Minutes of August 14, 2008 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Nancy Hendrickson, Judy Gardner, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Update on modification of item types

Bob reported on the status of the Item Type Conversion Project. There are only 547 items left with the old item types and Bob plans to finish these by tomorrow (August 15), meeting the project deadline. LIS applauded Bob for expertly coordinating the changes and making this transition as seemless as possible.

Here is a summary of the modifications to Unicorn item records broken down by by Home Location, Holding Code, Item Type, and the Circulate Flag.

Home Location cleanup:

a. 19,384 IN-PROCESS items charged to an IN-PROCESS user; Home Location changed to old Item Type

b. 337 PENDING items charged to a non-MARCIVE PENDING user; Home Location changed to old Item Type

c. 3,766 PENDING items charged to a MARCIVE PENDING user; Home Location changed to old Item Type

d. 1,748 TECHSR items: TECHSR added to Item Cat 1; CIRCNOTE added; title shadowed (some); Home Location changed to old Item Type; Current Location changed to Home Location (some)

e. 169 DISCARD items charged to the BATCHWITH user; Home Location changed to old Item Type

f. 936 LOCALMAINT items: CIRCNOTE added; Home Location changed to old Item Type

g. 86 DAMAGED items: Excel spreadsheet created; Home Location changed to old Item Type

h. 211 BINDERY items: Excel spreadsheet created; Home Location changed to old Item Type

Holding Codes:

a. 298 new Holding Codes created

(1) 457,460 Holding Codes changed in Acquisitions records
(2) 542,561 Holding Codes changed in Serial Control records

b. 327 old Holding Codes deleted

Item Types:

a. 75 new Item Types created

(1) 31,848 from Barcode lists: old Item Types changed to new Item Types
(2) 3,657,983 from Unicorn: old Item Types changed to new Item Types

b. 104 old Item Types removed


Item Types

a. 547 items with an old Item Type remain to be converted

b. 2 old Item Types remain to be removed (STACKS and PER)

Circ Flag

47,283 items with Circ Flag 'N': Circ Flag will be changed to 'Y'

As part of modifying the circulate flag, Bob reiterated that, from this point forward, no one should touch the circulate check box. Since circulation eligibility will be determined by the item type, no one ever needs to check/uncheck this field in the item record ever again.

2. Update on batch removal of Selected Shadowed records

Chris reported that, with the agreement of Stephanie Bartz and Ellen Calhoun, approximately 11,400 brief government document records migrated from Geac circulation and shadowed in Unicorn were removed prior to the item type changes. These were part of a larger group of 26,000 shadowed items identified by ISAWG for cleanup.

3. Sirsi Northeast Users Group

Chris reported that the next Sirsi Northeast Users Group (SNRG) conference will be held at Penn State from June 14-17, 2009. Former colleague Ann Snowman sent Judy and Chris an email encouraging Rutgers to plan to attend and present.

4. Unicorn Users Group International (UUGI) update

a. Chris reported that the 2003-2005 annual Sirsi conference presentation documents have been removed from the Superconference website ( and archived on UUGI's website at

b. Next year the Sirsi users group, UUGI, and the Dynix users group, CODI, plan to merge and there is a blog to share updates and contribute concerns. The UUGI-CODI merger blog can be found at:

No action will be taken to complete the merger of the two user's groups until the members vote their approval; however, if all goes as planned and the groups agree, the merger should be complete by the next annual conference in Dallas in April 2009.

5. Next Upgrade - Symphony 3.2 and Symphony 3.2.1

Chris reported that, now that the item type changes are almost complete, it is time to start planning for the next upgrade to the Unicorn software. We last upgraded to GL3.1 in December 2006 and, since then, SirsiDynix has released Symphony 3.2 and Symphony 3.2.1. We will only have to upgrade once as the latest upgrade, Symphony 3.2.1, contains all of the software changes that were in the upgrade to Symphony 3.2.

Chris plans to load Symphony 3.2.1 on the test server sometime during the month of September and, if allowed, would like to upgrade the production server during the Winter Break. If Cabinet will not allow an upgrade during this period, the next window will be Spring Break. There are many changes in this version and there are over 600 pages of release notes that need review. Some of the changes include:

a. Materials Booking wizards added to the J client - this will allow branch libraries that use Bookings to migrate to the J client and to cease using the C client.

b. New enhancements to facilitate the use of RA cards

c. New overlay options for bibliographic record loads

d. Enhancements to the approval plan loader, invoicing, and transferring budget amounts

e. Addition of keyboard shortcuts for diacritics instead of only using the J client's symbol table

f. Enhancements to the J client's current record feature

6. Update on EDI load of Harrassowitz serial invoice

The test loads of the Harrassowitz EDI invoice are going well and we're getting close to asking Harrassowitz to supply a live file. Two items that cannot be accommodated with existing Unicorn tools and will require custom adjustments are 1) loading coverage information into the invoice line extended information field and 2) loading invoice line price adjustments (typically credits.) Please note that SirsiDynix will begin to support loading coverage information into invoice lines but only beginning with the next version, Symphony 3.2.

7. Next Director's Station training

Chris, Bob, and Tracey are planning the next round of training on Director's Station. LIS members are encouraged to send Chris the names of anyone that should be invited. There are currently 20 faculty/staff members waiting in the queue so Chris, Bob, and Tracey will plan to train two groups in the Fall.

8. Changes in SirsiDynix sales staff

Chris reported that Rutgers current sales consultant, Kate Howe, has been promoted to Sales Director for the Eastern region and that we've been assigned a new consultant named John Lewis. Mary Beth suggested that we should invite him to Rutgers sometime in the future, perhaps at the same date/time as an LIS meeting.

9. Next LIS Meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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