Minutes of September 8, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Ann Montanaro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)
Jane Sloan, Bob Warwick

1. 2006 SirsiDynix Client Calendar

For the last couple of years, SIRSI has published a calendar with exterior or interior photographs of their customer's library buildings. Rutgers has not participated in past years; however, this year Ann and Chris have queried Harry Glazer, Ken Kuehl, and Francoise Puniello for any digital photos that might be worth submitting. Subsequent to this meeting, Harry reported that he and Ken submitted a CD with five images for SirsiDynix's consideration.

2. RUL Group Questionnaire

The group reviewed the revised draft that was already submitted to Grace and to the library faculty Planning and Coordinating Committee. LIS signed off on the responses and agreed that the charge could be posted to LIS's Staff Resources web page.

3. SIRSI Superconference 2006

The SIRSI Superconference 2006 will once again be held in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland resort. Proposals for user presentations are due at the end of September. Chris asked fellow LIS team members whether they had any ideas for the conference presentations. Four possible proposals are 1) the weeding process at LSM, 2) implementation of shelf-ready, 3) Access Services reports training, or 4) methods for collection inventory.

4. Update J client

Now that the new Workflows client, (i.e. J client) has a fully wizardized Acquisitions module and that more significant improvements to it will be delivered with the next software release, known as GL3.0, Chris will make sure all LIS members have a copy of the J client.

5. GL3.0

The next release of the Unicorn software is called GL3.0 and was released at the end of August. It contains some major changes to the software that will be detailed below. One primary concern is, given that iLink is still being customized, could we upgrade the test system to this version in late October or early November without affecting Bob's iLink development work. Stephanie will put this on the agenda for IPAC's next meeting. (Subsequent to the LIS meeting, Stephanie reported that IPAC agreed we could load GL3.0 the first week of November.)

In addition, there are a number of changes in GL3.0 that will require some preparatory work on our end. They are:

a. Need to rebuild the authority index and authority thesauri - Currently, whenever we rebuild the authority thesauri, Systems needs to schedule 300 runs of the report that creates reciprocal cross-references. In GL3.0, SIRSI has changed this report so that cross references can be created in one pass. In order to implement this change, after the upgrade we'll need to run a rebuild of the authority index and the authority thesauri.

b. Major changes to report options in bill notices - Changes SIRSI made to the options in bill notice reports will require them to be recreated from scratch; since we've customized two of these reports to implement Assumed Lost, these reports will also need to be re-customized.

c. Increase in disk space usage - Due to changes made to support newer versions of the unix operating system and for unicode support, the file system that stores Unicorn programs will double in size. Sites will need to verify they have the necessary disk space.

d. Increase in use of shared memory - Due to changes in the way the circulation tables are used by Workflows, there is an increase in the use of shared memory on the Unicorn server. SIRSI provides a script that needs to be run right after the upgrade to identify any deficient memory configurations.

e. Birthyear changes from 4 to 8 digits - Currently, RUL uses the birth year field in the patron record to store the month and year the record was last updated by the patron loader and has labeled it "lastload" in Workflows. SIRSI is converting this field from a 4 digit year to a full eight-digit birth date. Any numbers in this field will be prepended with 0101 (i.e. January 1). This means that our patron loader routines as well as any reports that select on this field will need to be changed to work with the revised format.

f. Script to convert custom toolbars for J client - SIRSI is providing a perl script for Unicorn System Administrators that will convert custom toolbars created in the Workflows C client to the Workflows J client.

g. Recurring orders will display a distinct status in IRIS - Prior to this change, recurring orders displayed the same statuses as FIRM orders (i.e. ON-ORDER, RECEIVED.) Now Unicorn provides separate customizable text for recurring orders. The delivered default is "Updates on order".

h. New fields supported in EDI ordering transmissions - Unicorn will begin to support transmitting orderline extended information data in EDI orders.

i. Barcode validation of the checkdidgit will be available - If sites turn this option on it means that, as barcodes are entered, a checkdigit algorithm will calculate whether the numbers were entered correctly and stop the operator from proceeding if they were not. Before turning this on 1) we need to confirm that our smart barcodes with the extra zero will work and 2) we'll run the SIRSI provided script to identify bad barcodes already in the system.

j. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication is being added to iLink.

k. Improvements to user dynamic indexing - We've noticed that, when loading a large number of patron records, such as on Mondays when we run the patron load, new user records cannot be found until the following day after the nightly indexing routines. SIRSI has made some improvements to hopefully mitigate this problem.

6. Batch Withdrawals

Chris and Bob will work on resuming batch withdrawals even though RLG has not loaded any new or updated records from Rutgers since late February. A number of workflows depend on the routine running of this process and we can no longer hold off until RLG resumes our record loads.

7. Number of bibliographic records

There were 1,896,327 bib records on September 9. This is a 15,564 record increase since our last meeting on on July 14.

8. Information sharing, announcements

Gracemary - Connie Swanzer resigned; all Dana serials are being received at LSM; serials subgroup of TSCWG looking at changing N fund codes

Stephanie - reported she is now official chair of IPAC; last few changes were rolled out right before the beginning of the Fall semester; lots of new changes/features for Bob to review

Janet - working with Chris on rolling out shelf-ready to libraries other than Camden and turning on PromptCat for firm orders

Judy - recently posted updates to Palci procedures; the Billing Working Group provided training to Access Services staff on new billing functionality

Ann - working on 1) repository development and 2) electronic theses and dissertations with the Graduate school; Cabinet approved two new positions for Systems. They are a programmer and application project manager

Chris - 20,000 new EEBO records will be loaded during the Winter Break; preparing PocketCirc device for Andy Martinez to test at three New Brunswick Libraries; validating data extracts for Director's Station

9. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be a SIRSI webinar training session on Director's Station scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2005 from 2-5pm in the TSB conference room.

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