Minutes of October 8, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Barry Lipinski (for Judy Gardner), Yuhwei Ling (for Gracemary Smulewitz), Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair)
Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Upgrade to Symphony 3.3

Chris reported that he will upgrade the test system to Symphony 3.3 in the next seven to ten days. He asked each LIS member to supply a list of the names of the testers because each tester's workstation will need to be touched to install the new Workflows J client.

Chris asked LIS to review the release notes but highlighted the following changes:

a. Unlike the current J client, the new client does not require Administrative rights. This should make updating the client much easier in future upgrades. In order to implement this change, when we upgrade the production system, each workstation running the J client will need to be touched because the old client needs to be completely removed before the new non-admin rights version can be installed. Anne Butman is preparing to make this change in January.

b. User names are being modified from the current single field model to a new five field model. The five fields will store first name, preferred name, middle name, last name, and suffix. While this change is not required as part of the upgrade, SirsiDynix release notes state that "sites should plan to run the name conversion program within a few months of completing the upgrade. Failure to do so could result in problems when running versions of Symphony after 3.3." Rutgers is beginning to plan for this change but we need to coordinate it with the department that supplies our weekly patron file. This means that user names will not change for us until Summer 2010, at the earliest.

c. A new group of wizards, called the Circulation Set wizards, will simplify the handling of materials for study groups, book clubs and multi-piece kits. The new wizards will allow you to group items together into one set and manage their circulation with fewer transactions.

d. A new "Reorder Hold Queue" wizard that will allow staff to reorganize the queue of holds attached to one bibliographic record.

e. The new version will support the use of local cascading style sheets in IRIS.

f. Users will be able to create "permalinks" in IRIS (but only if we're using the RevD pages).

g. Dates can be formatted in IRIS to display in descriptive format, (i.e. January 23, 2010) instead of the numeric-only format (i.e. 01/27/2010,23:59).

h. Two new fund levels, levels 5 and 6, will be added to fund records.

i. Transit information will be added to the circ info tab of an item record. Transit information will include the sending library, receiving library, date sent, and reason for transit. This enhancement should reduce the need to use the Check Item Status wizard on transitted items.

j. Fund cycle audit trail information will be added to fund cycle records. New info will include "created by" operator, create date, "last modified by" operator, and last modified date.

k. More cataloging wizards will allow you to specify a Tab Display Preference default so that you can set which tab you want to display first (i.e. Control, Bibliographic, Marc Holdings, Call Number/Item, etc.) when you call up a record. The Modify Title and Display User wizards do this now.

l. Dynamic indexing will work better for 1) items transferred from one bib record to another and 2) item or call number deletes.

m. Sites will be able to transfer items with holds, even if the hold is available.

n. Smartport on non-Unicode servers will be able to capture and convert Unicode records.

o. Similar to cataloging wizards, there will be a prompt to save the record or cancel changes when registering a new user. Chris added that this should reduce the number of user records created with no address info.

p. The J client should no longer prevent data entry if the ESC key is inadvertently pressed while the cursor is in a barcode or data field.

q. The J client should no longer hang if workstation's sound card is disabled but sounds are set in wizard properties.

r. Rollover reports will copy received and loaded dates and claim segment information when orders are duplicated into a new fiscal year. (Systems has been using custom scripts to do this now.)

s. There are a number of improvements to EDI such as 1) better/more explanatory error messages in EDI processing reports and 2) addition of a new report to validate EDI address data.

t. Serial control record reports have been enhanced to include selections for data stored in the Distribution tab.

u. Operators will be able to display/edit vendor records directly from the serial control Prediction tab.

v. The software bug has been fixed that prevented title control numbers from being assigned when records were loaded into the review file.

2. Update on NetID change

Systems is working on the last 250 records that still contain the old ID numbers in the userID and altID fields. These are non-active user records still being maintained because there is an old overdue item or bill attached. (Subsequent to these minutes Chris reported that the last 250 user records were modified and the Unicorn user database no longer contains RUID or university ID numbers.)

3. Information sharing/announcements

a. Chris reported that there is an incompatibility issue between Internet Explorer 8 and Director's Station. If you use IE8 and DS, you lose the scroll bars and cannot scroll down or across long lists of rows or columns. Setting IE8 to use "compatibility view" also does not work. This problem was reported to SirsiDynix tech support. Their response that IE8 is not supported with Director's Station and that we should use either IE7 or Firefox.

b. Chris reported that on approximately 9/14 the OPAC statistics in Director's Station stopped displaying data for September after he applied Windows updates to the server. This was reported to SirsiDynix tech support. They replied that this problem was reported by other sites but a fix was not readily available. Subsequent to this meeting, on 10/28 SD tech support applied a software patch and the September stats resumed appearing.

c. Chris reported that he has been working with Central Technical Services and DTS to migrate the monograph and serials workflows to the new vendors selected via RFP. As part of the implementation, the teams are making more use of EDI, as well as reducing the number of individual bibliographic files that need to be loaded/manipulated.

d. Barry reported that the change to NetID has worked well and has caused less problems than anticipated.

4. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10, at 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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