Minutes of July 14, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Ann Montanaro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair, recorder), Bob Warwick
Nancy Hendrickson

1. Update from SIRSI Meeting at ALA

Chris and Gracemary reported on the SIRSI meeting at ALA. The primary topics were 1) a report from the CEO, Pat Sommers, on the merger with Dynix and 2) planned enhancements to the Unicorn software for the next 12 months.

A. The Merger

B. Unicorn Enhancements - Version 2003.1.4.5 (currently in production at Rutgers)

The J client now includes a fully wizardized Acq module and is available to customers at 2003.1.4.5. (We'll need to perform a mini upgrade to receive this enhancement.)

C. Unicorn Enhancements - Version GL3.0
(due out in August '05)

D. Unicorn Enhancements - Version GL3.1
(tentatively due out late 4th quarter '05 or early 1st quarter '06)

E. Unicorn Enhancements - Version GL3.2
(tentatively due out around 3rd quarter '06)

2. Revisit Proposal to Change use of Item Types in Unicorn

Two years ago, after patron initiated holds was implemented, it was noted that placing non-circulating items in circulating locations caused problems with self-service holds. At that time Bob Warwick proposed that we could more effectively utilize the features of Unicorn if we identified our items with item types instead of duplicating the contents of the sublocation in this field and he agreed to create a white paper outlining the issues for review at a future LIS meeting. LIS still believes this is a problem and Bob agreed to draft a document for review at the October LIS meeting.

3. Status report on routine change of Unicorn Staff login pins

Chris reported that some supervisors still had not reviewed their Unicorn logins and that this has delayed the implementation of the first change of staff login PINS until the first week of August. On a positive note approximately 60 Unicorn logins were expired/disabled as a result of this process.

4. Update on install of Director's Station

The install of Director's Station has been a bit slower than we originally hoped/planned but the base installation is now complete. The nightly extract has been running without incident and DS system administration training is now slated for 8/18. Chris was recently contacted by the DS project manager to announce that SIRSI is offering one end-user webinar training to each site at no charge.

5. ERM beta testing

Gracemary reported that SIRSI may be interested in Rutgers as a beta test partner for their emerging ERM product. This was also reported at Technical Services Council. At TSC, Grace Agnew responded that she would support this as long as it did not include a commitment to purchase the product.

6. Patch/bug fix upgrade

Chris asked LIS team members whether they were interested in installing the mini upgrade so that we could potentially use the latest version of the J client which now includes the fully redesigned Acq client. Since our last opportunity to upgrade the software until next Spring is right after the end of the summer session, LIS agreed it could be installed at that time. Chris will review the academic calendar and tentatively schedule this upgrade for one late Saturday or Sunday night during the intersession.

7. Number of bib records

There were 1,880,863 bib records on July 14. This is a 18,785 record increase since our last meeting on on April 14.

8. Information sharing, announcements

Judy - working with Bob Warwick on exporting a file of serials holdings for RAPID

Gracemary - Collection Services staff focusing on completing a serials inventory of currently received serials at Alex and LSM


9. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 8, 2005 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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