Minutes of May 11, 2006 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (Recorder), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Judy Gardner, Jane Sloan

1. Change Unicorn Login PINs one week early

Chris reported that Systems would like to change Unicorn Login pins one week earlier than scheduled. They were originally scheduled to change on May 30, but since that is the day after the upgrade to GL3.0, Systems would like to change them one week earlier, on May 23. LIS members agreed so Chris will draft an announcement to RUL_EVERYONE.

2. Results from GL3.0 Upgrade testing

Chris reported that one serious bug found was by Access Services. Anytime a patron record was modified, you could no longer find the record in a keyword search until after the next morning's halt/run. You could only find it in a browse search or directly by user ID. Chris found that this was a known issue and that SirsiDynix had a software patch to fix this as well as some other problems. Chris will load the patches onto the test system on Friday morning, 5/12 and verify that this one problem was fixed. No other major problems were reported by LIS and team members agreed that the upgrade could proceed Memorial Day weekend. Chris will announce the upgrade to RUL_EVERYONE in the next couple of days.

3. Additional GL3.0 Tasks/Decision Points

Chris reported that there were a couple of tasks or additional decision points in the upgrade. They were:

a. SirsiDynix redesigned the way authority headings and cross-references were built as part of a rebuild. Specifically, any time there was a configuration change to our authority policies, Tracey would have to schedule approximately 300 runs of a 15 minute Unicorn report to rebuild these relationships. SirsiDynix has now more efficiently designed this report so that only one 6-hour report is all that will be needed whenever there is a configuration change. We will need to run this new report as part of this upgrade.

b. Chris and Bob reported on the change to the lastload field in the patron record. We use the lastload field to store the last month and year the patron record was created or updated by the patron loader. SirsiDynix is converting this field from a four-digit year field to a full date field in the form MM/DD/YYYY. Any existing data in that field will be "prepended" with 1/1/ during the upgrade. Since none of the values in this field will convert to valid dates Bob will fix them after the upgrade.

c. There is a new feature to place holds on on-order items that will allow patrons to place holds using the Deliver/Recall book button instead of the Request Article/Other button. Acquisitions and IPAC did not have time to evaluate this feature before the upgrade but will do so during the summer. In the meantime, this feature will be turned off.

d. Bibload templates - the release notes specify that all bibload templates will need to be recreated due to new options in the reports related to the new holds features. No one should run any bibloads right after the upgrade until Systems recreates the report templates.

4. Item Type white paper - next steps

Chris reported that TSC endorsed the white paper proposal. The next step is to 1) identify library faculty and staff that would like to serve on the committee and 2) send these names to Grace so she can write the official charge. So far Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Nancy Hendrickson, Bob Warwick, and Mary Beth Weber have volunteered to serve.

5. E-commerce update

Chris reported that he arranged a web demo earlier this month between SirsiDynix and key staff at Rutgers University Libraries to review the recently purchased e-commerce solution (i.e. pay fines/bills through IRIS) and to identify the next steps for installation. SirsiDynix's next step is to send a pre-installation questionnaire; they will begin preparing for the installation based on our responses. We're tentatively targeting an August rollout so that this new feature will be in place for the Fall semester.

6. Director's Station upgrade to 3.8 - many new features

Chris reported that there is another upgrade to the Director's Station software that SirsiDynix will complete by the end of this month. More of the cubes will have access to title lists, not just Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Circulation, and there are also many new features such the ability to gather statistics by language and country of publication, and more descriptive data characterizing OPAC searches.

7. Migrate production server IP address

Chris reported that Systems is preparing for a migration of a number of servers, including the production Unicorn server, from legacy network address space to the RUNet network. (The test system's server is already on RUNet.) Systems believes this migration should be mostly transparent because microcomputer support staff in Systems and PC Coordinators have been modifying the Workflows configuration file from the ip address to the server's name. More information about the server transition will be disseminated as migration dates are identified.

8. Finalize new location code for Preservation

LIS members reviewed the final decision points needed to implement a new current location to denote items that will be sent to preservation for an undetermined period of time. The decisions made were:

a. The new location will be called PRSRVATION and will not be shadowed.

b. If the condition warrants, the material will be available for in-house use in Collection Services in Alexander or in Dana or Robeson. If any of these items are requested they will be moved to the head of the queue for in-house repair if possible.

c. If the material is in such bad condition that it can't be used in-house or must be shipped out for treatment then the item will be individually shadowed.

d. If a patron wishes to use these materials they will use the Request Article/Other button in IRIS. Stephanie will make sure that the IRIS web pages and IRIS Guide are updated.

e. Items with this current location should not be available for request by Palci or by Deliver/Recall Book; however, if these items are available at another Palci library our patrons should be able to place a Palci request.

f. Three staff patron records will be created for use with this process, one for New Brunswick/Piscataway, one for Newark, and one for Camden. As items are identified, they will be charged to the appropriate patron record and display PRSRVATION as the current location.

9. Next meeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in June. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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