Minutes of March 8, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Mary Page, Jan Reinhart (guest), Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro

1. Debriefing from the 2007 SirsiDynix Superconference

a. The annual SirsiDynix Superconference was held at the Broadmoor Resort located in Colorado Springs, CO from February 18 - 21, 2007. Approximately 1000 individuals attended the conference comprised of Unicorn customers, SirsiDynix employees, and associated vendors.

b. The user's conference was comprised of 109 sessions broken down as follows:

c. The buzz at the conference was the sudden resignation by Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Sommers, and the recent acquisition of SirsiDynix by Vista Equity Partners.

Patrick Sommers resigned two days before the conference and, at first, this seemed sudden and, perhaps, bad timing. When asked for an explanation, the response from SirsiDynix employees ranged from 1) "Change is a natural course of business" to 2) "How would it have appeared if Pat resigned right after the conference." The blogosphere had its own analysis and surmised that, since Patrick was hired by the previous investment partners, Seaport Capital, it is not a surprise that he resigned, once the acquisition was complete and Seaport was no longer a partner.

Also customers were interested in learning about the new owners of SirsiDynix, Vista Equity Partners. SirsiDynix employees reported that Vista Equity Partners is a private equity investment firm that typically invests in companies that offer software solutions and technology enabling services. They apparently have a long-term investment philosophy and are not in it to make a quick profit.

d. Since Patrick Sommers resigned, the opening address at the Superconference was presented by Bill Davison, Chief Sales Officer. Bill highlighted the accomplishments of SirsiDynix in 2006. Some of the highlights include:

e. Tom Gates, Vice President of Marketing, reported on SirsiDynix's burgeoning development in "facilitating the user experience" and reported that their OPAC and portal products will be enhanced in 2007/2008 with an interface that supports faceted searching, graphical search results, and spell checking (i.e. "did you mean...?) capabilities.

f. John Dickson, Vice President of Product Development, reported on:

g. Berit Nelson, Vice President of Product Management, reported on the new developments in the next version of Unicorn.

h. All sites running Director's Station will be upgraded sometime during the summer/fall of this year. The new enhancements to Director's Station include:

i. At the Unicorn Users Group International (UUGI) business meeting, it was reported that the 2008 SirsiDynix Superconference will be held at the "Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center" in Detroit, MI from April 5-8. Then, in 2009, a joint, but separately tracked conference for UUGI and CODI (Customers of Dynix, Inc) is being planned. The location may be in the Southeastern US, perhaps Orlando. When the conferences are combined the conference name will no longer be the "Superconference".

j. All of the Superconference program and powerpoint presentations are online and can be found at:

The documents are restricted by login and password. If anyone wants to view these documents they should contact Chris, Bob, or Tracey in Systems for the 2007 Superconference login and password.

2. Information sharing, announcements

Mary Beth Weber, Mary Page, and Gracemary Smulewitz are beginning to work on migrating their faculty/staff members to the J client.

Chris, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Cathy Pecoraro, Rebecca Martinez, and Janet Howard have been meeting bi-weekly to specify Rutgers University Libraries' requirements to map acquisitions order data into the developing Serials Solutions ERMS.

Chris and Jan Reinhart will report on their attendance at the SirsiDynix Superconference at a lunchtime seminar on Thursday, March 29, at 12:00 p.m. in the Pane room.

3. There will not be an LIS meeting in April. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 1:30 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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