Minutes of February 9, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber - first half of meeting), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (second half of meeting)
Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan

1. Review post upgrade to Symphony 3.4 issues

Chris stated that no bugs have been reported so far since we upgraded to Symphony 3.4 on 1/7. He believes this was due to our comprehensive testing plan and thanked all of the team members and their teams for testing so thoroughly and completely.

2. What's new in next release Symphony 3.4.1

The team reviewed the few notable features that will be included in Symphony 3.4.1. They were:

a. Support for text messaging to users - Symphony 3.4.1 has been enhanced with the ability to send text messages. This feature is not free and sites interested in implementing this feature need to contact their SirsiDynix sales rep. Chris mentioned to Judy that there may be other alternatives to SirsiDynix's "for cost" feature and he will send her an outline drafting his thoughts on some locally customizable possibilities.

b. Bibliographic record exports enhancements - Symphony exports of marc item records will include an option to output the same XX call number substitution text that is displayed in the OPAC. For example, for RU-ONLINE the XX call number is substituted with the words ELECTRONIC RESOURCE. This same substitution can be optionally made when performing marc exports of item records.

c. Workflows open wizards can display as tabs - Workflows users will have the option to display open wizards as either multiple windows (like it is now) or multiple tabs. This option is set locally by the Workflows user.

d. System Data Collection feature - After sites upgrade to Symphony 3.4.1, a report will run weekly that will collect 1) system configuration information, 2) a title count, and 3) total checkout and renewal statistics and send it to a SirsiDynix Support Server. According to the release notes, this is being done to 1) help SirsiDynix provide better customer service, 2) allow them to more proactively and pre-emptively warn customers of possible problems, and 3) help customers avoid breach of contract. There was much discussion of this feature on the the SirsiDynix lists, some positive and some negative. Customers have the ability to opt out of this "feature" and LIS will discuss whether we wish to opt out prior to upgrading to the next software release.

3. Director's Station Training 2.0

Chris reported that he, Bob, and Tracey were planning the next series of training workshops for the upgraded Director's Station. There will be three workshops for new trainees as well as one more update session for existing users of Director's Station. The workshops are scheduled for March and April and IIS has a list of approximately 20 faculty and staff members to invite. Chris asked LIS to send him any additional names of people that should be invited.

4. Update on merger with RWJ

LIS members discussed the potential merger with Robert Wood Johnson, the Cancer Institute of NJ, and the School of Public Health. Last December, Marianne Gaunt and Judy Cohn organized a joint meeting of the appropriate players across the two library systems to begin developing a plan and timeline for the Libraries' portion of the merger, should it be approved at the political and university levels. Chris and Mary Beth are co-convenors of a subgroup on ILS data migration, called the Catalog Subgroup. The Catalog Subgroup had its first meeting in January and the notes from the meeting were shared with LIS team members. Chris and Mary Beth asked LIS to 1) review and comment on the notes and 2) alert them to issues that should be raised at future meetings.

5. Update on VALID

Chris reported on the current state of the VALID project .VALID is the new name for the Vale-OLS project and stands for Vale Academic Libraries Information Discovery. The Vale-OLS Implementation Team (VOIT) is working with Rutgers Libraries IIS staff to specify a test server or cloud storage that will be used to load the three open-source discovery interfaces currently being reviewed (i.e. VuFind, eXtensible Catalog, and Blacklight). The VOIT is also continuing to work with the four Vale committees that have been tasked with identifying the issues that need to be addressed to implement VALID. In an effort to improve communications about VALID and keep the committees on track toward meeting their charges, each committee now includes a liaison from the VOIT.

6. Information sharing, announcements

Chris - Chris and Natalie Borisovets will be presenting on the current state of the VALID discovery layer selection process to NBISG on 2/10.

Gracemary - DIG members are performing tests of our link resolver to collect data and identify areas for improvement.

Judy - ASC will start placing segments of streaming video on reserve.

Stephanie - USC created a working group to identify what our users would like to see from a search interface perspective. The group includes Stephanie, Joseph Deodato, Natalie Borisovets, and Li Sun.

7. Next meeting

The next quarterly LIS meeting will be held on Thursday, May 10,2012 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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