Minutes of November 10, 2011 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Update on Symphony 3.4

  1. Loading Test Workflows - Chris reported that IIS colleague Ed Smith developed a methodology to streamline the Test Workflows installation process. For the past few years, when we upgraded the test system, someone had to manually install test Workflows on each tester's workstation. For Symphony 3.4 and versions going forward, IIS will be able to install the new versions of the test Workflows software remotely. Chris added that test Workflows should be installed on all tester's workstations by Friday, November 18.
  1. Sign-off in December - Chris asked LIS team members whether they could still test all functions and sign off on Symphony 3.4 given the delay in getting test Workflows installed. LIS agreed that one month was still enough time to test and, unless there are showstoppers, will sign off by December 15.
  1. Select date to upgrade production - Chris inquired whether there would be any problems if the upgrade was performed on Saturday evening, January 7, 2012 beginning at 9pm (3 hours after the last branch library closes.) Chris suggested this date is better than New Year's Eve (our typical upgrade window) since SirsiDynix tech support will be available. (SirsiDynix tech support has abbreviated support coverage during the New Year's holiday weekend.) LIS was in agreement that 1/7/2012 at 9 pm would work and he will plan to perform the upgrade that night. Chris anticipates that the system will be back up by 4:00 a.m Sunday morning.
  1. Chris cautioned LIS members that some functionality we are currently using in the production system is not in test system and cannot be tested. For example, we have no ability to test our NCIP responder for E-ZBorrow nor the SIP connection for the self-checkout station. Since we will be upgrading during the Winter Recess we anticipate that we will have enough time to check on these products and report any problems prior to the beginning of the Spring semester.
  1. Other notable items other sites have reported - Chris reported on a few other issues some sites have reported on the sirsi lists that we need to check and report to SirsiDynix if we find a problem
    • items in some non-holdable locations, like LOST-ASSUM, were being selected by the pull lists
    • some sites reported problems searching for shadowed items; Chris added that the upgrade instructions now include a rebuild of the indexes to address it
    • some My Account links didn't work at some sites after the upgrade such as the link to view the user's holds.

2. E-ZBorrow Transition

Chris reported that E-ZBorrow was moving their server to a new data center on November 16 and that the move entails 1) running a script on all 51 workstations with the Relais Windows apps to prepare for the migration, 2) making a small modification to the URL that our custom E-ZBorrow login screen connects to, 3) distributing a new file to all 51 workstations on the day of the switch, and 4) sharing the new staff URL on the day of the switch. Access Services, IIS, UCSs and PC coordinators are all ready for Switch Day.

3. Access to SirsidDynix site

Chris reminded LIS team members that the SirsiDynix client site has changed and he encouraged all members to log in to the new site to confirm their login still works. Chris will re-send the URL to LIS members to begin the confirmation process

4. Update on Director's Station Migration and Update Sessions

Chris and Bob reported that the DS training team of Chris, Bob, and Tracey has hosted two update sessions so far (one at Robeson and one in the SCC) and that two more are scheduled. The 3rd will be given on 11/15/2011 in the LSM E-classroom. The fourth will be performed at Dana the second week of December. LIS team members requested that we host at least one more session in January and also contact Tom Izbicki to seek interest in a more focused update session for selectors. Chris and Bob agreed.

5. Update on Vale-OLS project

Chris reported on the current state of the Vale-OLS project from his perspective as a member of the Vale-OLS implemtation team (VOIT)

  1. The VOIT is still installing two test open source discovery tools in preparation for a demo at the annual Vale conference. They are VuFind and the Xtensible Catalog.
  1. Grace Agnew and two colleagues from William Patterson, representing Vale, are attending Kuali Days in Indianpolis from November 14-16. Kuali Days is the annual conference for all members of Kuali and all parties interested in learning about the current state of Kuali's community-based software, such as Kuali-OLE. The three members from Vale will be presenting on Vale's plans to implement Vale-OLS.
  1. The Vale-OLS Steering Committee (VOSC) and VOIT recently issued charges to four standing Vale committees to more formally begin the preparations to implement Vale-OLS. The following four committees were asked to begin identifying the issues that need to be addressed in order to migrate. The four committees and a brief statement on what they have been asked to do are:
    1. Bibliographic Control and Metadata committee (BCMC) - research current cataloging policies and practices in order to develop a common cataloging policy; develop a database cleanup strategy
    2. Cooperative Collection and Management committee (VLCC) - identify areas for a common database cleanup including the evaluation of lost, missing and long overdue resources, evaluate the percentage of the collections still to be reconned, achieve the goal of an accurate resource collection, and incorporate last copy policies and procedures.
    3. Resource Sharing committee (VRSC) - research current cataloging policies and practices in order to develop a common resource sharing policy
    4. Reference Services committee (VRS) - work with the VOIT to research and select a discovery layer

One member from the VOIT will be the liaison to each committee. Ann Hoang of NJIT will liaise with BCMC. Chris is the liason for the VLCC. Guy Dobson of Drew University is the contact for VRS and Grace will be the liason with the VRSC. Each committee chair has also been tasked to give an update on the progress toward meeting their charge at the annual conference.

6. Information sharing, announcements

Bob - The mobile team is preparing to demo the libraries mobile website at State of the Libraries and release it the same day.

7. Next meeting

The next quarterly LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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