Minutes of April 14, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Bob Warwick

1. Status report on outstanding U2003.1.4.5 bugs

At the time this meeting was held there was only one outstanding problem with User Record Browsing. Specifically, if you called up patron records with the User Browse helper and viewed the bills under the Bills Tab, the same bills would appear if you subsequently viewed other patron records in the browse list. SIRSI delivered a patch for this problem the day of the LIS meeting and the patch solved the problem.

2. Draft proposal to routinely change Unicorn Staff Logon PINs

At the February meeting LIS members discussed some best practices recommended by security audits of other RUL systems. One recommendation was to routinely change Unicorn staff login pins on an annual or semi-annual basis. Subsequent to this meeting, Chris and Bob drafted a proposal to change Unicorn staff pins and reviewed this proposal with LIS members. After reviewing the proposal LIS recommends that:

a. the pins of individual Unicorn logins will change annually at the beginning of the summer session

b. the pins of shared Unicorn logins (like those used at Circ desk workstations) will change twice per year, once in early January and again at the beginning of the summer session

c. notification of the changed pin will be sent via email to the staff member's email address stored in their personal Unicorn login record

d. notification of changed shared pins will be sent via email to the department supervisor's email address stored in the shared Unicorn login record

For just this year, pins will not change until mid-June because Systems needs help and time to add the email addresses to all existing Unicorn logins. Systems will seek the assistance of each department's supervisor so they can add the email addresses to all of their extant staff login records. In the future, requests for new staff Unicorn logins need to include the staff member's email address so that Systems can add this data at time of creation.

3. IPAC iLink Update

Stephanie reported that IPAC has been reviewing the feedback on iLink and has attempted to accommodate all reasonable requests. At the next IPAC meeting on 4/21, changes to iLink in the test system will be frozen to insure that Bob can implement all priority 1 changes. Bob will also schedule the install with SIRSI and/or inquire whether he can perform the install himself. If Bob can install iLink on his own, then we can schedule a more desirable downtime than would be required if SIRSI did the install

4. Update on Install of Director's Station

Chris reported that SIRSI Installation staff began to install the Director's station software and were soon to begin creating the datasets from our historic transaction logs.

5. Ready for J client rollout?

Chris asked LIS team members whether the J client (formerly known as the Beta Workflows client) was functional enough to begin training sessions and a rollout this summer. LIS members responded that, while there is some new functionality that would be beneficial to take advantage of, there were still critical areas of functionality that are missing and are needed before we can migrate to the new client. Critical pieces missing are 1) the acquisitions module, 2) the request and booking modules, and 3) Smartporting from a file. In the meantime, if any library unit would like a copy of the J client, they should contact Unicorn Support staff in Systems to arrange for the install.

6. Number of bib records

There were 1,862,078 bib records on April 14. This is a 13,229 record increase over last month.

7. RULSTAFF login

Systems received a request to remove DISPLAY USER capabilities from the generic RULSTAFF login. Chris checked with LIS team members to make sure that those that use RULSTAFF do not need this function. LIS members agreed and, subsequent to this meeting, the DISPLAY User wizard was removed from the RULSTAFF login

8. Information sharing, announcements

Mary - there has been much training of Selectors on GOBI for firm orders; approval plan profiles have been refined so that RUL is down to a 3% return rate; Acquisitions and Systems are actively working on implementing shelf-ready for Camden

Nancy - timetrak will be upgraded this July

Chris - Batch withdrawals of bib records out of Unicorn have come to halt due to the RLIN21 migration and will not resume until RLIN catches up with our backlog of weekly dataloads. The last file from Rutgers RLIN loaded was for records added or updated during the week of 2/6/05.

9. Next neeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in May.
The next LIS meeting will be held on June 9, 2005 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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