Minutes of August 13, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Yuhwei Ling (guest), Gracemary Smulewitz (recorder), Christopher Sterback (chair), Bob Warwick
Jane Sloan

1. Patch Cluster 5:

The committee considered whether Patch Cluster 5 should be loaded. This patch fixes invoice problems and has dynamic indexing improvements. The decision was made to load it at the end of August.

2. Update on NetID/LDAP conversion:

a. NetID

Overall conversion as of 8/13/2009:

62% of AltIDs changed to NetIDs
31% have RUID in their AltID field
5% are University IDs

All current faculty, staff, and students are done, remaining are non-active users.


The NetID/LDAP (NILWG)working group investigated using SirsiDynix's LDAP product but, as delivered, it requires login at point of entry into IRIS instead of at point of need (i.e. when a user chooses My Account or Deliver/Recall Book). This issue was taken to User Services Council and USC affirmed that users should not be prompted at point of entry. NILWG reviewed peer SirsiDynix institutions that have implemented LDAP and believed Rice University's solution was a best fit for Rutgers. We've asked Rice for a copy of their custom scripts and the team is now reviewing how to implement them in the test system.

3. SirsiDynix North East Regional Users Group (SNRG)

Yuhwei Ling reported on the SNRG Conference that he and Jamie Maguire attended in June. Jamie was unable to attend the LIS meeting. Many of the attendees of the conference were from Penn State and its affiliates.

Several of the programs at the conference highlighted the value of Director's Station and in particular, how to use Director's Station for collection analysis as budget reductions are looming for this fiscal year.

There were also sessions demonstrating how many schools use the SirsiDynix interface and how to customize and redesign the page to meet the library's needs. Many of the small schools use this page as their main page so the sessions were well attended.

The Keynote address was given by the Vice Provost of Information Technology at Penn State, Kevin Morooney. The focus of his address was on the speed in which technology is developing and how the libraries and society are behind in understanding the technological growth and change and their impact on our society. He drew a parallel between the technological evolution with that of the progress of Satchel Paige and the slowness of the social evolution.

Overall, Yuhwei, also reporting on Jamie's behalf, felt the conference was worthwhile and enjoyed the exposure to how other institutions are working with SirsiDynix.

4. SirsiDynix Annual Conference

While no one from Rutgers was able to attend the annual SirsiDynix conference, called the CODI/UUGI 2009 Joint Conference, all of the powerpoint presentations are online in pdf format and can be found at

To access the presentations you need a login and password. Please contact Chris, Bob, or Tracey for the login information. Some of the conference presentations include the speaker's narration along with the slides and were placed on the SirsiDynix website under the customer portal. Chris asked LIS members to review the list of narrated presentations to see if any were worth scheduling for group view in one of our meeting rooms. Unfortunately nothing was of significant interest at this time.

5. Upgrade to Symphony 3.3

Chris will start preparing for the next upgrade, called Symphony 3.3, to be implemented in late December. The plan will be to upgrade the test system in late September or early October and then the production system during Winter Break.

Some new features coming in 3.3 are:

a. The Workflows J-Client doesn't require administrative rights to upgrade the workstation. The caveat is that all workstations will need to be touched to uninstall the old version and install the new version.

b. There will be two new fund levels - 5 and 6

c. The name field in the user records can be optionally changed from one field to five individual fields. The five fields are:

First name (maximum 20 characters)
Preferred name (maximum 20 characters)
Middle name (maximum 20 characters)
Last Name (maximum 60 characters)
Suffix (maximum 10 characters)

Again, this is an optional change and, for those sites that wish to implement it, SirsiDynix provides a program to convert the names to the new format.

d. Transit information will be more visible than currently exists in the Workflows J client.

e. The issue of the "current record" being the record you are actually working on is becoming more reliable and is being added to more wizards.

Release notes for Symphony 3.3 can be found on the Library Web pages under:

Staff Resources
Useful Links
SirsiDynix Unicorn Documentation
SirsiDynix Release Notes
Symphony 3.3 Release Notes (07/23/2009)

or at:

6. Activities to Support Library Goals for 2010

LIS discussed possible activities this fiscal year to support RUL's strategic plans and goals. LIS recommended the following list to Grace:

a. Identify areas for ILS data preparation and cleanup in support of the implementation of OLE for Vale.

b. Implement NetID/password login in IRIS in addition to existing barcode/pin.

c. Develop tools that will interoperate and streamline the workflow with our monograph and serials vendors

7. Information Sharing/Announcements

G. Smulewitz announced that DTS has combined the LSM and Alexander offices into the Alexander office as of August 14th.

R. Warwick announced that he has been contacted by ESS to begin planning for the changes to the patron file brought about by the implementation of RIAS Phase III.

8. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 8, 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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