Minutes of December 14, 2004 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard (guest), Tracey Meyer (guest), Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Judit Ward (guest), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Status report on Acquisitions beta test of WF2004 (guests Janet Howard and Judit Ward)

Janet and Judit reported on the status of testing Acquisitions using Beta Workflows 2004.

2. Report on beta test meeting with Access Services

Judy and Chris reported that the meeting with all of the Access Services beta testers went well. Each wizard was demonstrated and reviewed by the group and helped to reinforce the areas that will need attention during training. It also helped in raising the interest levels of the testers and to begin planning for future training. Dean has customized a toolbar and would like to distribute it to all Access Services staff. There is also interest in distributing the beta client to a few more locations. If everything stays on track with SIRSI's timeline, Chris anticipates that the Beta client will be implemented with training sessions during the summer.

3. Update on iLink (R. Warwick)

iLink is the next generation of Webcat/IRIS and was installed in the test system during the week of Nov. 14. Bob reported that all of the default options and features were turned on during the installation so that IPAC could review each feature with the new look and feel and determine whether it should still stay on and if so, whether any local customization is needed. So far they have decided to turn off several features and Bob has begun to implement these decisions in the test system. IPAC is also reviewing other iLink sites and will solicit input from Reference Librarians. To see IPAC's work in progress, point your browser to the test system's iLink at:

4. Update on Director's Station

Anne Butman is preparing the server and anticipates completing the install during the week of January 2. Once done, Chris will fax an acknowledgement form and connection details to SIRSI so they can continue with their large piece of the installation puzzle.

5. Update on Superconference

Early registration has been extended. Chris reminded those attending to register soon and to make their airplane and hotel reservations by the end of December. Chris will be meeting with Gracemary and Judy during the week of December 19 to plan for RU's presentations at the Superconference.

6. Upgrade calendar

Chris distributed a 2005 calendar showing the times available for an upgrade. At this time we have three upgrades to schedule in several small windows. Based on a review of the calendar and the proposed iLink timeframe, LIS recommends: 1) upgrading the test server to 2003.1.4 during the Winter Break; 2) upgrading the production server to 2003.1.4; and 3) upgrading the production server to iLink between the Spring and Summer semesters. We need to upgrade our server to 2003.1.4 to implement fixes to the beta Workflows client. It also contains some enhancements such as 1) the return of the User Browse feature, 2) better support for serials control in Beta Workflows 2004, and 3) the ability to begin testing payments for library fines/fees to Pay Pal via iLink.

7. Projects during Winter Break

Chris reported that the following projects are slated for Unicorn Support staff during the Winter Recess:

  1. Rebuild keyword index (in background)
  2. Load revised/new EEBO records
  3. Upgrade the test system to 2003.1.4
  4. 8. Number of bib records

    As of this meeting we are at 1,818,433 bib records. This is a 25,434 record increase over the October meeting. LIS team members then discussed other record removal projects. One suggestion was to remove bib records with no copies attached to canceled orders. If a bib record with no copies is attached to an order record that was canceled it should be removed. Chris will provide counts and samples to LIS members for review.

    9. Information sharing, announcements

    Ann - recommended at TSC that we not move to Oracle in the next fiscal year. There will be significant one time and ongoing costs once we cross the two million title limit of our license and we should focus on securing those funds this year

    Nancy - working on ARL statistics; there are new supplemental statistics appearing for the first time this year. Nancy has scheduled a meeting to identify the relevant parties that will contribute these numbers and to also identify the method for their extraction and report from now on

    Gracemary - the fund code review task force is making progress; LSM weeding is moving more quickly, the goal is to weed 36,000 pieces, so far 10,000 have been relocated to the Annex; searching for last copy being done in-house and not by DBM

    Judy - the Billing Working Group designed a new overdue recall bill notice that will be sent to a patron when an unreturned recall reaches 40 days overdue; BWG also plans for Systems to batch remove the 8000 GEACLOST items from IRIS

    Jan - All intercampus videos now travel between campuses via UPS, lead time has been reduced from 5 to 3 days

    Bob - providing lists to DBM as they develop the workflow to clean up our 12,000 duplicate OCLC records


    • continuing to refine the Promptcat Approval Plan workflow; beginning with invoices for the week of 11/30 all records will load as TSB/PENDING
    • working with Acquisitions to specify the GOBI Select/Firm Order workflow
    • planning to load the replacement/new 74,169 EEBO records
    • continuing to refine the batch withdrawal process; should be done with the FY2004 removal of MISSING/LOST-PAID/LOST-REPL items by the end of the year, removing the Acquisition invoice information has been a challenge

    10. Next meeting

    There will not be an LIS meeting in January. The next LIS meeting will be held on February 3, 2005 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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