acq cancel notice report finds orders to mail out, the first order's "date cancelation mailed" field is not set and must be entered manually. There has been no resolution to this one

E. Requests linked to non-unique call numbers - if a request is linked to a bib record with a non-unique call number and the request is edited it sometimes links to another bib record with the same non-unique call number. Bob is working with SIRSI tech support on this one

F. Reserve items yield due date of NEVER - occasionally when reserve items are checked out the reserve loan period is ignored and Unicorn charges the item out with no due date.(So far this has only occurred on a couple of items at the Music library). SIRSI tech support is still working on this one.

2. Status report on beta test of WF2004 (guest Linda Turzynski)

Linda reported that beta-testing was dormant for a while because we were waiting for a new release of the beta client. Cataloging and Circulation beta testers believe they tested everything they could up to this point until a new build is released.(The last build was released in late July) Once the new build is available they 1) will be able to test whether existing bugs have been fixed and 2) hope it will include SmartPORT. In addition, Linda distributed a document to LIS members that the cataloging beta testers prepared and sent to SIRSI product management. This document listed their top concerns with the cataloging module and included such points as 1) problems with the new screen resolution 2) problems with non-unique call numbers, 3) lack of SmartPORT etc. SIRSI product management responded within a day to each of the issues and outlined SIRSI's approach to addressing our issues.

Chris reported that all beta-testing sites were invited to upgrade to the next subrelease of Unicorn, called Unicorn 2003.1.4. Regrettably Rutgers cannot participate in this because we cannot update the Unicorn software during the middle of the semester.

3. Update on Superconference 2005

Chris reported that two Rutgers presentation proposals were accepted by the conference chairs for 2005 Annual Sirsi conference to be held in Nashville from February 27 to March 2. Judy and Chris will present on Rutgers implementation of the assumed lost billing and long overdue procedures and Gracemary and Chris will present on Rutgers implementation of LincPLUS.

4. Change to 13 digit ISBN impact on Cataloging in Unicorn (Bob Warwick)

Systems received questions from Cataloging regarding the impact of the 13 digit ISBN. So far SIRSI has not publicly announced any changes to Unicorn and Bob will follow-up with SIRSI and determine a plan of action. In the meantime there is no expected change to Cataloging's procedures with Unicorn

5. Public Note in IRIS

Gracemary gave a progress report on TSCWG's (Technical Services Core Working Group) evaluation and proposed standards for processing items with accompanying material. As part of this proposal, TSCWG plans to use staff and public item notes and she inquired on the progress of displaying a public note in IRIS. Bob responded that he'll take this issue to IPAC once he has some examples to share.

6. Need for Unicorn location to denote items that are temporarily unavailable

Gracemary reported that the TSCWG (Technical Services Core Working Group) requested a Unicorn sublocation to denote items that are temporarily unavailable. This location would be shadowed and would not allow patron-initiated holds. It will first be used for items in the Douglass sublocations JACOBI, NJCANA, SENSIA, and STANTN which are unavailable while they move from Douglass to Special Collections. LIS recommended a new location name called TMPUNAVAIL and Chris will create this location, then write a script to batch change all of the items in the sublocations above to the temporary current location.

7. Status of order for Director's Station and iLink

Chris reported that there were some delays in the order and that the original timeline for Director's Station implementation presented at Technical Services Council has slipped. Also, subsequent to this meeting SIRSI contacted us to report that they sold Director's Station to many sites and we are 15th in line to be installed. This means DS will not be installed until the first quarter of 2005.

iLink installation has also been delayed and the install of the software on the test system is not expected until late November.

8. Number of title records in Unicorn

Rutgers is approaching the limit of 2,000,000 titles that we're licensed to add to Unicorn. Once we exceed the limit we'll need to pay SIRSI for a higher title count. In an effort to make everyone more aware of this figure, Chris will report the current number of titles at each LIS meeting. On the date of this meeting we were at 1,792,999 titles.

9. Time to upgrade

Unicorn support staff need to accommodate the fact that software upgrades can no longer occur during Winterim. Chris will bring a calendar showing the available times to upgrade for discussion at the next LIS meeting

10. SIRSI Northeast User's Group

A new SIRSI Northeast User's Group has been announced and there's a new mailing list to facilitate communication; members of the temporary New Jersey SIRSI User's Group (NJUG) seem to have joined and the NJUG is now defunct.

11. Information sharing, announcements

Jan - Media is using UPS to ship VIDEO's from New Brunswick to Camden, delivery times reduced

Bob - he'll be attending the SIRSI API (Applications Programmer Interface) conference in Halifax in ten days; IPAC eagerly awaiting the installation of iLink

Judy - sent a large number of courtesy notices to recently graduated ALUMNI informing them of the changes to their borrowing privileges

Mary - making progress implementing PromptCat for the approval plan

Chris - working with Mary, Janet, and Judit on PromptCat; loading public domain NetLibrary records; working on batch routines for annual withdraw of items charged to MISSING, LOST-PAID, and LOST-REPLA; continuing to support beta testing of Workflows 2004

12. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on December 2, 2004 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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