Minutes of January 12, 2006 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (recorder)
Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jane Sloan

1. Test System Upgrade to GL3.0- Temporary change to server- C. Sterback

The test system will be moved to the old IRIS production server since the current test server's operating system level is unable to run GL3.0. Dave Hoover will prepare the old IRIS server in the next few weeks. The server is named "ARWEN" and it also needs an Apache server installed for iLink.

The original plan was to upgrade the production server to GL3.0 during spring break. The issue of whether this will provide us with enough time for testing was raised. Testing typically takes between 3 -4 months to conduct and this may lead us to fall behind with GL3.0 training.

The test system server change will also require a change to the IP address in the test system's Workflows clients. The IPs for servers that were unreachable during the recent outage will also need to be changed. PC Coordinators will change IP addresses to server names. This issue will be discussed at the next PC Working Group in order to coordinate and plan for this change, which C. Sterback anticipates will happen within the next 4-6 weeks.

2. Status Report on Upgrade to Latest Version of Director's Station- C. Sterback

The report that takes information from Unicorn to populate Director's Station ran last night without error, and ran in half the time than it previously required. The DS interface now looks different. C. Sterback asked that no one use Director's Station until we receive notice from him.

C. Sterback will be demonstrating Director's Station at Public Services Council in January with Judy and at Technical Services Council in February with Bob. He has also demonstrated it with Bob at Collection Development Council, with Judy at the Access Services Committee, and with both Bob and Judy at Cabinet. It was suggested that he demonstrate it to IPAC and TSCWG.

3. Daily, Unattended Unicorn Full Backup- C. Sterback

C. Sterback is testing the ability to do a daily unattended full backup of the production Unicorn system. Systems currently does a weekly attended full backup on Friday nights with incrementals done daily. When in place, the unattended process will perform the following functions: 1) the Unicorn servers are halted, 2) a snapshot of the Unicorn database files will be made to another area on disk, 3) the unattended full backup of this snapshot begins, and 4) the Unicorn servers are brought back up. The process of halting, making the snapshot, and beginning the backup only takes about 2 minutes and is planned to occur daily at approx 4:00 a.m. Once in place, IRIS will no longer need to be down for 3 hours each week on Friday nights for the full backup.

4. Update on RLIN Batchloads- B. Warwick

RLIN has not loaded any of our records since February 2005. B. Warwick has contacted them every two months inquiring as to the status of our loads. The response he recently received from Constance Malpas of RLG is that the backlog of Library of Congress records was recently completed, and they will begin to simultaneously load records for other member libraries. (Subsequent to this meeting Bob recently learned that Rutgers batchloads have begun.)

5. Change of Student SSNs to RUID Numbers- B. Warwick

B. Warwick has received test files from OIT, and has a copy of their testing schedule for January-February. In early February, he will begin receiving files that contain the new student ID numbers. B. Warwick is currently rewriting the patron loader scripts to incorporate the new information.

It will be possible to match and overlay existing records. This process will be used for alumni as well as current students. B. Warwick will conduct a test afterwards to determine why, if any, records have not been changed. He estimates that he will be changing 40,000 student records. Announcements will precede the changes.

6. Log-In Policy- C. Sterback

To comply with the LIS policy announced last June, shared Workflows login PINS will change shortly. This applies to any logins that are shared such as those used at circulation desks. C. Sterback will issue an announcement alerting RUL_EVERYONE of the upcoming change.

7. Finalize White Paper Proposals to Change the Use of Item Types in Unicorn- B. Warwick

LIS reviewed the revised white paper. The next step is to approach the Councils with this proposal, starting with the Technical Services Council, which will discuss it and refer it to the other Councils.

B. Warwick explained that people relate item type to shelving location, which is how it is currently used at RUL. The white paper should state that home location and shelving location are synonymous. Collecting statistics is problematic since we are not always able to obtain accurate counts.

The following suggestions were made for additions or changes to the white paper:

8. Next LIS Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, February 9 at 1:30 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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