Minutes of December 10, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Jan Reinhart (for Jane Sloan), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Nancy Hendrickson

1. Webinar: Integrated Library Systems: Open Source and Customization

The meeting began 40 minutes early so we could attend an ALA TechSource webinar, hosted by Marshall Breeding, on the customizability of the products from three ILS vendors, SirsiDynix, Ex Libris, and Evergreen. Each panelist described their ILS's current and planned future capabilities in 1) general customization easily modifiable by non-technical staff (i.e. general options, parameters, etc), 2) more complex customization that would be undertaken by technical staff using, for example, vendor supplied APIs or open-source tools, and 3) customer input and collaboration via such methods as enhancement forums and wikis.

2. Review and sign-off on upgrade

Each LIS member reported that there were no showstoppers when testing Symphony 3.3 and that we could load the upgrade as scheduled on January 1.

3. Upgrade to Symphony 3.3.1

Chris reported that SirsiDynix released Symphony 3.3.1 in late November and, when Symphony 3.3.1 was released, Symphony 3.3 was pulled from delivery and was no longer available. Chris reviewed the Symphony 3.3.1 release notes and noted that over 90% of the notes were for bug fixes that we'd most likely want. Based on this review Chris believed we could safely upgrade to this version without requiring another round of tests. There were a couple of enhancements in Symphony 3.3.1. They were:

a. The library that paid a fine/bill is being added to the bill record and will be stored in a new field labeled "payment library". This new field will appear on bills paid on or after the upgrade but will not display retrospectively for bills paid prior to Symphony 3.3.1.

b. The OPAC will support LDAP authentication natively as a delivered option and not as a separate, for-cost add-on feature.

c. The OPAC now supports the iPhone browser, but only if you're using the Elib_revD set of pages

4. Information sharing/announcements

Gracemary - DTS has been busy updating control records to reflect the change to new serials vendors

Judy - presented on the topic "A Vision of Access Services in the Open Library Environment (OLE)" at the new Access Services Conference held in November 2009 at Georgia Tech

Jan - Media has been preparing for the move from Kilmer to Douglass


- Mary Beth will be requesting that Coutts sends one test firm and one test approval manifest to Worldcat Cataloging Partners (formerly PromptCat) so that Chris can begin working on the bibloader preprocessing scripts

- EDI implementation is moving ahead. So far we're 1) successfully loading EDI serial invoices from our three serials vendors and 2) successfully sending EDI purchase orders to Coutts. We have also started testing the load of EDI monograph invoices from Coutts.

5. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2010, at 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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