Minutes of March 1, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Update on Symphony 3.3.1 bugs/problems reported so far.

Here's a current list of the bugs and the status report on a fix.

a. Local created toolbars not accessible - locally created toolbars do not work in Symphony 3.3.1 and, so far, there is no ETA on a fix for this problem. Some sites have published possible workarounds but these require temporary changes to our policies that would need to be undone when the fix is supplied. Chris asked LIS members to let him know if anyone MUST have this temporary fix before getting an official patch from SirsiDynix.

b. "Add Ordered Items to Catalog" wizard transit problem - The "Add Ordered Items to Catalog" wizard is automatically putting items in-transit to the owning library instead of loading the item into the home location so that it can be charged to IN-PROCESS. This current bug requires Central Technical Services staff to take each item out of transit that are being received on an order record. The fix for this one is coming in the first patch cluster of Symphony 3.3.1.

c. Can't modify the invoiceline extended info of a paid invoice - Prior to Symphony 3.3.1, the Budget Office could add a note to a paid invoice. Now when the Budget Office attempts to do this, Symphony responds that it cannot be done because the invoice is paid. SirsiDynix replicated the bug and suggested some workarounds but they were deemed to be more work than the benefit of adding the note. There is no ETA on a fix for this problem.

d. Thousands of vendorcyc errors reported each day in the error log - Ever since upgrading to Symphony 3.3.1, we are logging anywhere from 500-4000 vendorcyc errors each day. Luckily no one is reporting these errors when using WorkFlows; however, these should not be created in the first place. SirsiDynix is having a hard time tracking down the cause of these errors and there is no ETA on a fix for this problem.

e. The Z39.50 server is very unstable and needs to be restarted many times per day to keep it functional for Palci and ILL - SirsiDynix was ready to supply a fix when we were running Symphony 3.2.1. but they do not have a fix yet for Symphony 3.3.1. In the meantime Systems created a script to halt/run the zserver every twenty minutes.

2. Update on bugs in Director's Station

A number of bugs have been reported in Director's Station since upgrading to Symphony 3.3.1.

a. All Activity Measures stopped reporting on the use of 2/3 of the WorkFlows wizard commands beginning in December 2009. Prior to December 2009, all of the commands were counted. SirsiDynix found the cause of the error and reported that a fix is coming in a Director's Station patch cluster.

b. The Date Billed dimension stopped reporting data in All Bill Measures beginning with data from January 2010 and only displayed data through December 2009 - SirsiDynix fixed this bug.

c. The Payment Date dimension stopped reporting data in All Bill Measures beginning January 6, 2010 and only displayed data through January 5, 2010. SirsiDynix reported that they need to re-process all DS data to fix this problem.

d. After the upgrade to Symphony 3.3.1 you could no longer output a title list for a specific vendor in All Acquisitions Measures. When you attempt to output the list for a specific vendor, Director's Station outputs every title in the fiscal year. The fix for this problem is coming in a Director's Station patch cluster.

e. The SwiftChart modes tool does not work in Firefox. We're not sure when it stopped working but SirsiDynix reported that this problem will be fixed in the next major upgrade to Director's Station due out at the end of April.

f. All Hold Measures stopped reporting data on Available holds - SirsiDynix found the cause of the error and reported that the fix is coming in a Director's Station patch cluster.

3. Patches and Bug Fixes

SirsiDynix announced the following release schedule for software patches and bug fixes.

a. Symphony 3.3.1 Patch Cluster 1 - This suite of software patches are due in mid to late March and should fix the Add Ordered Items to Catalog transit problem. It is not clear how many of the other bugs we reported will also be fixed.

b. Director's Station Patch Cluster 3.1.11 - This suite of software patches are due for release on March 1. This one will fix a number of bugs reported above. (Subsequent to the recording of these minutes, Rutgers installed the DS software patch on March 4.)

c. Director's Station upgrade to new version - ever since the upgrade to Symphony 3.3.1 many sites have been reporting problems using current browsers, like IE8 and Firefox 3.5, with Director's Station. The next upgrade due out at the end of April will make DS more compatible with current browsers and also include a number of other enhancements. The release notes will be posted as soon as they are made available.

4. Proposal on Creation of Records to track equipment

Judy and Bob reported on the proposal to create bibliographic records in IRIS to track equipment such as the 1) netbooks for the laptop lending pilot at the Art Library, and 2) headphones and other peripherals that might be needed to use audiovisual materials at a branch library. Records were created in the test system for review and comment. Some of the issues raised are:

a. What item types will be used? Are new item types needed?

b. Will the items be located behind a circulation desk and need a CIRC-DESK location or placed on reserve?

c. Should the items be shadowed or visible to the public in IRIS?

d. What loan period will these materials have? Will the loan period be consistent across RUL? What user profiles will be allowed to check these materials out?

e. How will call numbers be created?

f. How will overdue notices be configured? What is the default price for any marked LOST-ASSUM?

g. Do we create the records in the EQUIPMENT format?

The goal is to create uniformity but allow flexibility depending on the needs of the branch library. Decisions on these records need to be made by the third week in March as the laptop lending pilot will begin at Art Library during Spring Break.

5. Restarting the Item Type Review Group

Chris reported on last Fall's item type review meeting. A small group comprised of Systems, Technical Services and one member from Public Services met and reviewed the items currently coded as MISC-N and MISC-Y to determine whether new item types were needed in IRIS. While the meeting was productive, there was concern that the group was unbalanced and did not well represent all constituencies. Chris sought LIS's advice to reconstitute an Item Type Review Group. LIS recommended contacting previous members of the original task force to seek their willingness to attend a one-time meeting.

6. Information sharing/announcements

Gracemary - working on complex EDI serials invoice issues such as invoicing for multiple copies on one purchase order or loading an invoice credit; evaluating Wiley/Blackwell subscriptions

Stephanie - working with IPAC on fixing context sensitive help that broke in the upgrade; reviewing open source discovery layers such as VuFind and eXtensible catalog

Nancy - working on a Lightning Task Force with Bob Warwick and Georgina Alonzo to review the statistics we keep and make recommendations to streamline the process for statistics collection beginning 7/1/2010.

Bob - working with IPAC on investigating ways to make EZ-Borrow more prominent in IRIS

Judy - purchasing a self-checkout station for Alexander; along with Nita, continuing to work on following up with users that have long overdue materials and sending the names of 25 users per month to delinquent accounts; as soon as one final search is done, will give Systems the go ahead to convert LOST-ASSUM items due prior to 7/1/2007 to LONGOVRDUE status this month; preparing for Palci migration to Relais this summer; plans to attend Palci's annual users meeting from June 10-11 at Penn State

Mary Beth - migration of OCLC's Worldcat Cataloging Partners (formerly known as PromptCat) to new computer system almost complete; receiving large amount of approval and firm orders from Coutts that were backlogged by the WCP transition; investigating alternatives to OCLC such as SkyRiver and for cataloging records

Chris - will be running the annual patron purge during the week of Spring Break; along with Bob and Tracey, scheduling two sets of Director's Station training sessions in April; working with SirsiDynix to install an NCIP server in mid-March so that it is ready for the Palci/Relais migration.

7. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 8, 2010, at 1:30 PM in the TSB Conference Room.

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