Minutes of February 14, 2008 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair, recorder), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Ann Montanaro

1. Status report on migration to J-Client

Chris reported that he and Mary Page were demonstrating the J client at the next NBCG meeting, with an emphasis on what's new or changed. Mary is also in the process of scheduling similar sessions at Dana and Robeson. After these sessions are done, the migration to the J client will be complete.

2. Preparing for Migration to Oracle

Chris reported that SirsiDynix contacted him at the beginning of February to begin finalizing the plans for the migration of the database structure to an Oracle platform. So far we have confirmed the following:

a. The migration on the live server will occur from Monday, May 19 to Wednesday, May 21.

b. We will also migrate the test server but the dates are still being negotiated with SirsiDynix.

c. Some downtime will be needed but the exact details and amount of time are still being worked out. Please note that Systems plans to make IRIS available in a static, read-only mode on another server during the migration period, similar to what we used to do for annual summer reindexing.

d. Bob, Tracey, and Chris will attend an Oracle System Administration class from March 3 through March 7. Since the classes are all day, there will be very limited Unicorn support that week.

e. As part of the migration, Systems will be installing a new Unicorn server. Dave Hoover is currently preparing to install the new server in the next couple of weeks.

More details about the migration will be forthcoming as milestones are established and achieved. Chris can also attend a future CDC, PSC, and TSC meeting to report on this project if the committee chairs are interested.

3. Update on Loading Harrassowitz Serials Invoice

Chris reported that he is making progress loading an electronic version of the Harrassowitz invoice. This project is taking longer than initially anticipated because we are the first site to load a Harrassowitz serials invoice in X12 format. After many iterations back and forth between Harrassowitz, SirsiDynix and Rutgers, Chris was able to load one invoice successfully into Unicorn. The next steps are to 1) test loading a file with multiple invoices and 2) test loading a file that includes service, postage and handling charges that emulates how we record them now, attached to a single shipping and handling fund.

4. Symphony 3.2

The next version of Unicorn, called Symphony 3.2, was released at the end 2007. Some of the more notable features in this new release are:

a. Materials Booking wizards in the J client

b. Support for linking RA cards to a faculty member's patron record

c. Significant updates to the Bibliographic Load utilities

Chris reported that we will not load this version until the end of 2008. We have very few windows of time each year to upgrade the Unicorn software and the next available time slot is being used for the Oracle migration.

5. New Client Care site

Late last year SirsiDynix released a total redesign of their Client Care website. The look and feel of the website has changed as well as the techniques for navigation. Chris provided a very brief demonstration of the new site to LIS members.

As part of the redesign, SirsiDynix is also requiring system administrators to create new logins for anyone that had access to the old website. Tracey is currently recreating the logins and anyone that had one will receive an email with a new login and password.

6. SNRG conference

The 5th Annual SirsiDynix Northeast Regional Group Conference will be held from June 15-18 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA. Conference information can be found at Since the location of this conference is close to Rutgers, this is a good opportunity for those that would like to learn more about Unicorn, share, and meet with their fellow Unicorn colleagues. Anyone interested in attending this regional user's meeting first needs to seek funding by filling out the "Application for Travel Funds".

7. Update on Item Type Task Force

Chris and Bob reported on the status of the Item Type Task Force. Grace still needs to review the final report but has given LIS the go-ahead to begin planning. LIS members reviewed the draft of the final document. Chris distributed a list of some of the areas that will be affected and asked LIS members to send him other documents, workflows, partner agencies that will need to be coordinated when we make this change. Chris and Bob stated that we could not begin making any changes until the summer, after some time has passed from the Oracle migration. Some LIS members asked whether we should be cleaning up/consolidating locations as well. Chris responded that modifying locations exceeded the purview of the Task Force; however, some anomalies and items in single categories may be able to be addressed. Bob agreed to begin drafting a conversion document that will be used as a guide for mapping the changes. Stephanie reported that IPAC is already beginning to mock up display changes in the test IRIS.

8. Director's Station Training

Bob, Tracey, and Chris are organizing the next Director's Station workshop. It is scheduled for mid-April. Chris has a list of faculty and staff members that are queued for the next class but has also asked LIS members to send him additional individuals to invite.

9. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, March 13, 2008 in the TSB conference room.

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