Minutes of November 10, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick (recorder)
Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Ann Montanaro, Mary Beth Weber

1. Recording meeting minutes

Starting with this meeting the recording of meeting minutes will be rotated among the LIS committee members. Until now, Chris has recorded the minutes for every LIS committee meeting. The other committee members feel that Chris' minutes will be hard to live up to but we will try.

2. White paper on proposal to change use of Item Types in Unicorn

Bob distributed the draft Item Type white paper that was due at the last committee meeting which Bob did not attend. The finished paper is designed to be sent to Cabinet for review and input and then eventually to the Councils and various other stakeholder groups. Some committee members had a chance to read the paper while waiting for the meeting to start which led to a few preliminary general suggestions which were incorporated into this draft.

Committee members were asked to review the draft during the next month with the intent of discussing it in detail at our December meeting. Comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to the group before our next meeting and we can begin to incorporate approved changes even before the meeting. Our intention is to finalize the draft at our next meeting. An electronic version of the draft will be sent out to all committee members [done].

3. Status reports on the test system upgrade to Unicorn GL3.0

The upgrade worked but the workstation server is not running because new server configuration settings are needed to accommodate changes to the use of shared memory by the Unicorn software. Chris is working with Dave Hoover to look at our memory on the test system and with Sirsi to see what our options are at this point. The test system can not be brought up until this problem is resolved. If no resolution is forthcoming we will likely need to restore the test system to the earlier Unicorn version. Chris will make that decision once Sirsi has responded to his questions.

4. Beta test of Unicorn GL3.1

Staff at Sirsi is currently working on finalizing the content of Unicorn GL3.1, the next software release following GL3.0. One of the features they are including in GL3.1 is a SuDoc call number sorting option. Staff at Rutgers has worked on SuDoc call number sorting with staff at Sirsi in the past and Sirsi staff would like us to review the proposed sorting option on Sirsi's server before it gets released. The GL3.1 sorting option will be ready for review after Thanksgiving.

Stephanie, Gracemary, and Bob agreed to look at the proposed SuDoc sorting option. Rhonda Marker and Ellen Calhoun will be asked to join the review. It was suggested that perhaps the best thing would be for us to meet and do the review as a group. This will be arranged once the option is available for review.

5. Director's Station (DS)

Following the DS training webinar at the last LIS meeting both Gracemary and Stephanie have used DS to try answering questions. They shared some of the challenges of doing that with the group. Chris will review the webinar with the LIS group, especially the people who were unable to make the webinar sessions.

Chris, Judy, and Bob will present a brief demo of DS for Cabinet at their first December meeting. Training will proceed from there. Technical Services Council will probably be the next presentation after Cabinet. We need to dispel some of the DS myths.

6. Superconference 2006

Information is finally coming out about registration, rooms, and the schedule for the next Superconference on March 5-8, 2006, in Nashville, TN. Chris and Gracemary will be attending. Chris will be presenting an Inventory Control program and Gracemary will moderate a Serial Control session.

7. Information sharing; announcements

Jane - She mentioned that she sees nothing on the horizon for booking in Unicorn. Others agreed that we have heard nothing as well.

Gracemary - They are changing all of the non-periodical, non-regularly-received serials to "N" fund codes. Most of the project has been finished with the participation of Chris and his manipulation of the system. They are now doing the residue that could not be handled programmatically.

- He is working with Andy Martinez to get the inventory testbeds going at Art, Chemistry, and Kilmer.
- He visited DANA with Gracemary to review the categories of uncataloged items that are left over from a DANA inventory project. They helped DANA staff determine what to do with the items.

8. Number of bibliographic records

There were 1,906,500 bib records on November 10. This is a 10,173 record increase since our last meeting on on September 9.

9. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2005 at 1:30 PM in the TSB conference room.

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