Minutes of February 12, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Yuhwei Ling (for Gracemary Smulewitz), Jane Sloan, Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick (recorder)

1. Upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1

A few bugs have been reported to Systems after the migration to Symphony 3.2.1 and they have been reported to SirsiDynix Client Care for resolution. If you come across other bugs please report them to Unicorn Support Staff in Systems. Chris, Bob, or Tracey will investigate and forward to SirsiDynix as necessary.

Yuhwei mentioned a bug with the cancel segment in Purchase Orders wherein you can not add a cancel segment to an order that has been paid. Chris will investigate this problem.

Judy had a comment rather than a bug report. A number of barcode scanners needed to be reprogrammed after the upgrade (some several times) and Alexander Access Services is still experiencing sporadic problems with them. Jeff is sending Chris the items that cause the barcode scanners to malfunction for further investigation.

Judy will remind Access Services staff to let Chris know when they get a Booking Charge problem. Sometimes when a patron retrieves their booking, Unicorn will not allow the item to be charged. The J client will not allow the item to be charged and yields the error message "Material is currently charged" even though the item is not charged. This problem has already been reported to SirsiDynix but Chris needs to report additional items that exhibit this problem until it is resolved.

Judy also reported that staff were experiencing some slowness after the upgrade, especially when changing toolbars. Chris mentioned that this slowness has been reported by others as well.

Yuhwei reported a conflicting label in the binding tab of the serial control record. Some people are getting one label and some people are getting a different label in the same field. This was recently reported by others and Chris is already looking into the situation. He has already determined that this problem does not affect the LINCPlus software.

During regular system monitoring Chris noticed that the circulation part program (that Unicorn uses to handle circulation transactions) was 'busy' after the upgrade more often than previously. He added a second circulation part program to mitigate this situation. He is also monitoring the reserves part program to see if another one needs to be added there as well.

Chris mentioned that Systems is still adjusting some system parameters which might address some of the issues that people have noticed after the upgrade. We have not been on Oracle for a full year yet and are still experiencing situations for the first time that can sometimes be helped with additional fine tuning.

Chris mentioned that we are still having some z39.50 connection problems. This is particularly affecting URSA connections for E-ZBorrow mentioned below.

2. Update on "user-initiated" Bookings

Jane reported on some of the committee work that has taken place and a few of the obstacles that are currently being addressed. We have been frustrated at the lack of real, coherent SirsiDynix documentation for the user-initiated Booking process. We are not finding answers to our questions about the process in a single place which can be difficult.

Right now we are tackling a problem with having patrons select a shipping schedule at the time of placing a Booking. There does not seem to be a way to have patrons do this. We may need to define a default shipping schedule and see if this can work for us but that may greatly impact the effective Booking of frequently used items. We are still investigating at this point.

3. Removing C client permissions

Now that all functions have been integrated into the Unicorn J client with the upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1 we will no longer use the C client for daily operations. There are two issues here: C client wizard permissions and C client desktop access. Systems Unicorn staff will start removing permissions for C client wizards from all current logins in Unicorn. No new logins will get C client wizard permissions. The PC support staff will eventually remove the C client icon from all computer desktops. This is an ongoing project that will be coordinated with other work that the PC support staff needs to do. They have already stopped adding the C client icon to desktops for newly installed computers.

4. Problems with E-ZBorrow and IRIS

Chris mentioned that we are still having problems with E-ZBorrow and Unicorn working together. Specifically, E-ZBorrow connections to Unicorn are getting dropped frequently and regularly. This is a problem for both patrons trying to place E-ZBorrow requests and staff trying to process E-ZBorrow requests. This has been reported to PALCI and SirsiDynix and they are working on a resolution. However, this problem is getting old; we need it fixed now.

5. Conference update

TAS will not provide support this year for attendance at the annual UUGI/CODI national conference for SirsiDynix systems users that will be held in Dallas in April. No one from TAS will be attending.

It's also not clear whether TAS will provide support this year for attendance at the annual SNRG regional conference for SirsiDynix systems users that will be held in June at Penn State.

6. Information sharing

Chris - The first two "real" EDI files from Harrassowitz have been received. They are both small files but we want to make sure that this is really working before they gear up to larger files. The working group will now finalize local workflow for this operation.

- The MISC Item Type is now used in more than 100 items. LIS needs to review the MISC Item Type to see if we need to establish any additional new Item Types yet.

Stephanie - Test IRIS has been updated to the delivered iLink revD pages that came with the Symphony 3.2.1 upgrade. These are the uncustomized pages and look strange at this point. IPAC will now begin to customize this version of iLink which will eventually be moved into the production system.

- The initial "This just in ..." pages are finished and have been posted. They are now being tweaked in response to feedback. The lists go into monthly production this month.

Judy - There are more than 100,000 items in ALEXANDER STACKS with auto-generated barcodes. They are looking at a project to investigate these items and add "real" barcodes. This will better position the library for weeding and inventory.

7. Next meeting

There will be no LIS meeting in March. The next LIS meeting will be Thursday, April 9, 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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