Minutes of October 26, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Feedback/comments on the NetID login in IRIS

Chris reported that he has not heard of any problems logging in with NetIDs in IRIS. Users are successfully using their NetIDs to login to IRIS's My Account or to Place a Hold. Judy added that Access Services will stop routinely supplying library PINs to Rutgers affiliated users since they no longer need it to use our services. And finally, Chris reported that the problems users encountered when using zotero with IRIS are now resolved. Thanks to Chad Mills for fixing the Rutgers IRIS zotero translator.

2. Problems with Director's Station

At the last LIS meeting Chris reported that Director's Station does not work well with current browsers such as Firefox 3.5 or 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8. The latest Director's Station upgrade, which addresses browser compatibility, cannot be loaded because our DS server does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. Following a discussion of the issues, Chris received the support of this committee to investigate the costs of migrating to a new server and he will be contacting our SirsiDynix sales representative for alternatives.

3. Palci migration to Relais D2D (Discovery to Delivery)

Chris and Judy reported that the last update we received regarding the migration of E-ZBorrow from the current system to Relais D2D was in September and that no update has been issued since then, even though we have asked for a status report.

4. Latest news on Symphony 3.3.1 patch cluster 2 and Symphony 3.4

The next and last patch cluster for Symphony 3.3.1 will be patch cluster 2. Patch Cluster 2 is due out in early January and, if it is released as planned, we will install it prior to the beginning of the Spring semester. One fix that is supposed to be included in this patch cluster is the fix for local toolbars. Chris will confirm this once the release notes are posted.

The next version of our ILS software will be Symphony 3.4 It is scheduled for release in December. We plan to install it on the test system sometime in January, after the installation of Patch Cluster 2. If all goes well, we plan to install it on the production server either during Spring Break or during the break between the Spring and Summer semesters. The Symphony 3.4 release notes in progress will be posted to our web page by the end of the week.

5. Self-checkout station at Alexander

The self-checkout station at Alexander was recently repaired. The underlying SQL database was corrupted and the 3M repairman had to replace the workstation. Chris shared a report from Director's Station showing that 19% of the first time checkouts at Alexander were done by the self-check station.

6. Debrief from VALE-OLE Implementation Task Force

Chris reported on the inaugural meeting for the VALE-OLE Implementation Task Force (VOIT). The VOIT is comprised of five representatives from the libraries that will be VALE-OLE alpha implementers. Aside from Rutgers, the other four alpha sites are William Patterson, NJIT, TCNJ, and Drew University. The initial meeting was mostly organizational focusing on reviewing the charge, setting a regular meeting time, determining how we will work with other existing Vale groups, and initiating a presence for this group on the Vale website. The chair, Kurt Wagner, also encouraged task force members to review the presentation he and Sharon Yang did on discovery layer interfaces at the last annual Vale conference.

7. Layoffs at SirsiDynix

Chris reported that our recently assigned sales representative was laid off in October along with a number of other SirsiDynix employees. SirsiDynix is consolidating operations to their Provo office and this layoff is a continuation of that process. We have noticed that a number of long-term employees based in Huntsville are no longer with the company.

8. Old items charged to IN-PROCESS

Chris reported that during the summer he batch discharged over 2500 items charged to IN-PROCESS. He also shared statistics on the items discharged by library, home location, and item type. Items were batch discharged if they met the following criteria:

  1. item charged to IN-PROCESS for over six months
  2. item contains a real (not dummy) barcode
  3. item has a real (not XX) call number
  4. bib record has a date cataloged

Judy expressed concern about the number of items discharged and inquired whether a step in the workflow was not being followed. Chris responded that it would be hard to tell without performing a test and he asked team members whether they would be interested in performing a test. LIS members agreed and Chris will work with Mary Beth and Judy to identify items for testing.

9. Report of items that will be reviewed at Item Type Task Force meeting

Chris distributed statistics on the 152 items in the miscellaneous category that will be reviewed at a forthcoming Item Type Task Force meeting. Over half of the items are in the RU-0NLINE library. A review of the physical description fields on these records reveals that there are some groups that could warrant new item types.

10. Information sharing and announcements

Chris - has been running a number of reports for our ARL statistics and sending them to Nancy as completed; started working on the annual batch removal of items charged to MISSING, LOST-PAID, and LOST-REPLA; will be posting the IRIS statistics compiled by awstats to a directory on the T drive for IPAC's review.

Nancy - has been working on the ARL stats and wants all statical counts sent to her by Thursday, 10/28; Rias Phase III is on track for a January 2011 release.

Bob - has been working with Jane Otto, Charlotte Toke, and IJS representatives on loading over 112,000 IJS records into IRIS that were created in an MS Access Database.

Mary Beth - Dale Stevens and Sandra Grant are retiring; investigating SirsiDynix support for RDA - RDA stands for Resource Description and Access and is "the new, unified cataloging standard and an evolution of the cataloging principles from AACR2."

Gracemary - DIG is hosting a brown bag on Novemer 10 at 12pm for questions and feedback on the new EBSCO products.

11. Next Meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, December 9, at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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