Minutes of May 20, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Yuhwei Ling, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick
Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan

1. Update on Symphony 3.3.1 bugs/problems reported so far - Chris reported on the status of the outstanding bugs in Symphony 3.3.1 reported to SirsiDynix.

a. Locally created toolbars not accessible - locally created toolbars still do not work in Symphony 3.3.1 and the latest update is that a fix is due when the next set of software patches are released. There is no ETA on the release date for the next set of Symphony software patches.

b. "Add Ordered Items to Catalog" wizard transit problem - after the upgrade CTS staff reported that the "Add Ordered Items to Catalog" wizard was automatically putting items in-transit to the owning library instead of loading the item into the home location so that it can be charged to IN-PROCESS. This bug was fixed when we loaded Patch Cluster 1 on April 5.

c. Can't modify the invoiceline extended info of a paid invoice - this bug has been verified by SirsiDynix and has been assigned a bug tracking number. There is no ETA on the release of a bug fix.

d. Thousands of vendorcyc errors reported each day in the error log - there has been no action/investigation by SirsiDynix on this one. Luckily, these errors are transparent to the user and do not display in Workflows.

e. Problem displaying some records with the Display Reserve wizard in Workflows - If the current record in Workflows contains a semi-colon in subfield "a" of the title, when you click the Display Reserve wizard, the current record is either 1) missing and only shows a gray bar or 2) displays html codes (when the record contains an 856 tag). This is similar to a problem we reported in January 2008. This bug has been verified by SirsiDynix and has been assigned a bug tracking number. There is no ETA on the release of a bug fix

f. The Z39.50 server is very unstable and needs to be restarted many times per day to keep it functional - SirsiDynix supplied a software patch that reduced the number of errors that were being generated, but there are still Z39.50 stability problems.

2. Update on Director's Station bugs

a. All Activity Measures stopped reporting on the use of 2/3 of the WorkFlows wizard commands beginning in December 2009 - This problem was fixed by SirsiDynix tech support in mid-March

b. Can't output a title list for a specific vendor in All Acquisitions Measures. When you attempt to output the list for a specific vendor, Director's Station outputs every title in the fiscal year. - This problem was fixed via DS software patch in mid-March

c. All Hold Measures stopped reporting data on Available holds - This problem was fixed via DS software patch in mid-March

d. Director's Station does not work well with current browsers such as Firefox 3.5 or 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8 - SirsiDynix announced that the next upgrade will address these problems. Subsequent to the LIS meeting, SirsiDynix released the upgrade but unfortunately our DS server does not meet the minimum hardware specifications and the upgrade cannot be loaded. Chris will consult with LIS and Tibor for recommendations on our next steps.

3. Update on Palci E-ZBorrow migration to Relais - Palci's resource sharing system, called E-ZBorrow, will be migrating from URSA to Relais this summer. Chris and Judy shared a draft implementation plan for the migration.

Palci Migration to Relais – Rutgers Timeline

3/15 - Palci Executive Director, Dan Iddings, announces that contract was signed between PALCI and Relais International

3/23 - NCIP server installed by SirsiDynix on our ILS server to handle the Relais transactions

3/30 - Judy Gardner and Chris Sterback filled out the implementation forms

3/31 - Judy Gardner submitted the Relais implementation forms to Dan Iddings

4/22 - Bob, Tracey, and Chris received NCIP server training via webex from SirsiDynix

6/10 -> 6/11 - Glenn Sandberg and Chris will receive training on Relais at Palci annual meeting

7/5 -> 8/19 - test transactions between Relais and our ILS server

7/5 -> 7/31 - remaining Rutgers Library staff that process Palci materials will be trained on Relais.

7/5 -> 8/19 - identify library web pages that link to and describe old E-ZBorrow; prepare for updates to web pages for new E-ZBorrow.

8/1 -> 8/19 - publicize change in E-ZBorrow to Rutgers users.

8/20 - go live with Relais (tentative date; may change based on Palci consortium needs.)

4. Update on installation of self-service checkout station at Alexander - a new 3M self checkout station will be installed at Alexander in late May or early June and will allow users to checkout their own books. The new station requires the installation of a SIP server on the Symphony ILS server to handle the self-service transactions. Subsequent to the LIS meeting, the self checkout station was successfully installed on June 15.

5. Change name of IN-TRANSIT to INTRANSIT

Chris reported that new IN-TRANSIT information in Workflows, that was released in Symphony 3.3.1, cannot be displayed at Rutgers because our location name is not exactly as the software code expects. In order for it to work we need to slightly adjust our location name from from IN-TRANSIT to INTRANSIT. LIS members agreed to the name change and IIS will apply the name change this summer.

6. Review of recent messages from SirsiDynix

Chris reported that SirsiDynix recently made the following news announcements:

a. The Huntsville, AL and St Louis, MO offices will close and staff are being offered relocation packages to work in Provo, UT. It's not clear what the impact will be but we suspect there will be more staff departures and loss of institutional knowledge by those that do not wish to relocate.

b. As part of the consolidation, SirsiDynix will be building a new Technology Center. The Technology Center will "enable development, support, and the operations teams to work side by side every day” under one roof. It will also include an improved Customer Call Center that will enhance call routing and toll-free access to its 24/7 customer support for all customers, worldwide.

c. As part of this announcement SirsiDynix released a new tag line "Tomorrow's Libraries. Today." and associated logo. Here's a link to the new logo:

d. SirsiDynix will release a revamped online customer support portal in June that will include a "robust, indexed, searchable knowledge base, which will encourage library staff to discuss their challenges and successes with thousands of their peers around the world."

7. Anticipated Summer projects

Chris asked LIS members whether there were any summer projects and would any of these need the support of IIS. Gracemary reported that there will be 1) consolidation of periodicals in the science libraries and 2) weeding of the LSM ref collection. These projects will most likely need specialized lists from IIS.

8. Information sharing/announcements

Stephanie - revising the request pages in IRIS; also revising the logic used to display the appropriate request buttons (i.e. Book Delivery Recall, Book Special Request, Article Delivery) so they are more context sensitive based on the holdings displayed.

Gracemary - the proposed huge budget reduction is causing DTS to expand their work on renegotiating prices for serial packages; according to statistics gathered on use of print journals at Alexander, LSM, Dana, Camden and Math, print serial usage is way down and may provide more opportunities to save on serials subscriptions.

Elizabeth - will be bringing the issue of multiple 260's in vendor supplied bib records to USC.

Judy - the ASC endorsed the draft proposal to fill RDS requests and make them available for pickup at the same library that supplied them (i.e. paging). This issue now needs to go to USC.

Chris - has begun to run reports in preparation for fiscal year rollover; testing SirsiDynix delivered LDAP functionality in test IRIS with Bob and Dave

9. The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, August 12, at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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