Minutes of February 3, 2005 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Change LIS meeting day

For the foreseeable future, Grace Agnew needs the TSB conference room during the afternoon of the first Thursday of the month. This time conflicts with LIS's regularly scheduled meeting. LIS team members reviewed their schedules and determined they can meet on the second Thursday of the month from 1:30 to 3:30 in the TSB conference room.

2. Audit concerns - timeouts in Workflows, change Unicorn login PINS on regular schedule

Chris reported that recommendations from security audits on other RUL systems may be worth implementing in Unicorn. Two possible changes are to 1) turn on timeouts in Workflows and 2) enforce changing Unicorn login PINs once or twice per year.

Systems could configure Workflows to timeout after a certain period of inactivity; however, Workflows only times out to your opening wizard. It does not log you out of Workflows. If the timeout function does not log you off then it does not meet the level required for system security. An alternative might be to turn on Windows screen saver passwords. LIS team members then discussed a possible schedule and method to change Unicorn login pins. There are a number of ways to implement a routine change of login pins and Chris and Bob will bring a recommendation to the next LIS meeting.

3. Unicorn/Workflows documents on library web pages

Chris reminded LIS members that any library html document showing Workflows screens needs to be placed in "ruonly" directories on the library web server. The ruonly directories restrict the documents to workstations on Rutgers network Chris found a number of documents containing Workflows screens and comands outside of the ruonly directory structure and sent a list to Sam McDonald to correct.

4. Congratulate Gracemary Smulewitz

LIS team members congratulated Gracemary on her appointment as the new Unicorn Serials Enhancement web forum moderator. As a web forum moderator, Gracemary is in control of and advocates enhancements to the serials control module for all Unicorn customers.

5. Update on Superconference 2005

Judy, Gracemary, and Chris will be attending the annual conference in Nashville from February 26 to March 2 and will be presenting at three sessions. Chris and Judy will co-present a session on RUL's implementation of assumed lost and long overdue processes and reports at the Academic Special Interest Group Meeting. Gracemary and Chris will co-present on Rutgers implementation and development partnership of the binding module known as LINCPlus. And finally, Gracemary will moderate the Serials Sharing session.

6. SIRSI Northeast Users Group Meeting

The program chair of the SIRSI Northeast User Group announced that the second annual meeting will be held at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh from June 12-15, 2005. More information about the conference can be found at:

7. Upgrade to 2003.1.4 during Spring Break

Systems plans to upgrade to the next version of SIRSI, known as Unicorn 2003.1.4, during the first weekend of Spring Break. The upgrade will most likely begin after the libraries close Sunday evening on March 13. New features in this upgrade include: 1) a restore of the User name browsing feature and 2) support for the new Java-based Workflows client. LIS members will distribute testing assignments and report back to the group by March 7 to confirm that the upgrade can proceed.

8. Number of bib records

As of this meeting we are at 1,836,415 bib records. This is a 17,982 record increase over the December meeting.

9. Canceled Orders linked to bib records with no copies

At last month's meeting LIS members recommended removing the bib records attached to canceled orders as one way to help reduce the total number of bib records in IRIS and delay our approach to the 2,000,000 title limit of our Uncorn license. (Once we surpass the 2,000,000 title limit we'll need to pay SIRSI more money to license the software.) Chris extracted a few thousand orders and will pass sample titles to Mary, Gracemary, and Bob to insure the correct titles were selected. Once reviewed and signed off, Chris will batch remove the bib and order records.

10. Acq beta test

Chris reported that a new release of the Beta Workflows client now includes the Acquisitions invoicing wizards and Lisa Witteman, the SIRSI Acq module developer, contacted us to test and provide feedback. Nancy Hendrickson and Janet Howard agreed to participate in the beta test.

11. Information sharing, announcements

Ann - the installation of Director's Station has been delayed to late March or early April due to a high number of sales that pushed Rutgers back in the installation queue.

Nancy - working on serials invoices.

Bob - continuing to work on customizing iLink based on IPAC's recommendations.

Mary - investigating ERM (electronic resources management) products.

Mary Beth - there will be a Cataloging Discussion Group meeting with Janet, Bob, and Chris on February 5 to review changes instigated by the new 13 digit ISBN.

Gracemary - hosted internal training sessions for Collection Services staff on reading a bib record, receiving, and the nuances of Marc Holdings; working closely with Newark staff on Technical Services processing and procedures; New Brunswick branches other than Alexander and LSM have finished creating Marc Holdings records for active serials.

Jane - interested in investigating user-initiated bookings through IRIS, Jane will contact Bob to turn on this feature in iLink

Judy - there has been a noticeable drop-off in pin requests this semester (most likely due to the implementation of EZProxy); the ILS office has recommended changes to the Unicorn notice and billing schedule for ILL and Palci items for possible implementation the first week of March

Chris - working on batch process to update OCLC and IRIS for Promptcat rejected titles
- hosted a visit of representatives from Stockton College planning to migrate from DRA to another library system; SIRSI is one of their top contenders and they wanted to meet with their counterparts at Rutgers to see day-to-day Unicorn operations
- working on custom scripts to facilitate the batch removal of GEACLOST items

12. Next LIS meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on March 10, 2005 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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