Minutes of November 8, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Janet Howard (for Mary Page), Ann Montanaro, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz (recorder), Chris Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Mary Page

1. Status report on migration to J-Client

Janet reported that everyone in the Acquisitions Department is using the J-Client but formal training on the Acquisitions module for other departments is forthcoming. Chris will discuss possible dates for the formal training with Mary. Chris will also discuss selectors training for J-Client. It was recommended that Lila Fredenburg be included in this training.

January 2008 is the cutoff month for using the C-Client with two caveats. Chris will ask Anne Butman to schedule the removal of the C-Client from all workstations unless 1) the workstation uses Materials Booking wizards (Materials Booking will not migrate to the J client until the next version), or 2) the workstation does not meet the minimum hardware requirements to run the J client.

2. Other Unicorn news

a. Patch cluster 5D - SirsiDynix has released another suite of bug fixes for Unicorn called Patch Cluster 5D. While this software patch fixes a problem we are having with URLs in the J client, it also introduces a minor bug when entering diacritics and special characters with the J client's symbol table. Chris asked Mary Beth whether we should 1) load the patch and accommodate the problem with the symbol table or 2) wait for another patch and continue to live with the URL problem. Mary Beth believed Cataloging would prefer to have URL functionality back and could live with the problems in the symbol table. Chris will schedule the load of the software patch for the week of November 12.

b. Symphony 3.2 - Symphony 3.2 is the new name for the next version of Unicorn. Tracey will post the draft version of the Symphony 3.2 release notes by the end of the week. Some of the new features in 3.2 that will be helpful to us are support for Materials Booking in the J client and support for linking RA records with their associated faculty records. We will not migrate to 3.2 until next summer at the earliest because SIRSI recommends migrating to the Oracle platform before implementing Symphony. Symphony 3.2 is in Beta testing and won't be ready until January so doing it in the summer will be appropriate.

c. Rebuilding the keyword index file in background - The last time we attempted to perform a full rebuild of our keyword index in background, it failed because we exceeded the maximum size an index file can be. SirsiDynix tech support stated that the only way we can now perform a full rebuild is to split our index files. Typically, SirsiDynix tech support does this kind of work; however, Mark Witteman supplied instructions to us so that we can split these and rebuild on our own schedule.

3. Item Type Task Force

The Item Type Task Force has been meeting regularly and a list of potential item types has been prepared. A report is being drafted for Technical Services Council. The report will be brought to LIS when the Task Force is close to implementation.

4. EDI - 1st year

Harrassowitz sent an invoice file a week ago that didn't error out; however, it still isn't performing as expected. SIRSI, Harrassowitz, and Chris are all working together to get the EDI function to work properly. It was recommended that once EDI is working well, a task force be formed to evaluate the process.

5. Institution Records

Mary Beth and Bob gave an update on OCLC Institution Records. They outlined some of the issues and workflow implications for having Rutgers Institution Records in OCLC.

6. Office 2007 and Workflows

Chris stated that there are some problems using the Office 2007 version of Word to print Unicorn reports. The default settings for Word in Office 2007 don't work well with the Finished Reports wizard and the settings, margins and page breaks will need to be adjusted so they print correctly. Anyone that prints Unicorn reports via the Finished Reports wizard and is scheduled to receive Office 2007 should contact Systems.

Chris added that all of the macros that he recently revised to accommodate the new RU logo do not work in Office 2007. The macros will need to be revised before any staff member that prints PO's, claims, and cancellation gets Office 2007.

On a related note, while we are in this hybrid state where some have Office 2000 and others have Office 2007, documents should be saved as Word 97-2003 to insure document compatibility.

7. Keyboard Express Macros and the J client.

Keyboard Express macros in J-Client work but need to be tweaked. Bob reported that he was able to adjust his macros to work. There are several macros used in DTS that are not working. Bob suggested that adjusting them takes time, you must implement spacing correctly and go through a trial and error process. Gracemary reported that DTS was instructed to send non-functioning macros to Anne Butman for evaluation.

8. Information Sharing

Nancy - All non-state funds have been distributed. Below the line state budget has also been entered.

Stephanie - IPAC has decided to add the 580 field (Title history note) to the default display in IRIS.

Gracemary - TSCWG has made great progress understanding the "shadow" function in IRIS and creating standards for it's use.

Ann - Ann encourages interested parties to attend the VALE User's Group Meeting on January 8, 2008. Christopher Mackie, the Associate Program Officer of the Mellon Foundation, will be the keynote speaker. The topic will be a sustainable open-source library system. VALE has planning grant money. Ann also reported that RUL may be considering Open World Cat as a catalog interface. OCLC gives priority to SIRSI and Ann is putting RUL on the list because, even if a library is on the list, it means a year wait and we can give it consideration in that time period.


- Access Services is shortening patron record expiration dates. Bob hopes to begin revising the patron load scripts that enter the expiration date in December.

- Access Services is getting ready to provide remote access to our restricted resources to Faculty Emeritus.

- PALCI Users meeting - URSA is still being supported by SirsiDynix but PALCI, as a consortium, will be looking at other options.

- Lehigh University will host the 2008 SNRG (SIRSI Northeast Regional Users Group) conference. The conference will be in driving distance which will be very convenient if anyone would like to attend and/or present.

Jane - Booking pull lists are working well and Media is testing the production of labels. They plan to explore developing a labeling macro.


- Proquest recently sent us 4700 new EEBO titles to load into IRIS. Chris will let DTS know the coverage dates of the records being loaded to determine what microform holdings should be added. Proquest also sent us a file of 396 updated URLs for Thomason Tract records to replace the broken URLs in these records. Chris will send out a message when the EEBO load is complete.

- Director's Station has not been reporting all 70 Workflow wizard commands in the All Activity Measures cube. Chris reported this problem to SirsiDynix Client Care and expects to have the issue resolved soon. (Subsequent to this meeting, the All Activity Measures cube was fixed on November 12 and, once again, the All Activity Measures cube reports all commands it was designed to report.)

- TAS's 7th annual pie day will be held on Tuesday, November 13.

Bob - Bob is currently working with Cataloging to load Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) and Literature Online (LION) records.

9. Next Meeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in December. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, January 10, 2008 in the TSB conference room.

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