Minutes of March 9, 2006 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Janet Howard, Ann Montanaro, Tracey Meyer, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz (recorder), Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan

1. Shadowed Records

The issue of shadowed records was discussed. The number of shadowed records is high and appears to be more than an acceptable amount. The problem may be attributable to property settings. It was suggested that everyone who alters bibliographic and holdings records should check property settings.

It is not clear under what circumstances items/records should be shadowed. Reports can be generated to identify shadowed items/records. Andy Martinez of Access Services routinely runs reports and checks shadowed records to determine if shadowing is appropriate and brings incorrectly shadowed records to Collection Services for adjustments.

2. Using "bindery" as a current location for theses and dissertations while they're at the bindery, rather than shadowing records. (Mary Beth)

Following on from the discussion about shadowing practices, there have been some concerns that theses and dissertations are not always being unshadowed when they come back from the bindery. Gracemary stated that it might be more advantageous to use LincPLUS to check theses items out to the BINDERY patron record. In order to address this issue, Janet Howard, Mary Page, Mary Beth Weber, and Gracemary Smulewitz will investigate shadowing practices and the use of LincPlus for theses sent to the bindery, determine standards for usage, and report back to LIS.

3. SirsiDynix SuperConference

Christopher Sterback reported on the SirsiDynix SuperConference 2006. John Dickson, Vice President, Product Development and Berit Nelson, Vice President, Product Management reported on 1) emerging technologies, 2) release of cross-over products between SIRSI and Dynix, 3) announcements regarding current and upcoming versions of Unicorn, and 4) highlights/added functionality to be released in the next 12 months.

Emerging Technologies

SirsiDynix OneStop machine

  • Self-checkout
  • PC reservation
  • Print management
  • Support for RFID
  • Ability to collect fines and fees with PayPal


  • Support for credit/debit cards via iLink and OneStop in GL3.1
  • Support for deposit accounts coming in GL3.2

"FAST" search engine in their portal products

  • FAST stands for Fast Search and Retrieval
  • Delivers enterprise search capability that aims to make search results more relevant and easier to understand than traditional html and textual searching
  • Visual search displays like grokker under consideration

eRes - planning to integrate Docutek into Academic Reserves module

Director's Station - can optionally overlay GIS and census data Hardware/OS support

  • Testing support for Solaris 10. RUL is at Solaris 9
  • Beta Testing support for Windows Vista. Will be supported in 2007
  • Continuing to test support for 64 bit systems

Cross-Over products

Horizon Web Reporter - web-based reports interface originally developed by Dynix and now in development for the Sirsi Oracle platform. Think of this as a replacement to the Unicorn reports module, not Director's Station

URSA - stands for Universal Resource Sharing Application and is currently being used for Palci; new graphical interface released; expanding integration with Relais

Portals - merging SIRSI's Rooms/EPS products with Dynix's Horizon Information Portal (HIP); next version based on uPortal

ERM - Sirsi is finalizing partnership negotiations with Serials Solutions; this will give SirsiDynix the opportunity to offer an existing ERM product as well as additional federated searching and Open URL options. The Serials Solutions ERM will be available with the GL3.1 release.

Unicorn Client Version Announcements

InfoVIEW will no longer be supported when we upgrade to GL3.0. Unicorn 2003.1.4.5 is the last version that supports InfoVIEW.

Workflows "C" client will be supported through 2008 but little new functionality will be added to it from now on.

Workflows "J" client for GL3.0 includes two interfaces. One is called "Classic" view and looks like the version we beta-tested in 2004. The other is called the "Themes" view that contains a stronger Windows design look and feel with tabs, left-side navigation, and color themes.

Workflows "J" client for GL3.1 is currently being beta-tested and is scheduled for release in June 2006.

Workflows "J" client for GL3.2 is scheduled for release in Spring 2007 and will contain the materials booking module.

GL3.1 Highlights:

GL3.2 Highlights:

UUGI Business Meeting:

The conference - 115 sessions overall comprised of:

  • 51 unique presentations
  • 11 sharing sessions
  • 8 Special Interest Group meetings
  • 45 SIRSI sponsored sessions
  • there were 7-10 concurrent at any one time and could support at least 2-3 attendees from our institution in future years.

Enhancement forums - discussion about voting took place and many felt that the interface to the enhancement forums has to be made easier. SirsiDynix and UUGI are looking into better, more user-friendly software

UUGI Membership fees change - instead of charging a $25 fee per SuperConference attendee, there will be a $100 fee per production license

The 2007 SirsiDynix Superconference will be held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO

UUGI and CODI (Customers of Dynix, Inc) plan to merge conferences in 2009

Academic SIG Meeting - Ann Snowman, outgoing Academic SIG chair, led a discussion on how the academic library perspective can be more strongly presented at UUGI and fed into software development. Outcome was 1) recommendation to create an Academic Enhancement forum and 2) to use the new forum to identify our top areas for software development.

X12 Ordering, Invoicing, and Claiming - GL3.0 contains better error messages for book and serial processing and will see full date and time in EDI transactions; serial order ID has been increased from 15 to 20 characters

Single Search at Indiana University - IU formed a cross-operational team from Public Services, Collection Development, and Information technology; secured buy-in from the top for committed resources; released as "soft-launch" to simply "get it out there"; don't have huge numbers of patrons using it but it appears that it is more utilized by those in cross-disciplines; currently configured to search 8 resources simultaneously

4. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, April 13 at 1:30 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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