Minutes of July 13, 2006 Meeting

Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard (guest), Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Ann Montanaro, Mary Page (recorder), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick
Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Jane Sloan

1. Update on bugs in GL3.0

There were a number of bugs found after upgrading to GL3.0 but most were patched within a month of the upgrade date. The outstanding bugs at the time of the meeting were:

a. Two subject lines in email notices - Chris created and installed his own custom patch to remove the extra subject line. (Subsequent to this meeting SirsiDynix supplied the official patch that fixed the problem.)

b. The Director's Station bills, booking, and request cubes displayed incorrect totals and the OPAC label for Series was labeled Serials. (Subsequent to this meeting, SirsiDynix fixed the extract so that the totals were accurate and corrected the label.)

2. Preparation to install GL3.1

Systems plans to install GL3.1 on the test server in September and hopes to install it on production over the Winter Break. Since the upgrade would result in nearly one day of downtime, thus potentially disadvantaging Winterim students, Chris will ask Ann Montanaro to seek approval for the upgrade from Cabinet.

3. Item Type Task Force

Chris has received the names of 11 potential members of this new group and will send this list to Grace Agnew so she can draft the committee charge. LIS recommends that a small subgroup be appointed to prepare the initial framework for further review by the larger task force.

4. New location code needed for DTS/Collection Services

Currently, items that need to go to Cataloging or to Distributed Technical Services (DTS) are identified with the same sublocation called TECHSR. This causes confusion and DTS would like to have their own code so that items they need to work on are appropriately identified and routed to their department. LIS recommended creating a new status called LOCALMAINT. Once in place, items that bear the status LOCALMAINT should be routed to the local DTS operation and those with TECHSR should be routed to TAS.

5. Update on Director's Station - upgrade to 3.8, training

In the Director's Station upgrade to 3.8, more cubes (modules) now have access to title listing capabilities and more data elements. Please note that upgrades to Director's Station can change the underlying field definitions and cause existing custom reports to no longer display. It will be important to keep a record of criteria for important or recurring reports, in case a report breaks in the upgrade and needs to be recreated.

The training sessions have been designed with two half-day sessions, two weeks apart. Participants must commit to both sessions. Part 1 will cover the basics of Director's Station and include an assignment to be reviewed in Part 2. Part 2 will begin with a review of the assignments and then cover more advanced topics.

LIS members should send Chris recommendations for attending the DS training sessions. This is the first round of training; subsequent sessions will be scheduled during the fall.

6. Migrate production server IP address

The production Unicorn server is changing its IP address. In preparation for the change, PC staff modified the IP address in the Workflows configuration file from the IP number to the host name, to help make the transition as smooth as possible. On the day that the change is made we may not have access to Unicorn for a short period of time. (Subsequent to this meeting, the IP address change was successfully performed on July 19, 2006.)

7. Update on Rollover to FY2007

Chris reported that Rollover was essentially complete. A small number of errors need to be fixed manually. Nancy will work with Chris on the allocations for 2007. Bob announced that the 2006 non-subscription order records that rolled into 2007 will not be purged until one week after the rollover (to allow for error checking, etc.) Each year, the process gets easier and smoother. (Subsequent to this meeting Chris sent a message on July 18 that rollover was completed.)

8. Migration to Unicorn J client

RUL will make the transition to the Unicorn J Client by June 2007. Tell Chris if you'd like to begin working with it now. The J Client will bring major changes to screens, macros, and documentation.

9. Next LIS Meeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in August. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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