Minutes of May 10, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Nancy Hendrickson, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Jane Sloan
Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro


  1. Item Type Task Force
  2. Status report on migration to J Client
  3. Update on Oracle Migration
  4. The Evergreen project
  5. Debriefing from Rome webinar
  6. Unicorn at RUL
  7. Information sharing, announcements

1. Item Type Task Force

Chris recently met with Grace Agnew concerning the white paper on "The Use of Item Types in Unicorn." The charge for the task force should be coming soon.

2. Status report on migration to J Client

Access Services is beginning staff training on use of the J client. The focus is not on retraining, but on demonstrating changes and new features.

Cataloging, Acquisitions, and Distributed Technical Services are discussing doing coordinated training for areas of overlap among the three departments.

Chris worked with Access Services as they were planning their training, and would be willing to assist other groups as well. He will make the documentation that was developed by Access Services available to members of LIS. Two specific recommendations to make the transition to the J client easier were given:

J client installations were not done uniformly at all of the libraries. Some installations were for classic mode and others for themes, some were multi-windows mode and some not, some needed the IP/configuration updated, etc. Chris will talk to Anne Butman to insure that all future installations are done uniformly.

J client permissions are still being set up. Access Services permissions are being done first since their training is first. If there are users who should be done as a priority, Chris should be notified.

3. Update on Oracle Migration

Oracle migration is planned for 5/15/2008 ~ 5/26/2008 and those dates have already been reserved with SIRSI. The SirsiDynix Oracle Migration questionnaire is being completed this month and the new server has been ordered.

There will be a series of test migrations before the real migration. Systems will need help reviewing data to make sure that it migrated correctly, but the actual migration should be transparent to all users.

4. The Evergreen Project

Ann will be setting up a Rutgers project to test different features and functionalities, and to determine whether Evergreen, an open source ILS, has value for the RU Libraries.

5. Debriefing from Rome webinar

Bob, Chris, Judy, Stephanie, and Tracey Meyer attended. A large group of SIRSI/Dynix top level managers presented and responded to questions.

Rome, the new SirsiDynix technology platform, is being built on the Unicorn platform with added features from other SirsiDynix ILS products, such as Horizon. It appears there is very little difference from a normal Unicorn upgrade, so it should present no more problems than we've experienced in a typical upgrade.

Chris will contact our account manager with some questions, most notably concerning whether add-on products such as LincPlus will work with Rome. (Subsequent to this meeting Chris learned from our account manager that all of our add-on products are Rome compatible.)

Bob, Stephanie, and Natalie Borisovets also attended a SirsiDynix Faceted/Visual Search Demo which gave an overview of the current state of the technology.

6. Unicorn at RUL

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Unicorn at Rutgers. It went live in July and August of 1997. LIS is considering a celebration to mark the occasion.

7. Information sharing, announcements

8. Next meetings

There will not be an LIS meeting in June. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, July 12 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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