Minutes of September 11, 2008 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner (recorder), Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber, Fay Austin (guest), Tracey Meyer (guest)
Nancy Hendrickson

1. Upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1 - set date for test and production

The upgrade to Symphony required changes to the server's kernel parameters. Chris updated the parameters and rebooted the server this morning. Chris plans to load the upgrade in the Test system the week of September 22 or 29.

Grace consulted with Cabinet about downtime needed to implement the upgrade in the production system. Fri., Jan. 2, 2009, was suggested for implementation and scheduled system downtime. All libraries are closed and SirsiDynix staff will be available.

As soon as the upgrade is in the Test system, LIS members and others should begin testing.

2. Automating the process of requesting in-process non-print items

The group discussed various options for placing requests for in-process non-print items in IRIS. We decided that users and staff alike will use the "Book Special Request" form to request in-process media. These requests will become New Requests for TSB; Mary McCutchen will send them for cataloging. The items will then be cataloged, processed and delivered to the owning library. If an in-process media item is requested by a user with a pickup library other than the owning library, the Reply to the Request will contact the user. Stephanie and IPAC will review and update the instructions on the IRIS form(s) if needed.

3. Update on Director's Station training and upgrade

Chris updated the group on Director's Station training. Invitations have gone out for 2 series of training sessions this fall. If slots are available after rsvps are in, staff who expressed an interest in a refresher will be invited.

Chris reported that the server running our Director's Station does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for the pending upgrade. SirsiDynix will announce the new server requirements when the DS upgrade is released. We will then determine whether we can afford to upgrade it this fiscal year. If not, the current version of Director's Station will continue to work. If the upgrade is installed, Systems staff will offer a large group orientation session (no hands-on) introducing new features to users.

4. Update on Z39.50 server - migrate to Bath protocol

Chris described how our Z39.50 server has stopped accepting connections at a certain point in the day and needs to be rebooted on a regular basis. SirsiDynix has attempted to study and fix the problem, and has suggested it would easier for them to debug if we were running the Bath protocol version of the Z server. There used to be a charge to upgrade to the Bath protocol version but it is now free. The Bath protocol has the ability to send all six attribute combinations (as opposed to our current 3).

Chris contacted our biggest Z users-- PALCI, JerseyCat, and OCLC (ILLiad) --about making configuration changes on their end. Once they are able to verify that they can work with the Bath protocol, Chris will schedule the reconfiguration to the Zserver. The reconfiguration requires a rebuild of the Unicorn indexes and Chris will schedule the rebuild (in background) on a future Sunday afternoon. Once complete he will bring down the system for a few minutes on Sunday night to copy in the new indexes. Stephanie noted the "Z395.0 Configuration for IRIS" web page will need to be updated.

5. Moving away from legacy unique identifiers for faculty/staff

Systems staff has been charged with finding an alternative to unique identifiers in our patron file. A small working group is meeting next week to begin planning.

6. VTLS's FRBR product

Fay Austin and Mary Beth Weber described VTLS's FRBR public interface tool that Fay saw demonstrated at ALA midwinter; it displays all manifestations of an item, with FRBRizeable records, together in the catalog. The tool is operational with VTLS's opac and they are interested in testing it with another ILS. VTLS will contact Rutgers to determine the viability of a test using test IRIS and Chris will keep LIS members informed as this project progresses.

7. Meet with SirsiDynix Customer Account Manager - John Lewis

Our new field sales consultant, John Lewis, met with the group and demonstrated Enterprise, SirsiDynix's new faceted search product. It can be added on to OPACs (iLink), and has features such as: one box for entering search terms (which can be a widget on other web pages), spelling correction, relevance searching on all fields, narrowing search results by categories.

8. Next LIS Meeting

There will not be an LIS meeting in October. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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