Minutes of September 13, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Chris Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick (recorder)
Jane Sloan, Mary Beth Weber

1. Minutes from July

The minutes were approved. Chris will send them out.

2. Status report on migration to J client

a. Special Collections/University Archives

Chris met with several people from Special Collections/University Archives. They wanted to make sure that they weren't left out when J client training is offered. Chris reviewed the functions of Unicorn they use and asked the appropriate LIS members to include them in future training announcements.

b. Acquisitions/Selectors

Mary reported that most of the Acquisitions staff are using the J client and that Acquisitions staff are planning for a big J client review session for both Acquisitions and DTS staff. They will also offer training for Selectors in the fall, and will include staff from Fiscal Control as well. Acquisitions created a document outlining a 'Selectors' toolbar that will have all the wizards that a typical Selector needs. Mary presented this document to LIS for review and comment. LIS only suggested adding the Invoice wizard. Chris will create the suggested toolbar and install it in the test system for review.

c. URL problem

The J client problem with clicking on URLs that contain an ampersand will be fixed in the next software patch, called Patch Cluster 5d (5d, mentioned below).

d. Booking permissions/configuratio


Chris has been working with Jan Reinhart on setting up Booking permissions for the dual C client/J client environment that they will need to use until the Booking module is moved into the J client with Symphony 3.2. If this set up works for them, we may use a similar configuration with the Access Services stations that need to access the Booking module.

3. Patch Cluster 5d

SirsiDynix announced earlier this week that patch cluster 5d is now available. This patch cluster will require an update to the J client that everyone will need to do when the patch cluster is installed here. Chris will install patch cluster 5d in the test system next Monday (Sep 17) or Tuesday (Sep 18) and in the production system the following day (Tue or Wed). [Subsequent to this meeting Chris and Bob learned that Patch Cluster 5d was temporarily pulled from delivery due to missing pieces of software. Chris will reschedule the install after SirsiDynix announces that 5d contains the missing components.]

4. Update on Goals for FY2008

One of our goals for FY2008 was to investigate implementing LDAP authentication for IRIS. LDAP authentication became available with the Unicorn GL3.1 release but has been pulled back from that release because of some flaws that were discovered by early adopters. It may not be included in the Symphony 3.2 release, depending on whether the flaws can be resolved before that release. This goal is off our agenda for now until we implement a version of the Symphony software that again supports LDAP authentication.

5. Update on Item Type Task Force

The Item Type Task Force held its first meeting. They are getting organized and have put a fall meeting schedule in place. There will be more to report after the group has had a few meetings.

6. Director's Station fall training

One round of training is being offered in the fall. Individuals whose names are currently in the training queue have been invited. There has been a good response thus far and it looks to be a full class.

LIS members suggested that refresher training may benefit those already trained in Director's Station. Possible options are 1) former trainees could demonstrate interesting things they've done with Director's Station, 2) the trainers could offer refresher sessions to graduates, or 3) Tracey Meyer could do one-on-one sessions with graduates who want to work on the creation of specific reports.

7. Index rebuild

The main index that we rebuild in background several times a year to get entries in reverse publication year order has now gotten so large that we've exceeded a file size limit that allows a full index rebuild. We need to move to a segmented database to fix this situation. We will need to run the programs that create the segmented database and then do an index rebuild immediately thereafter. The system will possibly need to be down (we are still confirming this with SirsiDynix) so we would like to do this during the winter break. We will need about 12 hours of downtime. We are also investigating with SirsiDynix whether any of this can be done in background.

8. Removing our history logs

It is an LIS policy to only keep the current and previous fiscal year's history logs for patron privacy and Chris is ready to remove the oldest fiscal year of logs from FY2006. Coincidentally, in GL3.1, SirsiDynix released a new Unicorn report that removes (scrubs) personal identifying data from history logs. If the report works as expected, it will allow us to keep history logs for a longer period of time. Since the history logs have also been used to populate data in Director's Station, Chris asked SirsiDynix whether scrubbed history logs can be ingested into Director's Station should the need arise in a future DS upgrade. SirsiDynix responded that scrubbed history logs can be ingested into Director's Station, with a few caveats. This now means we can keep scrubbed history logs for an indefinite period of time and Chris will begin by testing the report with the July 2006 log file. If all goes well, the logs from FY2006 will be scrubbed and saved.

9. Information sharing, announcements









10. Next meeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in October. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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