Minutes of April 9, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Yuhwei Ling (for Gracemary Smulewitz), Christopher Sterback (chair, recorder), Bob Warwick
Jane Sloan

1. Load Patch Cluster 3?

Chris reported that SirsiDynix announced the release of the next software patch, called Patch Cluster 3. However, after reviewing the Patch Cluster 3 release notes, there was nothing in it for Rutgers, meaning we don't have the problems apparently being solved in the patch. Since we don't need any of the patches, we'll wait for a future one to be released.

2. CODI/UUGI Intersection conference

Chris reported that the annual SirsiDynix conference just ended this week and, since we did not have representation at the conference, Chris will periodically check the SirsiDynix client website to see if any of the presentations were recorded and posted. Typically the presentation by the SirsiDynix CEO and their VP's are recorded and we may wish to view the presentation as a group in either Pane, the SCC, or TSB conference room.

3. Director's Station training

Bob, Chris, and Tracey are planning the next round of training sessions. There are approximately 18 individuals currently in the queue for new or refresher Director's Station training and Chris asked LIS members to nominate new hires to be contacted for this next series.

4. LOST-ASSUM bills created incorrectly for five days

Chris reported that items converted to LOST-ASSUM status between April 2 - April 6 did not get created correctly and the bills created as part of this process were not clearing automatically upon discharge. 67 items were affected by this problem and Systems and Access Services are clearing the bills manually as they are encountered.

5. Update on NetID/LDAP

Last Fall Grace charged a working group, comprised of Chris, Bob, Judy, Stephanie, and Dave Hoover to 1) replace the university ID with NetId in Unicorn patron records and 2) implement SirsiDynix's single-sign on LDAP product for IRIS so that patrons could log in to IRIS with their NetID and password instead of their barcode and pin. At the most recent meeting the group has:

  1. worked with Admin computing to create a revised patron file that contains NetID
  2. evaluated other sources for the patron file
  3. reviewed the LDAP/Single Sign-on documentation from SirsiDynix in preparation for a summer roll-out

The group will meet later this month and will make the final implementation decisions and then begin the publicity.

6. Update on OLE

Chris and Judy briefly updated the group on the status of the OLE project. The OLE team has revised a number of documents on the website, such as the project scope, principles, architecture and governance and has posted these on the website for public review and comment. Chris, John Brennan, and Judy have been working with a colleague from Lehigh to create/revise some of the workflow process models. Grace has been active in developing a proposed budget for the build phase. By May 1, be on the lookout for more documents and workflow models to be posted and please review and comment.

7. Miscellaneous item types

One of the recommendations of the Item Type Task Force, the group that developed and recommended the revised item types used in Unicorn, was that periodically, items in MISC-N and MISC-Y (the miscellaneous item type) would be reviewed and new item types suggested for creation in Unicorn. LIS reviewed the current 136 items in this category. While there are a handful of items with a MISC item type that are jigsaw puzzles, decals, refrigerator magnets, etc, there are approximately 20 items that appear to be Acq records for memberships and another 50 that are electronic images of artwork loaded via MARCIVE. A small team will meet to suggest new item types and send them to LIS for review.

8. Update on user-initiated bookings

Although Jane could not make the meeting, she supplied an email update on user-initiated bookings. Essentially the project has stalled because Rutgers is having a hard-time configuring the system to allow user-initiated bookings at a site like ours that has geographically dispersed campuses. When bookings are placed via IRIS, Unicorn only allows one default shipping schedule that tracks booked items among our branch libraries and it's challenging to find the best default that works for moving materials intra-New Brunswick, from NB to Camden or Newark, and between Camden and Newark. The user-initiated bookings working group are testing various scenarios in the test system but have not found one schedule that fits as of yet.

9. Information sharing/announcements

Judy - Palci has chosen Relais as their next resource sharing system and is beginning to host web demos of the product. Rutgers will view a demo at the next ASC meeting in May.

- The 6th annual Sirsi Northeast Regional Conference will be held at Penn State from June 14 - 17, 2009. Penn State would like Rutgers to participate.

Yuhwei - RFP for new serials vendor is underway

10. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting will be Thursday, June 11, 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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